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What is going on lately; why not more "writers"?

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    It seems that the fanatic part of the GOP keeps up their Russian attitude and getting worse by the day. Members of the January 6th committee are being threatened with "death"; even their own GOP representative. Furthermore they are placing more and more "add's" about their lovely "guns then ever. Looking at their "program' for TX (see Arizona's thread) which lots of other GOP run States may copy, then this party lost its mind and "brains". I guess they want to make this another Russia run by the "rich" only as well the "church". Staying on this track and the gullibility of the dumb ass people here in certain States makes this country un-governable. The way things look we may be in for a long "winter" and lots more stupidity than it already is.

    The number of writers has declined substantially on this site; which means the GOP craziness is "winning here" because of it.

    May be I quit writing as well, if this continues and will find another site to write on. At least "Arizona" can tell me which sites do represent "common sense" in these crazy times.

    Looking at the present situation, then I have the feeling that Biden is only "talk" but no action; this shows in his approval rates. However the GOP has lots of total idiots lined up for the "mid-term elections. Forget any decent "gun" laws as well.

    It seems that Russia has the whole world in its grip due to just one bully "leader" who has the same attitude as Trump, which is bringing the whole world on its knees. Sorry America, keep going on this track with your present attitude, then the "future" will not be kind to this country with its self inflicted wounds. Show "brains" and an "backbone" and "common sense" for a change. Certainly an long dead Jesus is not going to save your dumb ass. Amen