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The Faux Indictment Of Donald Trump

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    Kindergarten in action; all if this shows that the whole government structure is one big joke. Nothing seems to work "solid" and "correct". The back and forth between the "dumb ass" Judge and the DOJ is laughable. How long will they maintain such? I guess until they have also "Trump's tax returns"? Wow, the whole world looks at this country with amazement.

    In the meantime Putin is visiting Chi in China; likely they have an huge laugh about this country and its way of governing.

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    When is Garland going to jump in and straighten this mess out. Just have Trump face the court as any other "citizen" and "admit" that he stole all these documents and wanted to these to perform "blackmail" for "money".

    Is that so difficult? Just make an"laughable" circus of it at "cost " for the "people" here, and let him walk out "free".

    In the meantime he will keep on "indoctrinating" the stupid people here and "meddle" in the upcoming election as much ass he likes. He belongs in jail instead; but an silly stupid GOP judge is scared of this mafia "crook".

    Sorry "judgement" in this country is also going down the drain in a hurry. Ask Rittenhouse.

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    Trump hit by huge lawsuit by the NY "A.G". MSNBC interviewed the lawyer who made an exact statement of what is involved.

    May be "Arizona" can give all the details. But yeah as usual, it will take time to get all the "legal" follow up in place.

    Slowly but surely the "net" tightens around Trump.

    But where is Biden? He should make an Statement that "criminals" like Trump can't run for "office"

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    Looking at the "picture" of the stupidity in this country then it looks like the education system has failed completely.

    Trump said: I was "thinking" to "de-classify" the documents he "stole". Thus if I "think" I 'm going to rob a bank, did I do it in reality? Where are the brains in this country? Not a word at all about his "tax returns" ; he did not pay any for at least 10 years because it was under "audit"; of course another "fantasy". But our stupid government allows all of this and let the "crooks" do these things for years and years. But yeah the Trumper's still "love" him and he loves Putin.

    Looking at the total picture at the moment then the future of this country looks bleak. When is Biden going to wake up and DO something ( instead of "talk" only) about all the crooks here???? Got an flyer from DeSantis on how "super" he is; it went immediately in the garbage; this guy is as rotten as Trump as well Abbott. How is it possible that these types run for "top" positions? I guess they must know how ignorant the people here are, since they seldom learn anything from history or "common sense" and the world around them.

    Arizona, you are an"teacher" ; what do you teach your students?

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    The charges by Letitia James could well be the end of the Trump organization.

    The charges were filed against Trump, his 3 adult children, Alan Weissenberg, and one other individual.

    One example of the fraud involved is Mar-a-Lago itself.

    It has an estimated value of $75 million, but Trump said it is worth $73,000,000.

    Another example is the Trump Tower penthouse, which he said is three times large than it actually is.

    The fine is on the order of $250 million. If it sticks, there aren't any banks that will support him. With a debt of $1 billion, his loans will be called in, and properties will need to be sold.

    This is a civil case, but the criminal case against him (on the same charge) is still ongoing by the District Attorney.

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    The Washington Post published more details on all the legal troubles Trump is facing:

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    Wow , great you are writing again; missed you!! All what you said is correct, but there is always an "but". He spews nonsense right now, but he certainly knows how he can "delay, delay, delay " things via these stupid remarks. He's an champion in stretching things out via the "legal hoopla" due to our "complex" and outdated "system" here with plenty of "loopholes" and side tracks. Also due that we have so many "entities" in our government who claim to have authority, just like the "stupid arrogant judge" which they chartered and who's got now some "black eyes". So I'm not optimistic at all that Trump sees jail or gets "broke"; he's still collecting money daily from his supporters and "rally's".This process may take years and then bleed out.

    For the moment it looks good, but read history; seldom ever has an ex-President seen jail or the poor house.