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The Faux Indictment Of Donald Trump

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    As an additional remark, I like to ask the question: Why did it take this long to storm the Trump "castle to get these documents? They could have done so when it was clear that boxes full of documents were missing about 1 and a half years ago. Right now Trump had plenty of time to destroy any document he did not like; so what they found now may not be an "treasure trove" at all. I guess the "slowpokes" here like to "time" things always at the wrong time. Amen
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    Trump is using the raid on Mar-A-Lago to raise money.



    These are dark times for our Nation, as my beautiful home, Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, was raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents.

    Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before, and it’s important that you know that it wasn’t just my home that was violated - it was the home of every patriotic American who I have been fighting for since that iconic moment I came down the Golden Escalators in 2015.

    I stood up to the Radical Left’s corruption. I restored power to the people and truly delivered for our Country like we have never seen before. The establishment hated it.

    Now, as they watch my endorsed candidates win big victories and see my dominance in all polls, they are trying to stop the Republican Party and me once more. The lawlessness, political persecution, and Witch Hunt, must be exposed and stopped.

    As long as I have your support, I will continue to fight for the Great American People. I need every single red-blooded American Patriot to step up during this time.

    Please rush in a donation IMMEDIATELY to publicly stand with me against this NEVERENDING WITCH HUNT. >>

    American Defenders - JOIN THEM >>>

    Thank you,

    President Donald J. Trump Signature Headshot
    Donald J. Trump
    45th President of the United States

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    SICK! And the dumb ass people here fall for it. How many "fund raisings" has this "crook" done? I wished I could do so, then I would be in jail in no time. When is this country ever going to learn? The "Trump" game always has been "me, me, me" and my "rich friends" who he gives super "tax cuts". Uses the "bible" as an tool to suck in the "braindead church people" here. Don't let me laugh about this country. Mar-a-Lago is just another Putin like "castle" paid for by the stupid people here.

    The way things are going , then I believe the "mid-terms" will show that this country has lost its "brains". Certain "nominee's" certainly belong in the nut house for sure.

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    I'm very much afraid that DeSantis will run; he gets the support of the Trump clan if Trump does not run or can't run.

    The stupidity in this country to maintain "antique laws" like "claiming the "fifth" as well "executive privileges" these should be scrapped all together. Trump already claimed the "fifth". Sorry but this country is "brainless".

    He's now "parading" all over the place and says that Hillary was so much more an "criminal" with her "documents".

    What an"circus" has this country become; Scott of FL supports Trump all the way, while he claimed the "fifth" about 20 times for his crimes. DeSantis is an "copy" of Trump; not an hair better. Wake up America the "crooks" here are getting it their way.

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    Why have an "second" and the "fifth" Amendment, which is purely "designed" to be used by the crooks and the "gun" lovers. No other country on this world has ever been as stupid as this country. Trump of course claimed the "fifth" the same as Scott here in FL. Now he's an Senator with an big mouth who "stole" everything he could find in FL., but never got charged for his crimes.

    Is n't time to abolish these two "totally outdated Amendments", which only helps the "crooks" here.

    Wake up America; your laws are outdated and obsolete. At least Canada has an normal "workable" system and don't have "kings" as their leaders who you can't touch. Amen

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    According to the news Trump claimed the "fifth" more than "440" times; thus even more than Scott (FL) did.

    This proves that people like that are thus "super" guilty; this says enough. But this country keeps on sleeping and find this "normal". Of course the idiots in the GOP are upset; how does the FBI dare to touch their "hero". Wow.

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    The Dutch news also mentioned that the "search" found other things "stolen" from the W.H. Likely table ware and "gold plated" cutlery. etc. as well historic valuables. But yeah the "crooks" are very busy to "weasel" themselves out of this "event"

    Another Trump "idiot" who was also at the Capitol on Jan.6th, tried to "storm" an FBI facility with an AR 15 and an "nail gun". It did cost his life. It shows how crazy the GOP has become. Trump is an "mafia crook" but won't accept the "decency" needed in such function with the blinders on. He's also the first President who has several "castles" with gold plated junk in them. But this country keeps the blinders on.

    But yeah, DeSantis wants the same, thus people here "know" who you elect; either persons who do take care of the "people" and the country, instead of mafia "crooks" who are busy to enriching themselves by any means possible.

    It is time our laws and systems are made "solid" and the "inventory" of the W.H. is protected from these "crooks".

    I guess our "Presidents" are likely not told that the W.H. belongs to the "people" here and that they only can "stay" there for either 4 years or 8 years maximum. None of what is in it belongs to them. Except what they brought in themselves with their "own money"; thus nothing paid for with our "tax money". Amen

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    On the "international" news they are looking at amazement about the Mar-a-Lago happening. In Europe things like that happened may be in the time just before Napoleon, but I doubt that ever the Dutch royalty was searched for missing documents. Only in this crazy society here such is possible. Also the "individual" "gerrymandering" of the States is an joke and no one stops it.

    Everything points to an GOP win the end of this year, because of all these tricks and threats.

    Yes that is what you get if the "base laws" here are full of loop holes without any oversight on the individual States and an Supreme court which is now in the hands of a bunch of Republican church "nitwits". The proof is in the pudding.

    Like someone said before on this site ; that this country is beyond saving; yes this may come true , if we don't make our laws "fool" proof for the dumb ass crooks" who get in power here. Neither will "apathy" help or the "church".

    The only solution is to rewrite the Constitution and make it an "living" document and keep it up to date. Also draft an "transfer" document if another President is elected to "exactly" show the "inventory" of the W.H. and its listings what this property contains and should stay in its original form and place. (including all the "loose" cutlery and dinnerware and artifacts) Any New President should before he gets the "key's" sign an document with all the listings of the "goods" that were part of the property and acknowledge that the transferred goods were in good order and the correct "quantity".

    But yeah we rather believe that our elected Presidents are "honest"; forget it they want it their way and the poor people are just "ant's" for them who are annoying. I don't see an President here going on his bicycle go to work, but they do in the Netherlands. Neither does the Prime Minister there have "castles" with 50 rooms or gold plated cutlery. Sorry but this country tries to follow Russia's system, only the titles and "names" are different. Putin has also his own "Mar-a-Lago"


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    Again I notice that "no one writes"; it shows that people here rather stick their head into the sand as the Dutch say. I guess people here are too scared to dare to give their real opinions about our present situation.

    I guess there is enough "news" right now to comment on. However no one likes to hear the "wrongs" here. An typical example is; compare the Wyoming election in which Liz Cheney is running; the present polling shows she gets barely 22%. Which means the people there don't believe the January 6th committee "reporting" about the "wrongs" here ; otherwise she would get at least 80%.

    In other words, it shows that the "education" in that State is done via Fox news and others like it and no one can think for themselves or analyze anything. Such is the case for lots of States here who are fully indoctrinated by the GOP, which is no longer and sound Republican Party but has become an "fascist" organization instead. It follows Hitler's and Mussolini patterns right now. The "stealing" of "classified" documents is typical of "dictators". So people make your "uneducated" choice for President as usual and follow Fox News and "others" of the "right" and you will get then your "money" hungry dictator where you wished for. No one up there will "bless America" after that! here, unless you love an Russian "system" where you are just "slaves" of the "system and get treated like the Ukrainians right now. Wake up and use your brains for change!!

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    Republicans have little regard for official government agencies like DHS, FBI, CIA or others, that was proven when republicans outed a clandestine CIA installation location during the Benghazi killing of a US diplomat. Darrell Issa was witch hunting Mrs. Clinton, trying to take her down.

    On October 19, 2012, House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) came under fire from intelligence officials in the Obama administration when he posted, on a public website, 166 pages of sensitive but unclassified State Department communications related to Libya. According to officials, the release of the unredacted documents compromised the identities of several Libyans working with the U.S. government and placed their lives in danger.

    It showed just how much they really care about protecting the USA.

    No person is supposed to be allowed to possess classified material in their home, garage, car, or whatever. It's just not how secretive documents are supposed to be handled.

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    Dock at least you "write". Sure as you indicate it is not the first time these things happened here. It shows as I've said quite often that the "system" here is "broken" and made too complicated. I've never seen such in other countries where the "laws" are up to date. Sorry to say the same as "Lonely" did say, that having an Constitution with only few amendments and "case laws" makes it way to complicated to keep things up to date. The "lawyers" here know how to "manipulate" all this garbage and get rich because of it. The only choice for this country is to start with an "clean slate" or an "revolution". Anyway to continue on the same path makes this country "ungovernable" and "corrupt"; thus another S.American culture. Or another Russia in the making, if we don't watch out. Also we have no "Prime Minister" with an "normal salary" for who "all laws" are the same as any "citizen". Our Presidents are unique in this world because they have the powers of "Kings" of the past with "priviledges" over and above "normal" Presidents anywhere. Absolutely stupid, it shows; they get away with "murder" ask Trump.
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    Right now there is an "infighting" going on between "justice" and the GOP "fanatics". The GOP demands that the documents obtained from Mar-a-Lago should be "disclosed", however Garland hopefully sticks to it to not "unseal" them.

    I hope he's got "body guards" and protection because the GOP fanatics are dangerous.

    Furthermore "others" like Guiliani are getting into more "shit" than they bargained for.

    But yeah knowing how weak our laws are, as well the "corrupt expensive lawyers" may make things "difficult" for Garland and other "honest straight shooters". So if Trump ever lands in jail is the big question, but I've got not too much confidence in it, because of all the "lawyer crooks" here who can talk any "crimes" straight, as long as you pay them enough behind Justice's "back". Examples enough, ask the "kid" (Rittenhouse) who killed a few people and then got invited in the W.H. due to support of the GOP "gun" lovers. Sorry ,"justice" here is more talk than "action" especially if money or the Trump Mafia is involved. Amen

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    I just wonder if the January 6th committee will stay in place; Trump and his "buddies" decapitated this committee by getting rid of Cheney. The State of Wyoming should be given to Mexico or they should get nothing at all anymore from the Feds.

    So I wonder if still this committee can do their excellent job in the near future. At least they have now Garland on their side.

    If the Trump mafia wins in November, then I'm convinced that we will have an "roaring " 2 years with lots of shit in the politics here, especially if Trump decides to run. Sorry this country is on the wrong track and I fear its future. If so forget your healthcare and other benefits you have now. An "dictatorship" will only benefit the rich as in Russia.

    The "stock market is" an excellent example as an measurement who pulls the strings here. If things are "bad" for Trump then it "tanks".

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    Right now the idiots in the GOP are attacking the "police", the FBI and IRS as well Garland. All of this shows how deep the GOP has sunk. Facts don't matter for them, neither any "legal" process, which takes time. (Related to the IRS, of course "Trump's" unpaid "taxes".) The GOP finds that "terrible", he's so an "sweet" asshole.

    Even the "media" should shut up and don't demand "news" or info, which Garland should not release ( However Trump minded Judges want dangerous info released "(crazy idiots); let this process run its course and don't interfere with it.

    In the "meantime" global warming" is running its course and does not give a shit about what humans do.

    Humans are destructive little ants (especially Russians) and may cause another "nuclear" disaster in the Ukraine the way things look like.

    China may get also again hit an "slowdown" because of "global warming flooding disasters". etc . etc. So the supply lines will be affected again.

    But yeah Putin or Chi or Trump don't give a shit about it. Neither the GOP here.

    The future of this country looks bleak, the way things are going here; it is an self inflicted wound by not heaving and sound up to date "honest disciplined" government structure and only have the in-competent in-fighting between 2 parties who lost all directions. Shaking my old head in disgust. The end of this year may show how deep this country has sunk.

    The only positive note I can make is, that Trump and his buddies only got "richer" because of the stupid people here who do keep sending "money" to the "crook" ( at least 2 million by now) I guess these are the "crooks" who benefitted from Trump's "tax cuts" and other "goodies" arranged by him, What a country!!! Amen.

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    Even "Greene" joined the idiots, by selling T-shirts with the logo "Defund the FBI" on it .

    In the meantime Trump keeps collecting lots of "money" and uses every effort to "draw" everything out as he always did.

    Now the "fight" is with the "judges" of whom some are Trumper's, on how much can be disclosed or "blacked out".

    As always, I bet these things always get very "messy" and mostly in the end go up in smoke. History of this country shows that seldom an ex-President ends up in jail anyway.

    Democracy is slowly but surely the victim, even lots of changes in CNN and other "left wing media" who gets attacked from the GOP side every day. Sorry but this country is digging its own grave, by not having up to date "solid black and white laws" for their leaders nor have clearly defined what "belongs" to the people and leave it up to a zillion "lawyers" who can "talk" all things straight, for high up "rich" culprits.

    Right now the "pussy footing" attitude only helps the Trump and GOP attitude. He's collected now enough "money" to "pay" for anything any court will come up with. Sorry this has become an total brainless country related to "governing" ask DeSantis how nutty he also is. He and others certainly got hit by an Dutch windmill blade as they say over there.

    If he runs as well Trump (and Cheney?) and Biden does not want an second term, then the real fun starts. It will become an ridiculous "circus" show, where the country itself and its people become the "looser's".