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The US is the "waste" country of the world.

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    When I still lived in the Netherlands, we had for the Gliding club a bunch of Jeeps from WWII which were restored by an friend of mine. Looking at the present times and all the "wars" the US has been involved until now then we left Billions of dollars of "material" behind in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, also Afghanistan (we left for millions of dollars behind there as well including helicopters) and now the same in the Ukraine; where are the listings of what is "actually" sent/used and is the "unused material" accounted for and registered as an "loss" or returned to us? , I doubt it. The Pentagon is just one big "hole" in the ground, related to tracking of their "stuff". I also bet that lots of this "stuff" and "money" ends up in the "wrong" pockets. It is time that an huge "broom" cleans up all the "corruption around our "war material business dealings" All of this could have been used to make this an better country or help others. Leaving "war" tools behind, only helps the "rich" and "enemy" who profits from it. There is still no "account-iscy" of what was actually sent to Afghanistan as well the Ukraine and if it indeed ended up in the hands of the proper "people" and if it was actually "used" or "sold" to others. As well who made "profit " from it here and elsewhere. The US in that regard is the most "wasteful" country in the world, be proud of it. An Ukrainian"person" said this morning on TV that she did not notice that the US did sent that much "material", let alone that they are "trained " to use it.
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    Interesting idea.

    This actually brings up the concept of just war. Along with that is the law of unintended consequences.

    So, when, where, how and why do we intervene? What happens if intervention is decided upon? What happens if intervention is decided against?

    Humans can only act upon past facts and information. The concept of “the present” is a fallacy. There is past and there is future. Much information may be inaccurate or incomplete. Information interpretation arbitrarily has bias. We must also add in the fact that no one gets to know what would have happened.

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    The point you forget is that "certain" people get "rich" from "wars"; especially the war industry and their "buddies". How come we can't even get an decent "gun" law here? Because of the manufacturers of these killing tools want to make money over dead people. Ever seen an "poor "merchant" of weapons? Even from the "lost" or damaged war "goods" someone makes "money". Of course these "death manufacturers" don't care about "who" uses these and how many were killed with it.

    Intervention is no longer possible due to the "nuclear threat". Thus in other words, the bully with the most weapons is allowed to win and can then start its own colony of (fire) ants.

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    They finally showed on TV that for "18 Billion dollars" of military equipment was left behind in Afghanistan. I bet the same will happen with all the "stuff" we sent to the Ukraine. The bad thing of all of this is that we don't "control" anything of this. We could have made this an very prosperous country if we still had all such "money".

    So the lesson should be "stay out of wars" if at all possible. With the Ukraine thing our hands are tied, because of the nuke threat; Putin will not give up until nothing is left of the Ukraine. He does not care about the world or suffering, so if the US wants to do something, then eradicate all the "Stalin" created rocket launchers. That is the only way to stop the killing.

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    I'm afraid the the Ukraine can't cough up enough "military" to stop the Russians. The Russians just go on with their "burnt earth" tactics and the Ukraine will end up in an smoldering wasteland. So the only thing is to attack instead of only "defend", but the Ukraine has not enough "military trained" people to do so, weapons alone won't win this war . The destruction by the Russians will just go on because no one is stopping their "rockets" and "cruise missiles. "Call up Israel and ask how to built an "Iron" dome to stop these from coming in; they've got the experience about that. Sitting on our asses here and don't help the Ukraine with an "strategy" and only shoving "money" and "material" does not help if you don't have an "plan".
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    Pelosi and others visited Zelensky today in the Ukraine. At least some Democrats got guts. They should have dragged Greene and Cawthorn with them and pushed their noses into the rubble there. But yeah these visits are "nice" but don't solve the problem. It is virtually impossible to defend the Ukraine, if no one can stop the continuous barrage of destruction by the Russians ; so there is no other solution than to eradicate Putin and his gang. He can do as he likes.

    The Ukraine in its present situation can not cough up enough troops to throw the Russians out of their country; neither can they use the equipment sent to them if they are unable to use it because they are bombed continuously and have to hide.

    So our "policy's" don't work. The only thing which will work is to get rid of Putin which ever way.

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    Of course the new "package" was discussed and a list was shown on TV. Again as usual the "brains" were not used. I guess they forget that the Ukraine is without "fuel" right now because the supply/lines and railroads have been bombed all the way. So my question is ; how do you get heavy "howitsers" in its place if you don't have fuel for an truck/tractor to put these in place? Furthermore how do you expect an "foot" soldier to carry all these drones or other launchers to the place to launch from. Let alone the training of all that equipment. Where are the "brains"?

    They need "fuel" and don't have it anymore. But today they finally "attacked" instead of just "defense". They sunk two Russian patrol ships by means of drones as well damaged a couple of Russian located facilities. So I hope that they attack more.