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JFK Profiles in Courage

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    The Profile in Courage Award is a private award given to recognize displays of courage similar to those John F. Kennedy originally described in his book of the same name. It is given to individuals (often elected officials) who, by acting in accord with their conscience, risked their careers or lives by pursuing a larger vision of the national, state or local interest in opposition to popular opinion or pressure from constituents or other local interests.

    The winners of the award are selected by a committee named by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, which includes members of the Kennedy family and other prominent Americans. It is generally awarded each year around the time of JFK's birthday (May 29) at a ceremony at the Kennedy Library in Boston. The award is generally presented by JFK's daughter, Caroline. Also before their deaths, other presenters had included John Kennedy's brother, Ted, his son John Jr., and his wife Jacqueline.

    Two recipients, John Lewis (in 2001) and William Winter (in 2008), were designated as honorees for Lifetime Achievement.

    The winner is presented with a sterling silver lantern made by Tiffany's which was designed by Edwin Schlossberg. The lantern is patterned after the lanterns on the USS Constitution which was launched in 1797. It is the last sail-powered ship to remain part of the US Navy, and is permanently moored nearby.

    This year, two Republicans made the list, and I could not agree more.

    One of them is Liz Cheney, and the other is Rusty Bowers, a member of the Arizona legislature who is responsible for killing a number of very foolish GOP bills.

    Not surprising, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also made the list.

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    Sure, but does it matter; the people in the Ukraine don't suffer less because of it. All of this would be nice in the "olden" days of this country; may be we can still celebrate these things in an Disney Land setting, which then no longer exists in FL.

    May be DeSantis or Abbott wants also this "trophy", Kennedy would turn over in his grave for sure.

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    The contrast between Rusty Bowers and Kevin McCarthy could not be clearer.

    Arizona House Speaker Russell “Rusty” Bowers (R) was named Thursday as one of this year’s recipients of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award for resisting intimidation by Donald Trump and enduring harassment from his own party for backing the outcome of his state’s elections in 2020.

    By coincidence, audio emerged the same day of U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) saying in the aftermath of Jan. 6, 2021, that he would push Trump to resign. “I’ve had it with this guy,” McCarthy said, adding that the then-president’s incitement of the mob was “atrocious and totally wrong.” Before the month was over, McCarthy flew to Mar-a-Lago to kiss Trump’s ring.

    As much as Bowers merits a badge of courage, McCarthy deserves the opposite. Bowers’s principled stand, despite efforts to depose and recall him, makes McCarthy’s speedy capitulation look all the more craven.

    Bowers received more than 20,000 emails and 10,000 voice mails every day after standing up to Trump. Armed protesters gathered outside his house and screamed that he was a pedophile.

    Pressure on Bowers has continued into 2022. In February, Trump adviser Boris Epshteyn called Bowers to push for a bill that would set aside the 2020 election results from three Arizona counties: Maricopa, Pima and Yuma. That plan was introduced by an official who has Trump’s endorsement for secretary of state, (Mark Finchem) the office that oversees Arizona elections. Last month, Bowers killed a measure that would have split Maricopa County — the state’s largest and home to Phoenix — into quarters. The brazen ploy to dilute Democrats’ votes was introduced by a state lawmaker who was part of the phony slate of Trump electors unveiled before Jan. 6.

    McCarthy’s pathetic stooping and bending is a good measure of how much control Trump still exerts over the party. The two men spoke Thursday night and have a meeting scheduled for early next month.

    McCarthy is a hack with his finger in the wind, willing to nullify a free and fair election to gain political advantage. Bowers is a patriot who put his finger in the dyke to save our democracy. Which man will voters reward for their instincts?

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    Good story for the comic books. But yeah can anything in this country be done "professional" without all the "hoopla"? I still am quite sure that the cause lies within the "incomplete" Constitution and its Amendments which absolutely do not represent 2022. Laws do only work if they are not kept up to date and all the "loopholes are "fixed", Our convoluted system of governing here is bound to fail; it shows. I'm surprised it lasted so long; case laws are always an mess, because they don't tie up to an 1700 mindset. Make our laws up to date and keep them up to date and use the Constitution as an "artifact" for the Museum. The whole Trump tenure would never have happened if we would have strict laws about elections as well who would be "qualified" under the law. Also having only an "two" party system is asking for "corruption" and "lies". Furthermore throw in lots of "money" to elect an President and "beg" for more money from the "people" everyday in the mail makes this country an huge gambling joint. Laughable all the way. No wonder there is so much turmoil here. Nothing is sound and coherent or reflects 2022. Just one big "circus" with lots of "clowns"
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    Dutch, you have harped regarding the constitution being incomplete. In reality, it is complete. The purpose of the document was the establishment of a system to pass and execute legislation. It does just that.

    The problem lies both much deeper and more overt.

    Madison as well others wrote of the danger of factions. This is the way of human beings. Information meshes and also clashes with belief systems. Information asymmetry, accidental and intentional, impacts decision-making processes resulting in an extreme range of psychological responses. The laws you have mentioned are not a function of the constitution but of those who were placed in a position to make laws by that document. Those people were put there by “We The People”. The founders feared democracy. They deliberately constructed a system that would allegedly allow for an assumed high level of liberty while also increasing the efficiency that was lacking in the Articles of Confederation. The constitution attempted to create a federal state while also allowing so-called states rights which was a term of art created to mollify those who believed, imo, that there should be 13 states due to, imo, the stupidity of separate colonies. The founders failed. Not because the constitution failed but because man failed. The end results were perhaps predictable but the founders hoped otherwise.

    Many of the problems could be attributed to arrogance under the guise of exceptionalism as well as the willingness to permit slavery while hiding that the true nature of the revolution was economic since the crown was damaging wealth. Democratic institutions were necessary to provide cover for the economic rationale. Jefferson’s rhetoric was agitprop to help convince a populace that was less concerned with the economics of wealth. A populist revolution was necessary. Slavery was permitted because a united front of wealth was necessary. The founders also did not anticipate technological development in communications, transportation and weaponry.

    So, to return to the constitution, the document prohibits two laws iirc: bills of attainder and ex post facto laws. Everything else as the document is written is permissible. The first 10 amendments were attempts to narrow focus while not limiting freedom which again was undefined. These amendments, again, product of fallible man are and always have been subject to the same vagaries of man’s conflicted and conflicting belief structures as well as imperfect information processing. The laws created by the mechanism created by the document run afoul of belief structures of politicians including those on the SCOTUS which wields power it does not have.

    What you have in a nutshell is imperfection. This imperfection is both a hindrance and a potential help.

    The problem lies with man.