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Question; how will the Ukraine debacle end?

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    Looking at the present picture, there does not seem too much hope that the Ukraine will become an "normal prosperous" country again. It will remain an "buffer" between the "west" and "east" and may be an no-man's land, unless Putin commits suicide or is removed, which I don't see happening any time soon. In the meantime lots of people will loose their lives and habitat. Let alone the children, who get kidnapped and sold. Yes it shows the awful side of mankind, which is going back to the cruel side of it. As the French keep saying "l'histoire ce repette" over and over again. The "barbaric" Russians still live as "nomads" and never learned to behave as concerned "humans" but are pure "indoctrinated by an idiot who likes to sit naked on an horse in freezing temperatures. Yes "communism" indeed shows its ugly head.

    It is time that Americans realize that their "freedom" won't last either if they stick to their "island" mentality and don't want to learn from the Ukraine disaster. It is time that the GOP comes to their senses, instead of sticking to the Trump non-culture. Such culture will lead to the same thing as is happening in the Ukraine if we don't stop it. Do we really want an other Putin (like Trump) here running this country? Amen

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    Some "news" this morning related to that the negotiations make some progress. But yeah can anyone trust the Russians?

    It was said that they will withdraw (some?) troops from Kyiv. Nothing was said about the continuous bombing if that will stop. Le's hope and pray that Putin comes to his senses, but I doubt it. In the meantime more Russian spies were expelled from several European countries.

    However the "stock market" was optimistic and went up.

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    Yes Dutch. I agree. As some journalists have written, Putin sees himself as on some kind of messianic mission to restore "Mother Russia" to its former greatness of the head of the old Soviet Union. He will destroy Ukraine and kill all its people before he will admit he is wrong. He is a sociopath without s conscience or moral compass. He is a pathological liar to his own people. He is a blatant murderer of civilians. He must be stopped. He must be removed from office, but how to do that is the question that NATO countries cannot answer.

    Wow, what if his buddy Trump was President now?


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    Schmidt, I guess you "meant" "Putin" instead of Trump in your first line.

    Your question; "if Trump would be President now" , it would not make any difference. Putin would still do what he did.

    In Russia they don't have an Democratic Party to object. Neither here in the GOP who also rather have an "dictator".

    About "mother Russia"; just about the worst "mother" there is who beats its "kids" with "war tools".

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    I'm still wondering about this war; not one of the parties fighting it get any benefit out of it. Why "bomb" everything; there is nothing to gain from it. Only war crimes are committed which don't solve anything at all. What is there to gain for it for Russia? Nothing at all. The Ukraine used to be an great "grain" supply for them as well Africa which is having drought right now. So the whole world is affected by Putin's stupidity. The aftermath will show that the world should ban at anytime "dictators" who ruin this planet and "humanity" But yeah the GOP here still wants an dictator to run this country, I guess they never had any education about "history" and its consequences.

    Crazy world with crazy people in power, won't make this a better place.

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    Dutch -- Ali Velshi led off his program from Ukraine yesterday with an historical record of what Putin did to Chechnya in his rise to power. He was absolutely ruthless in engaging in an endless bombing camping after his inept soldiers could not subdue the Chechnian soldiers or the populace. He basically reduced Chechnya to rubble and then installed one of his strongmen to force the people into total submission. I know you are well aware of all that history

    He did the same thing in Syria. Bomb the shit out of any city or community that resists because his "boots on the ground" are not up to the task. Throw in a little chemical in those bombs for good measure. That allowed the strongman Asad to hold power.

    Now he is doing the same thing in Ukraine. He will obliterate Ukraine's cities and infrastructure to rubble, install another ruthless strongman, and then force the people into total submission...or will certainly try. He is a mass murderer without a conscience. History will not be kind to him.

    Yes, he is crazy by our standards, but not to the authoritarians of his ilk including those "Rootin for Putin" Trump Republicans. It's in their DNA.

    Thanks for correcting my "Freudian slip" when I typed "Trump" instead of "Putin". You know there are so many similarities. I think of Trump as being a Putin if they were both unchained by laws and civil norms. Only one is currently reined in by laws, but what if the attempted coup worked?

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    Excellent reply; absolutely correct; please tell this to the GOP members, so that they can"learn" something for a change.

    I could not have this better said; my Dutch is still better than my English. Please print this in the Wall Street Journal and sent it to Mc Carthy and Mc Connell. Wake up America.

    Indeed all of this follows the same pattern as with Syria and others where Russia was involved; however I've got the idea that our "leaders" have no idea yet as you did. Thus the future for the Ukraine looks "grim".

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    I wish the US would give the Ukrainians the tools they need, patriot anti-missile batteries or the iron dome batteries like Israel has, anything like that would help. Being bombed into submission means many more will suffer and die.
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    What Schmidt wrote has become the fact; they increased the bombing and got help from Georgia and Belarus. I must say that the Ukrainians do their best to fight and cause lots of damage to the Russians as well, so I hope and pray they can keep this up. But yeah, these displaced people or the one's hunkered down need food and water, so that may become another disaster for them. I absolutely can't understand why the "world" can't do anything to have Putin and his ass lickers killed or removed. Right now the only "help" is with some weapons etc. but nothing to stop the bombing. The CIA must know where their nukes are stored and blow these sites up including the total Kremlin. But yeah that won't happen, because here they are too scared for the nukes and getting WWIII. Anyway, the "normal" world order is totally disturbed and our hands are tied.
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    Yes Dock that would help, but Israel won't part with these, I guess, as well if they could get these now, then all the "damage" is already done. Don't forget the Ukraine is quite an "large" country and it is difficult to protect it from all sides. Furthermore it was wealthier than the Russian economy; you can already see it on how they are "clothed" in beautiful coats hats etc. especially the kids are well dressed, compared to the Russians. It was for Putin an "eye sore" and could not stand their wealth and their western way of life.
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    Ali Velshi had another sickening report from Ukraine showing video clips of civilian bodies lying in the streets of the town of Bucha, a suburb of Kyiv. Russian soldiers executed these civilians in cold blooded hate filled crimes. From the Washington Post this morning:

    "Journalists entered the town of Bucha, a suburb northwest of the capital, and saw numerous corpses strewn on the streets. Video posted to social media and verified by The Washington Post showed what appeared to be at least nine dead, including one child.

    "Bucha’s mayor, Anatoly Fedoruk, said in an interview that around 270 local residents had been buried in two mass graves. He estimated that 40 people were lying dead in the streets. Some had been bound and executed — shot in the back of the head, he said."

    These are hate-crimes as well. Putin and his propaganda media have "brain washed" the soldiers to hate the Ukrainians. It's just another example of how hate for the "other" permeates societies around the world including the USA. For what?


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    Again you describe it well; "indoctrination" is the name of the game. Especially in an "un-educated" world or in "isolated regions". Actually nothing new. Hitler used it against the Jews and others. Right now because of the worldwide "media'" and media manipulation and daily "visual" information, you can influence people any way you want. This gives much more possibilities for the want to be "dictators" to influence the "masses". Just look at who certain States sent to Washington D.C. Which means that certain media has their grip on the "country side" which is more isolated from the "real" world. Certain "media" prey's on this. The same applies to Russia which has plenty of backwards area's as here.

    I still call this an self inflicted wound, because life on the "country side" does not count, because "cities" get the priority. More "votes" are gained from "cities" and not the country side so this shows up in who we "elect".

    The media here is an "champion" to "indoctrinate"; therefore "free speech" without "limits" here will help our demise.

    What is happening in the Ukraine is an "example" of , if you can "curb" the media to such extend to just to spew your "agenda" as Putin does (and Trump wants) which creates "hate" then you could get the same situation as there. Dictators want "control" over the "masses" and their "created" media makes sure of such. Therefore you need "limits" which keeps "free speech" sound but not "banned all together" as done in Russia. Any society which can't find an "middle way balance" may become like Russia or end up into an "dictatorship" if not corrected in time. Enough examples in world history.

    The situation in the Ukraine is indeed "sick" as Schmidt correctly describes. But the GOP here finds this OK.

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    The situation in the Ukraine is an example of things we had in WWII; the "cruelty" is hitting new norms as the pictures onTV showed. But yeah the world stands by and does nothing. The"weapons" the Ukraine gets are not enough for such an large country to be able to defend. Also the Ukraine has stated clearly what type weapons they need, but the know it all types here does not have the knowledge to determine what it is like there including the logistics to get these on the right locations. The other thing is that no US warships have entered the "international" waters boarding the Ukraine to stop the Russian warships from shelling the coastline of the Ukraine. Of course the US does not want an confrontation with the Russian ships but has the right to be in"international waters". So they can act as an "buffer" I hope. But yeah, the big question remains "how to stop the Russians and their "barbaric" behavior.
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    The situation is getting worse; the "death toll" will rise rapidly, especially in Mariopole which is surrounded by the Russians and does not let anyone to leave. No food or other things get in. The "war crimes" just continue, but the "right" here and in France don't seem to care and still supports the Russians and Putin. Thus the "world order" is totally out of "wack".

    In the US it shows in the stock market on how all these things have an effect on the world. Neither is the "virus" under control. Sorry to be negative , but things don't look good which ever you look at it. Putin will help to "ruin" this world a bit more and no one can do anything about it.

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    Satellite images reveal an 8 mile convoy of russian tanks, where are the drones?