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Manchin and the bitch at it again

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    The Dems want "voting rights" but don't get it because of these two "obstructionists"; thus if in 2022 mid term the election swings in the direction of the Trumpers, then you know who are the culprits. Sorry this clown show must stop, if not forget this country as an has been. The incompetence in governing, but also affects lots of other things, like "tornado's help" are third world country like, as I found out the hard way. Trying to get an decent quote to get things fixed is like pulling teeth.

    One guy said to me; if you don't like my "quote", then hire some Mexicans. Indeed the Mexicans did my roof in the past and did good work; an house down the street had the roof blown off due to the tornado; the Mexicans worked 3 full days and worked from sun up to sun down without interruptions. Try such with an GOP lover; double the price and it will take forever and shoddy workmanship. Amen

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    Just keep on tinkering with "voting rights"; while people have been voting for more than a hundred years. Nothing is "solid" in this government structure and its laws or rules. I've been voting overseas for years and the "system" works without changes or complaints. I guess here they like to upset the apple cart all the time. Just make the "rules" simple and straightforward as done overseas. Why all this hoopla and idiotic recounting etc. Why make it more difficult than it is?

    But yeah it seems here part of the "game" undermine it all the way that will keep the lawyers and "crooks" happy.