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What will 2022 bring us?

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    First of all I like to wish the few members of this site an hopefully great year without all the political turmoil.

    Sorry, just got international mail; but I'm back again.

    Looking at the new year, I hope we get new members and some of the old ones back. However I'm sounding negative, if I predict that 2022 will also be an "turmoil-us" year. Biden is already an bit of an lame duck, but this will get worse over time especially if more seats in 2022 end up in GOP hands. Thus democrats vote as hell and stop the "talking only" and take "charge".

    The Covid and Omicron put everything out of "balance" and will have its effect on the economy.

    Also global warming will not benefit us as I found out the hard way.

    Thus in my opinion 2022 will not be an walk in the park; China will get their act together, but not likely here; it will stay "chaos" especially on the "political " front, due to total 'incompetence" of certain "elected" representatives. Also 2021 has shown all the "holes" in our only "2" party system as well outdated convoluted laws and rules. The Rittenhouse case shows clearly that the "system" is broken.


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    Most Democrats are ready to take charge, but two senators, Manchin and Sinema, are ready to stop them in their tracks, continually moving the goalposts up and down and around as needed depending on what the latest "Gang of Something" come up with to satisfy what they think is their demands. The Build Back Better plan, at least the current version, is dead until after the 2022 elections. And if Dems don't pass their voter legislation, then perhaps never.

    If Dems don't pass voter legislation, some minorities have publicly stated that they will be finished with the Democratic Party and their undeliverable promises. For which the Republicans will say, "Mission Accomplished".

    The January 6th Congressional Committee will be stymied by such things as claimed executive privilege, refusals to show, 5th amendment claims, lawsuits and more lawsuits the purpose of which is to delay. Republicans will carry Trump's water all the way to the 2022 election, and then the committee will be disbanded.

    All this unless somehow the voter legislation to make it easier to vote can be passed. Not looking good now.

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    Also the stock market crashed again today; especially the Nasdaq; That is what you get of an stupid Biden maintains an Trump appointee.

    Where are the brains at the moment when we need them. I got an tornado as reward; the normal investor get the lid on their noses. Please tell me what is still "normal" in this country? Loaded hospitals? and total incompetence?

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    Yes looking at the whole situation in this country, I think as I predicted that at a certain time the US will no longer be governable and get an sort of an Russian model, where the rich and "idiots" have the "say". Looking at the "celebration"? of January the 6th, then I get the shivers about the future of this country. All the "obstructionists" are still in place as well all the rioters get barely jail, so let the "fun" continue. The only one who wins is the Covid and Omicron, not the people! So Biden keep on sleeping and 2022 will not be kind to him. Biden is an "talker" but not an "do-er" ; if you don't remove certain "elements" coached by very strange thinking, then the "swamp will fill up so much that you drown in it. An country which has no solid "structure" in governing as well "properly educated" people to run the show, then the "system" will eventually collapse. As an type of person such as Manchin has more power than the President, then it shows that the system is failing. Characters like Greene etc. makes it an total "clown" show.

    The few people who are doing the "right" things are drowned out by the "noisy" one's. It is worse than "kindergarten", at least if you give them an "lolly" they are quiet. So it sounds negative, but I don't give this country much credit for its unregulated stance, which goes on and on forever down hill.

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    Last night Fareed showed some "history". Indeed he's just about the only person who got it right. like the French say: L'histoire ce repette. Indeed it looks like the GOP have become the Nazi "types" . Looking at all the things which are happen right now and our "weak" system of governing and all the "negative" things around us, like the Covid and Omicron, supply shortage ; ships which can't be unloaded, as well weather issues all over and still the total "incompetent" GOP and its dumb ass senators who help to destroy the "democracy" in this country etc. will have its effect on the future here.

    "Chaos" is the right word. In the meantime the rich made sure that they "cashed in" while the country goes downhill.

    The "future" will not be kind to this country if it does not show an strong "backbone"; it is only "talk" and shoving "money" in an certain directions. All of this is bound to fail; no wonder Bloomberg stepped out of the election. Amen

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    Well, I think we could get past this if just a few Republicans would get out of their hiding and do the right thing. But being Republican, almost by definition, means you are more fearful of Trump and his "brownshirts". Those who want an autocracy are largely predisposed in that direction...add ignorance to the equation.

    We have discussed about it before in this website, but now we are learning more of the direct influence of Fox News on Trump's daily utterances and acts.

    Trump’s cable cabinet: New texts reveal the influence of Fox hosts on previous White House (

    "Stephanie Grisham, former press secretary to President Donald Trump, remembers the challenges that came from so many Fox News hosts having the direct number to reach Trump in the White House residence.

    "“There were times the president would come down the next morning and say, ‘Well, Sean thinks we should do this,’ or, ‘Judge Jeanine thinks we should do this,’ ” said Grisham, referring to Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro, both of whom host prime-time Fox News shows."

    Sheesh. What a way to run a government, but it goes with his mentality.

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    If you looked at Fareed's program, then it is clear that a lot of elements of Nazi Germany are re-surfacing. As you mention the "brown shirts". Yes the present people here have no notion of what did happen under Hitler, so they just re-invent it.

    The "system" here allows such, because our type of "democracy" has no limits in it for anything; "freedom of speech" here is the noose around this countries neck. It is very clear that the Constitution makers never foresaw what the "future" would bring in mentality and "indoctrination" via an total other "media" than available in 1776. However our "leaders" used all these anomalies to their advantage, as well the "zillion" lawyers here. In an large country as this, with any type of people living on this globe, then you need strict "discipline" on all fronts of governing as well "solid" laws. None of this is the case, so no wonder "chaos" and Nazi-ism gets to roam free. Just look at on how the "Covid" is dealt with; the government can't even "mandate" things because of the "cowboy" culture here. Sorry, but this country still has a lot to learn on how to govern in modern times. Amen

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    If you look at the "stock market" of the past few weeks, then it clearly shows on how slowly but surely certain "elements" in our society are trying to "ruin" this country. Short sellers galore. Looking at the total picture of what is happening all over, means the "balances" in just about everything are being "broken". Inflation is the sign that things are erratic and the Fed's are loosing grip on the economy. The way things look also politically, then I belief 2022 will be an "messy" year for the most of us, of course except the "billionaires". Enjoy!!
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    Various emotions are running rampant now. Fear mongering, stoking anger, and reviving hate against the "other" are all emotional responses that Trump has stimulated to his benefit. People are not thinking clearly now. The stock market going up and down on just about any trivial point is just an example of the volatility -- not so much of economic factors -- but rather of our temperaments. Nothing makes much sense anymore if you try applying logic and science.

    The "American psyche" is on a rough, bumpy road now as their indoctrinated view of "American exceptionalism" fails them.

    Yes, I also believe the term "Brownshirts" is appropriate, but maybe as well "Blackshirts". Their symbolism today is perhaps more defined by red MAGA caps. Same mentality, same DNA...different time.

    The subject is "what will 2022 bring". In some ways 2022 may bring us 90 years back to the past.

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    Yes, indeed the past has not been an lesson here. The DNA is screwed up. Sorry may be I repeat myself, but I try to compare what is happening here with other countries, but that is difficult because of the weird way people here are elected as well incomplete laws and strange mentalities. I don't think Canada is in the same turmoil as us, regardless of the Covid.

    You can't have an "system" which dates from 1776 without daily updates; the "Amendments" are only a few, but not sufficient. Some Amendments need updates, such as the "Second Amendment", which is even worse right now and totally outdated.

    Sorry but our 'freedom" has created an "monster" culture without proper laws updated to the times. Bully's take advantage of it and run the "brainless" show. "Freedom" should have limits, but not here. It shows, let's rob an whole cargo train and toss the packages all over; but nowhere any cops. ( this happened in LA). There is no "discipline" at all in this society; neither in the government. Shaking my old head in disgust.

    Trump is an example on how you can "bully" your way in with lies and mis-information. This shows how weak our system of governing has become. I fear 2024 will prove that the system is absolutely not "crook" prove.

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    Yes what will 2022 bring us? Yes again 3 to 4 tornado's ripped through our county in FL. Luckily we were spared, but are still trying to clear the mess of the one we got. But since this is America the "rip off" games are sure taking advantage of it. Plenty of work for the "contractors" who are in limited supply due to the Covid. So it will take time and lots of effort to get things back to normal. So we just hang in there and try to get things fixed. Maybe I have to start "begging" just like Trump does to pay for it all. I would love to move, but the Covid overseas is neither yet under control; so we got to take our time and have patience.

    I guess no one will miss my writing anyway, looking at the couple of writers we still have.