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MT Greene introduces bill to award Rittenhouse a gold-metal

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    Rrep Green announced that Rittenhouse is one of the greatest American heroes in the past century, and might even become President someday after Donald Trump decided to retire. He was attacked by a mob of 100s Black Lives Matter terrorists and single-handedly fought them off, only to be falsely charged crimes that he never committed. It is yet another White Man victimized by the Black control legal system that always assumes that if you are an out of state white man carrying an illegal weapon looking to shoot people, that when you shoot people, you must have wanted to kill them, otherwise why would have you have traveled a few hundred miles to be there. As stated during his trial, he took a wrong turn while going out to buy milk, and ended up 100s of miles away from home surrounded by blacks who wanted to murder him just because he was white.

    At the same time, Rep Green wants to pass a House resolution declaring former president Obama an illegal alien and have him deported to the shithole where he came from. When asked which country was a "Shithole" she responded "Whatever shithole countries black Lives Matter terrorists are from"

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    Yes that is what you get if every person and State makes their own "rules" and interpretation of some weak laws and throw in "Red-neck" culture. People like "Greene" etc. should never be able to participate in Government "work" or be "qualified" for any Government job. This whole British clotted cream designed "structure" should be changed/adapted to the times we live in. Make the Constitution up to date as well an "living" document, updated all the time when things do change. No wonder that we need an "zillion lawyers etc." to dig in hoards of documents to find an "case" which looks like "similar" to the "case" they work on. This is absolutely "nuts". In Europe all of this "digging" is prevented if you keep your "laws" up to date. And there you have to "search" to find an "lawyer" because you seldom need one to explain the law because it is up to date.

    This country still operates like in the "stone" age.

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    Dutch Wrote:

    This country still operates like in the "stone" age.

    Well its one step back, for every two steps forward. You may be correct about the downfall of the USA, but it won't be during our lifetime or the lifetime of our grandchildren. Aside from a unlikely nuclear war, its more likely to happen for economic reasons, than being jerked around by grifters like Trump and company. Keep in mind at best he has 5-10 years of life still him. If he lives beyond that he will be an irrelevant old man suffering serious health problems while running around mar-a-largo in an adult diaper demanding to have sex with the teenage daughters of his loyal fans.... I only have joke, because his family has a history of altimers (ie his father), so there is a high probability of him drooling in a wheelchair before the 85.

    And without Donald Trump, the Republican party will be looking even lower for a new leader. Who will rise up from the trash heap to take his place? They are taking applications from grifters and other lowlifes. White Racists that are already accomplished liars are encouraged to apply. Sorry, no RINOs need to apply. Required to suck Donald Trump's dick during the interview for the job.

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    An "wild" reply for sure, but I liked it. The downfall of this country started long ago, but managed to stay afloat by "printing" more "money" and "stock" price manipulations. Considering the "debt" here, then this country is not worth a "penny".

    The "patient" has way too many "deceases" so the "doctors" ( read "party's") can't fix the patient. Also don't forget what the "Covid" did do to the "economy" . It still looks good on the "outside" but the inside is in bad shape. Biden's "infrastructure plan" may help for a while, but the "foundation" of it requires lots of money which we don't have or get, because the rich refuse to pay one penny more taxes. Looking through my colored "glasses" then only an "dictatorship" with "discipline" can save this country. Don't forget we've got more "import" than "export"; thus more "money" leaves the country, then any gets in. Furthermore the "mentality" and "herd" culture here at present does not help much.

    China is "backing" our currency; that says enough.

    The "stock market" is plunging as we speak, (the Dow over 1000 points! today) because of all kind of fears as well an "new" variant of the Covid in S.Africa.

    I Like to think positive but looking at the "chaos" around the world and here, how can you be optimistic unless you live on an "island" with millions stalled in the Caymans, then you don't care.