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Kyle Rittenhouse

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    Predictably, the trial in Kenosha is turning into a farce.

    When he was on the stand yesterday, the prosecutor asked Rittenhouse why he had an AR-15, he said it was "because it looked cool".

    In my opinion, the prosecutor should ask for a change of venue, for these reasons:

    1) the judge refuses to call the two guys who died "victims". He prefers the term "rioters", a term that casts the dead guys in a different light.

    2) Rittenhouse's attorneys are already calling for a mistrial.

    3) Neither the judge or Kyle's attorney seem to be concerned about the fact that he used a gun that it was not legal for him to have (since he was 17), and he crossed state lines to use it. His mother, by the way, should be charged as an accessory.

    4) The civil disobedience that occurred in Kenosha were protests against the shooting of an unarmed black man 7 times in the back. The protests, of course, are a constitutional right.

    Here's more details from the New York Times:®i_id=55487681&segment_id=74079&te=1&user_id=9d08ea620232d41a381be82339d3454d

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    Yes indeed an total farce; neither they showed that he drove from another State with his "mother" and his "gun" to commit this crime. The "judge" is an total asshole/bully and an "Trumper"; he should be banned from the "bar". Again it shows the "partisan" culture here without any common sense. This same picture applies to plenty of court cases here.

    That is what you get if you let "crooks" like Trump become "president's". It certainly also affected the "law" system, which was "weak" already, because also the lawyers/judges here have become "partisan" and forgot their "oath".

    Sorry but an "two" party system (far apart) can't last and eventual will fail or becomes (and may be already "is") an dictatorship by one of them.

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    You're right. The judge is an asshole.

    In addition to constantly interrupting the prosecutors, he sent the jury out of the room twice so that he could yell at the prosecutor.

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    I started this thread but nobody bit:

    That's why I dislike this website. People start their own threads without reading and looking for titles, either by physical search or keyword searches.

    I have a lot to say about this, and I've written about it in the past, so, I won't repeat myself.

    I lived in that city for 28 years, all of this makes me sick. I hope the natives burn that shithole to the ground.

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    Claims he didn't do anything wrong:

    1. had someone else buy a rifle for him.

    2. he was under age when making the buy.

    3. he traveled with the help of mommy to a community about 25 miles from his home looking for trouble brandishing his new gun.

    4. he killed 2 people and severely injured another.

    5. he didn't turn himself into the city where he shot people, the cops went looking for him.

    6. he didn't let the local police departments do their jobs, he wanted to enforce his own law and order. bad choice.

    Please add to the list if anyone can think of anything else he didn't do wrong.

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    Dock, yes all of this shows how our legal system is corrupted all the way; it is now all "partisan". The time that "judges were "impartial" and had pure" legal" motivations is long gone. Trump helped all of this in an big way; "money" and "influence"and "politics" from "outside" drives it now. As just about anything here, it is "corrupted" ; real honest "judgement" is out the door.

    Welcome to Nigeria.

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    Closing arguments in this case will take place on Monday.

    In anticipation of pending trouble, the governor put 500 National Guard troops on standby.

    Rittenhouse faces life in prison if convicted on the first-degree intentional homicide charge, and up to 60 years on each of the other homicide-related charges. He is also charged with two reckless endangerment counts, which carry up to 12 years each, and a misdemeanor weapons charge that carries a potential nine-month sentence

    Why would the governor put 500 troops on standby?

    The short answer is FOX "news" because some of their hosts think he is a hero.

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    If Rittenhouse somehow gets acquitted, the prosecutor should immediately appeal due to the fact that the judge is obviously biased - and it would not be the first time that one of his cases was tossed because of his bias.

    On Saturday, Jim Ocasta said that the judge is acting like Archie Bunker.

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    The outcome is pure horrible; he got "nothing" at all. An total "shame" for this country. He deserves at least 20 years jail and his mother as accomplish 10 years. If his mother would not have drove him 4 hours to this "rally" of BLM people with an big gun which he was not allowed to have because of "under" age; then if he would not have gone there with his mother then two people would be still alive and another not very wounded.

    Sorry this country has gone to the "dogs"; this sets an precedence for all future cases; grab your gun and shoot people as you like. This "judge" should be de-barred for sure. And the "jury" jailed. Absolutely crazy!!!

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    As another note: Try something like this in Europe; forget it. Thus this country allows an kid of 17 to walk the streets with an huge loaded gun; the police drives by and does nothing. What a country! The "gun" laws here always have been horrible but this tops it. Trump even congratulated the "kid". Sick to the "bone" for sure. I also got the strong feeling that the "jury" was bought since Rittenhouse collected an "pot" of money even before the trial and may be "Trumpers" gave "money " to the jury as well the "judge" I would not be surprises if that happened.

    Yes, people this country is going "downhill" in a hurry, that is for sure staying on this path. I'm afraid more cases like this will surface; just take your "gun" and walk the streets here, that's perfectly OK. Please bring plenty of "barf buckets" and an bulletproof vest for me. I will load my 17th Century flintlock as defense and put some nails in my baseball bat to fend of the Republican " robbers"; it is all allowed right now. Thanks Biden for protecting us. Wow.

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    As I mentioned on November 14, one of Schroeder's earlier trials (a murder trial) was reversed because he told the jury to blame the husband of the victim,

    According to Right Wing Accountability, there were numerous incidence of bias on the part of the judge in the trial.

    Kyle Rittenhouse, the Republican teenager that crossed state lines to murder protesters, walked free — and it's thanks to the clearly biased Judge Schroeder. The Judge, who has made anti-Asian microaggressions during court as well as has God Bless The USA as his ringtone, has kept significant evidence from the jury.

    Some of the documentation Schroeder conveniently banned is any reference to Rittenhouse's post-murder outing where he happily drank with the Proud Boys while wearing a shirt that says "Free As F*ck." Not only this, he banned any reference to the victims as…. You guessed it, "victims." But, a right-wing political commentator was still allowed to give testimony.

    Throughout his trial, the judge empathized with Rittenhouse's crocodile tears — and effectively helped him avoid the consequences of his actions.

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    I agree with Dutch, this country is going to hell in a handbag.

    I looked up these words on the internet "fear and loathing in white America" and did not find too much using a Bing search engine. But it must be what white people think and feel in this day and age. Someday, white will become a minority demographic, which is probably what they fear most. Hence: the white supremacist movement lately.

    I also agree that if a black person would've done what Rittenhouse did, he would have been hung the next day by the white man's system of justice. No justice, no peace. I truly believe that

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    One result of that the Rittenhouse verdict is that it will embolden the white supremacists.

    White supremacists and others on the far right are celebrating the acquittal of Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, and the tone of their celebrations appears to confirm fears that their new hero’s acquittal will inspire more right-wing violence. Following the acquittal, right-wing social media platform Gab sent out an email encouraging its users to “buy firearms and form Christian militias.” As NPR reports, celebratory online comments by members of the Proud Boys included a call for dead leftists to be “stacked up like cord wood,” further indicating that the Rittenhouse acquittal will be seen as license to carry out similar acts of violence disguised as “self-defense”:

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    Disgusting for sure. Sorry to say Arizona's daily "mails" draw the "real" picture of the "state" where this country is in.

    It lost its direction for sure. I wrote many years ago about this and was declared "nuts". But yeah what I predicted is now the case. I've said a million times that the structure of "governing here is at fault, since an "two" party system makes it an "wrestling" match. Throw in lots of gambling "money" then the picture is complete. There always be "one" bloodied looser. You may guess who that will be the coming years. The one "wrestler" is not playing by the rules, so on how it "ends" will be obvious. Certain people are pushing for an "one" party country just like Russia and China, but have no clue what it means or does to the "common" people. "Freedom" as they are used too, will be out of the door. It will likely not work here because of the "baked in" greed in this country. Until now the "rich" could be "taxed" (only a "bit") but after this becomes an "dictatorship" only a few are allowed to keep their fortunes, as long as they support the "dictator" ; just like in Russia and China. Elections are no longer needed; the "Oligarcs" decides such among themselves who gets what. The "poor" and working people only get an "handout" and should keep their "mouth" shut. Do we really want this? I guess an certain "party" does.

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    Apart from the fact that the judge in this case is totally incompetent, which should result in a mid-trial, there are two other troubling aspects in this case:

    1) Tucker Carlson had a crew in Kenosha during the entire length of the trial, and even had the little shit on his program

    2) An investigation by Jordan Liles of shows that foreign social media accounts are magnifying right-wing voices. In the wake of the Rittenhouse acquittal, for example, foreign accounts posing as Americans appeared to celebrate the jury’s decision.

    Frank Figliuzzi, the former assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI, tweeted that of 32,315 pro-Rittenhouse hashtag tweets from November 19–20, 29,609 had disabled geolocation. Of them, 17,701 were listed as “foreign,” and most of those were in Russia, China, and the EU.

    source : HCR