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    Mitch McConnell is trying to force the Democrats to use the reconciliation process to raise the debt limit. Since reconciliation can only be used once a year, that means that other programs, like the Build Back Better program would not get passed at all.

    This morning, Joe Biden told reporters that Democrats could amend the filibuster rule so that it did not apply to the debt limit, However, it's also possible that it could be amended for other issues as well, such as voting rights legislation.

    Both the Republicans and the Democrats have modified the filibuster rule for specific purposes, which means that it actually makes sense to eliminate it altogether.

    Although the filibuster was first used in 1806. However, its use has exploded in recent years. Since 2017, the filibuster has been used 2000 times, but have of those have occurred in the last 12 years.

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    But late Tuesday, Biden met McConnell’s hardball with some hardball of his own. Asked by a reporter if Democrats should consider altering the filibuster rules to get a debt-ceiling vote through, the president replied: “Oh, I think that’s a real possibility.”

    Bang! With seven words, Biden brought home the profound irrationality of our current governing system.

    It’s not just that the debt ceiling is a useless relic of the debates around the financing of World War I. It’s also that the filibuster of old has been transformed through abuse into a barrier to normal governing.

    Just look at the numbers. From 1917 through 1970 (53 years), there were only 58 cloture motions to shut off filibusters. From 1971 to 2006 (35 years), there were 928 cloture motions. From 2007 to now (14 years), there have been 1,410 cloture motions.

    If McConnell has been engaged in procedural radicalism in the Senate, an even more dangerous radicalism is visible in the voter suppression and election subversion laws being enacted in an increasing number of Republican-led states.

    Since defending free elections is as important as preventing economic chaos, the filibuster should not be allowed to inhibit national action that’s required to preserve democratic rules and norms. That’s why it must be lifted to enact the Freedom to Vote Act, voting rights legislation crafted to Manchin’s specifications.

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    Yes, the whole "system" is polluted with these "oddball" inventions; "votes" should count the proper way without any "magic tricks"; also in the"election" system. Another improvement would be an "multi" party system, instead of "two" total opposite parties who hates each others guts. Furthermore "take the money out" of "governing" ; make it run like any "normal" business in which you can "fire" incompetent people who don't stick to the "rules", but are there only to "fill" their pocket via "corrupt lobbyists etc." or have other motives than working for the people of this country. Ego tripping is also something they should be fired for. Thus this country has lots of clean-up to do ; get your shovel and broom and water cannons!
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    Biden is not the only guy who should credit for getting McConnell. The other individual was Joe Manchin, who has long states that he wanted to maintain the filibuster.

    While Republicans wanted Democrats to act and Democrats refused to budge on their position that the vote should be bipartisan, the only breakthrough moment in months happened when late Wednesday night Manchin floated that he would favor ending the Senate filibuster over this issue.

    This got McConnell’s attention. The filibuster has existed in its current form for a century. It demands there to be 60 votes in favor of a bill in order for it to pass, instead of a simple majority of the 100 senators.

    Structurally, Republicans benefit the most from the filibuster. This is because Republicans can win a majority of the Senate without having anything near the majority of the American population.

    Ending the filibuster would be the biggest tactical loss for Republicans in at least a generation. Within hours of the news that Manchin was into dumping the filibuster to raise the debt ceiling, and that Sinema agreed with this position, the pair of Democratic Senators found themselves meeting with the Republican leader, of all people.

    Suddenly, McConnell looked for a way out. He caved out of nowhere. He agreed to provide the 10 votes necessary to delay the nation from going into default until Dec. 3.

    Manchin then helped McConnell save face by saying, gosh, no he would never actually end the filibuster, since the question was no longer imminent.

    In the end, McConnell kept his word as 11 Republicans voted to stop debate on the issue, clearing the way to suspend the debt limit on Thursday night.

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    Senator Chuck Schumer plans to advance a vote on voting rights measures this coming week, but Republicans plan to maintain the filibuster to oppose the bill.

    Mr. Manchin’s compromise narrowed the objectives of the legislation, which would require states to allow a minimum of 15 days of early voting, ensure that all voters could request to vote by mail and make Election Day a national holiday, among other provisions. It would also establish requirements for voter identification, but less onerous ones than sought by Republicans.

    Some Democrats who have been agitating for such changes have held out hope that when Mr. Manchin saw that Republicans were unwilling to support even his compromise measure, he would drop his opposition to altering the rules, despite his repeated vows that he never would.

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    The filibuster, from down under ....

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    Nice "Clip". However all of this shows that our type of "governing" has no chance to succeed , if they keep people like McConnell and Manchin/Sinema etc. in place and Trump in "steering" in the background with Bannon as his helper. I wrote many times about the "system" here and the "education" of the people here. As long as that you don't need any "qualification" to sit in this government and you are an "disciple" of the greedy "rich" here and believe in "fantasy island" stories, forget this place. South America will be proud of this country, it has joined their ranks. Amen