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    When our son was a teenage, he shared a Guns 'N Roses cassette that one of his friends had been listening to. I listened to it long enough to have my hair curl, and I refused to give it back to him unless his parents picked it up.

    Rap music, in particular, can be especially crude and violent, but should it be banned?

    In the 1970's, a group called Parents Music Resource Center tried to get warning labels put on cassettes. The group asked John Denver to testify in Congress, since he was the most wholesome singer they could think of.

    It did not go well.

    Charlton Heston also was not a fan of "racy" lyrics.

    At a Time Warner shareholder meeting in July of 1992, he read the lyrics to ICE-T's "Body Count" album to a stunned audience. To hear those lyrics being spoken in his rich melodious voice had to be quite an experience.

    In the end, free speech still won out.

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    "Free speech" is the noose around this countries neck. All other "decent" countries have "limits" on it, but here it makes "lying" and "mis-information" an national "sport". Just look at the "media" and what they spew all day. Fox news and all the other GOP channels spew all day their garbage and can continue their misguided propaganda. Don't forget how the Hitler "fascism" started. Like the Trump media which still spews that he "won".

    Sorry this country is loosing it, by allowing this kind of "free speech" will help their demise. "Decency" and "honesty" are out of the window and "corruption" shows its "ugly head". Even "kids" are indoctrinated. This age of cellphones, TV, and "media expansion, will disrupt any society of getting the right course ahead. Technology is also the "guilty" one who got us these "tools" to corrupt our lives. If free speech is not curbed and cleaned up by the authorities then the "bully's" in our society will win, ask Trump. Even our Constitution and "case laws" forgot to put limits on anything, let alone "free speech or "guns". This country is creating their own unrepairable wounds by letting it fester. Amen

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    Here's a short clip:

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    That short clip does not cut it. The present society is no longer as it was at that time of Charlton Heston. Since we had the "crook" in the W.H., things have changed quite a bit. The GOP "underground" wrecking ball is becoming more dangerous by the day . The "churches" play innocent but, but play their "dirty" game on the background (ask Abbott) and in the Supreme Court.

    The GOP is now preparing for an"win" in 2022 and 2024 with all the "corrupt tools"they can dig up; what are the"Dem's" preparing for? Certainly the "Pope" won't help an "win" because he has only "studied" ghostly things for "halloween".