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    As odd as it may seem, it could be advantageous for the Democrats if Trump were to announce his candidacy for the presidency as soon as possible, and here's why:

    Public polling has consistently shown him struggling to break 45 percent approval across the country, while internal GOP polling this year has found support for his candidacy hovering around 40 percent. His toxic brand continues to turn off voters in the suburbs, according to strategists in battleground states. He faces a litany of other headaches, including investigations into his businesses in New York, and a probe into his role in the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.

    It is not much of a stretch to say either the January 6 investigation or the lawsuit in Georgia (or both) could result in prison time for him - and you can't run for office if you are in prison. It's also possible that the investigation in New York could lead to prison time. Remember Leona Helmsley?

    After allegations of non-payment were made by contractors hired to improve Helmsley's Connecticut home, she was investigated and convicted of federal income tax evasion and other crimes in 1989. Although having initially received a sentence of sixteen years, she was required to serve only nineteen months in prison and two months under house arrest. During the trial, a former housekeeper testified that she had heard Helmsley say: "We don't pay taxes; only the little people pay taxes", a quote which was identified with her for the rest of her life.

    If he announced his candidacy before the 2022 midterms, he'll hurt GOP candidates who are aligned with his views (think David Perdue , Roy Moore, Kelly Loeffler, and Larry Elder).

    “He has a deep and committed loyal base,” said Bob Vander Plaats, CEO of the Family Leader, an Iowa-based Christian group that has been hosting potential candidates. “But even in that deep and committed loyal base, there are many who don’t think Trump should run again.”

    Trump’s fundraising efforts have persisted at a frantic pace, even though most of his direct appeals for independent PACs or his own cannot be used for a future presidential campaign because of how they were established under campaign finance law.

    Trump remains focused on revenge against those who opposed his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. He has asked David Perdue, the former Georgia senator, to run against Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in Georgia, according to people familiar with the matter.

    If the Democrats can manage to get some of their legislative goals done, it's always possible that they could invoke the 25th amendment. At this point, though, that ploy would backfire on them since it would generate sympathy for Trump.

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    No, do you really want more "chaos"? It is time that "criminals" like him, are convicted. If I would have done as he did for years and years, I would be in "jail" forever. Why keep "protecting" this guy and give him an huge pension and "leverage" on anything he wants? It means that the few "laws" here are only valid for the "little man" not for the "upper classes"; their lawyers make sure nothing "sticks". The only hope is that he suffocates in an chicken bone or something. The world would be an better place without him; we don't need an "spoiled corrupt little baby" as our "qualified" leader. The "media" is also guilty in "promoting" him day in and out. But yeah "stupidity" reigns here, I guess this country gets what it deserves. All of this is an "self inflicted" wound.
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    “A Marquette Law School Poll survey of adults nationwide finds a majority of Republicans wanting former President Donald Trump to run for president in 2024, although a majority of all adults in the survey say they do not want him to run,” the report states. “Among all respondents, 28% would like to see Trump make another run for the presidency, while 71% do not want him to run again.”

    “Republicans are most favorable to a Trump run. Sixty percent say he should run, while 40% of Republicans say they do not want him to run,” the report adds. “A minority of independents would like Trump to run in 2024, and large majorities of those who identify as Democrats oppose a Trump rerun.”

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    Madison Cawthorn was elected to Congress in 2021.

    Last week, eleven North Carolina voters have filed a challenge to prevent Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn from running for a second term, alleging that his speech at the "Save America Rally" just before the violent protest at the Capitol disqualifies him from being a congressman, Business Insider reported.

    During his remarks at the rally, Cawthorn said that President Donald Trump was defeated due to widespread election fraud and that Democrats are trying to silence voters, Newsweek reported.

    The challenge, filed before the North Carolina State Board of Elections, argues that Cawthorn, who formally filed as a candidate last month, violated the 14th Amendment, which states that no one "who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress ... shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof."

    North Carolina is one of six states that are still affected by an 1868 law. Five of these states were won by Trump in 020.

    Even though he was not convicted in this second impeachment trial by the Senate, that old law could prevent him from even being on the ballot in six states, which would mean his popular vote loss would be even larger that it was in 2020.

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    "Qualification" is an"dirty word" in this country. It is time that all the "hoopla" and "media" influence around "elections" is curtailed. Every idiot here can run for any position as long as an "party" pushes/supports such person. It is either connections or an "big" mouth or having adds on TV which qualifies such person. Take the "pillow man" he's absolutely "nuts" and goes to "church". There lies the problem for a lot of States where "education" about "real" life is missing.

    The US remains an "island" in their attitude and does not accept "tried" and "proven" government systems which other countries in Europe have used for thousands of years. Of course Britain (also an arrogant "island") is an exception and of course here they adopted that stupid system. The only thing missing is the "wigs". No wonder that this country is beyond saving. Even Boris in England found out that their system is not fool proof. Canada used their brains and refused the clotted cream attitude and this system. Just check just for the fun of it about all the British colonies they had and the mess they are now in. Nigeria is an excellent example.

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    Trump's daughter Tiffany is getting married on November 12 at Mar-A-Lago, and it is expected that he will announce his candidacy a few days after that.

    I believe that it would take 60 votes to invoke the provisions of the 14th amendment, which means that it would be impossible to prevent Trump from running again using the wording of the amendment.

    The most likely scenario is that one, or more, of the many legal cases against Trump will come to fruition, possibly sending him to prison. You can't run for office if you are in prison.

    Trump, of course, really does not want to be in office again, but he'll use his declaration to raise a ton of money from his gullible supporters.

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    Sure, what you are saying is correct. But it shows that this country lost all its marbles. Looking at the whole picture right now, it means that "chaos" is the name of the game. I wrote a million times the "why" and the "how come". Sorry the "system here is asking for lots of B.S. Neither are our "elections with lots of "money" thrown in the way to run an country. History shows that we mostly do not get the best "types" for these positions, because of our "broken" system and outdated backwards looking laws and millions of "crooked" lawyers. Neither does it work with 50 States who act like spoiled brats without oversight. Neither is the population here "educated" in what is right and what is "wrong" or does background checks on any of the candidates. Trump in "jail", you must be kidding, not in this country; they fall for crooks and liars.

    The outcome of this election will only create even more "chaos" than before, I bet on it. Biden is going to be an "dead" duck from now on. The GOP is now going to dig "dirt" about his son as before and want to impeach Biden.

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    Trump is trending out. FL Gov victory should send s sign to him.
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    Chet, don't under estimate Trump. DeSantis is only an "bully", but Trump is an "street fighter" and had an "mafia father", thus knows all the tricks of the underworld. Trump knows how to manipulate, DeSantis barely got out of his "diapers" and still has a lot to learn.
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    Trump keeps hinting that he'll make a "big announcement" at Mar-A-Lago on November 15.

    Although he has been warned to NOT do that by his advisors (see below) , he 'll probably do it anyway because his ego demands it. If he does, it would good news for the Democrats, since is could help Reverend Warnock in Georgia.

    Trump-backed candidates lost overwhelmingly in the mid-terms because his brand is now toxic to many people. Naturally, he took all of the credit where they won, but no blame if the lost.

    The Washington Post pointed out that Trump won one election (2016) but lost the next three (2018 and 2020 and (arguably) 2022.)

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    I read that Trump is postponing his declaration of "running" yes or "no". He feels kind of unsure because of the election outcome. Anyway I'm still not impressed by the outcome of this "midterm" election. Things certainly have not improved in an lot of area's and will not improve as long as the GOP can "block" everything.

    Stupid Biden still thinks he can get the GOP to "work" with him; he still lives in the 1950's I guess. 2024 will be again an horrible election; the stage is set for it. Like I've said before the system here is "broken"; you can't have "honest" elections with "billions" of "money" tossed into it as well an "partisan" Supreme Court and Government. The first thing Biden should do, but does not, is get the "money" out of "any" election here. The only thing what should count is the "qualification" of the people running. Looking at the present picture, then it is clear that "football players" are not suited for the job. Sorry this is an dumbass country and "systems" in "electing" people for an "serious" job. Now it has become an total circus. Partisan "people" in all parts of the government and the "voting system" make it impossible to get things done properly or honestly. Unless you want an Russian "dictatorship" system as the GOP likes to have.

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    I'm seeing that also Musk is getting into the shit. I guess he won't have any good employee's left after awhile if he wants to make Twitter an "prison camp". But yeah his big buddy Trump will also not get what he wants, because the elections have not worked out his way. But yeah the country itself just "muddles" on the same way because the "government" will stay the same " as before like any "lame duck"; thus if this is the prediction for 2024, then I'm afraid we will get an GOP president in 2024; if it is DeSantis (or worse Trump) then forget this country, because it certainly will become no longer Democratic in their ways but as "corrupt" as any S. American country or even "worse". Amen