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    Vaccine mandates are not a new thing in America.

    The United States owes its existence as a nation partly to an immunization mandate.

    In 1777, smallpox was a big enough problem for the bedraggled American army that George Washington thought it could jeopardize the Revolution. An outbreak had already led to one American defeat, at the Battle of Quebec. To prevent more, Washington ordered immunizations — done quietly, so the British would not hear how many Americans were sick — for all troops who had not yet had the virus.

    It worked. The number of smallpox cases plummeted, and Washington’s army survived a war of attrition against the world’s most powerful country. The immunization mandate, as Ron Chernow wrote in his 2010 Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Washington, “was as important as any military measure Washington adopted during the war.”

    Vaccine protestors have long existed in this country.

    A pastor took his opposition to the smallpox mandate in 1905- and lost his case.

    In 1955, some parents refused to give the polio vaccine to their kids.

    A North Carolina hospital system, Novant Health, last week suspended 375 workers, or about 1 percent of its work force, for being unvaccinated. By the end of the week, more than half of them — about 200 — received a shot and were reinstated.

    Of course, 175 firings are not nothing. (A Washington Post headline trumpeted the story as “one of the largest-ever mass terminations due to a vaccine mandate.”) United Airlines said this week that it would terminate even more employees — about 600, or less than 1 percent of its U.S. work force.

    Some of my neighbors have some really wacky ideas about the vaccine. However, now that Facebook and YouTube have banned misinformation about vaccines on their sites, the people with tin foil hats will have fewer conspiracy theories to look at.

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    Naturally, the conservatives are opposed to vaccine mandates.

    Reporting in from planet Zorg this morning is Wayne Allyn Root, who is urging civil disobedience to fight the mandates.

    Here's a few gems from his column:

    I've publicly pledged that we will rain hell down on any restaurant or retail store that tries to block unvaccinated customers from entering. Just like liberals and civil rights activists, we will practice civil disobedience.

    I will ask 10,000-plus conservatives to join me in front of the first restaurant or retail store in Vegas that tries to implement "vaccinated only." We will lock arms and block the entrance, so no one gets in or out -- just like MLK. We will sit at your counters, sit at your tables and refuse to leave. Just like MLK.

    Conservatives, Christians, patriots and 80 million-plus Trump warriors count. Our voices will be heard. You cannot discriminate against us. You cannot violate our civil rights. You cannot treat us as second-class citizens -- or we will put you out of business.

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    Of course, in an country without any "discipline" or barely any "solid" laws where "freedom" knows no borders or "limits" and the "churches" keep "indoctrinating" the "uneducated society" then "success" is assured.

    Somehow I can understand where they are coming from; because Jesus never had any "vaccine" and was protected by donkey dung and camel pee. Just rub that over your whole body, then you are protected for life, except the flies will be an nuisance. Soap was not yet invented then and of course that is also very dangerous; just wash your clothes once a month in the river where they also do also their bowel release "thing" as another protection. Yes the only thing "churches" have invented is " magical words" which are only vibrations in the air, but don't "heal". Jesus washed some people's "feet" but not the "hands" , so he had no clue on how "bacteria/covid etc" are transmitted; no wonder churches did "transmit" the "plague" and still do.

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    Speaking of camel dung ...

    Birth control and abortion are well documented in Ancient Egypt. The Ebers Papyrus from 1550 BC and the Kahun Papyrus from 1850 BC have within them some of the earliest documented descriptions of birth control, the use of honey, acacia leaves and lint to be placed in the vagina to block sperm.[5][6] Another early document explicitly referring to birth control methods is the Kahun Gynecological Papyrus from about 1850 BC. It describes various contraceptive pessaries, including acacia gum, which recent research has confirmed to have spermatocidal qualities and is still used in contraceptive jellies. Other birth control methods mentioned in the papyrus include the application of gummy substances to cover the "mouth of the womb" (i.e. the cervix), a mixture of honey and sodium carbonate applied to the inside of the vagina, and a pessary made from crocodile dung. Lactation (breast-feeding) of up to three years was also used for birth control purposes in ancient Egypt.

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    "Guy" an great analyses; may be Trump and his cronies could start an "church" who "sells"this stuff. Dollar "signs" cure everything ask Moses. Papyrus (nowadays "paper") works fine if you stuff the Saturday edition in the you "know what". Sounds good, to put some "honey on your "thing", and let her "lick" it off. Wow, good suggestions; sure the "bees" will love you for sure to have found another purpose for their product. Ha ha.
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    Heather had a few comments on this topic last night:

    This has made them increasingly radical. Today, on the day that CNN reported that official deaths from coronavirus have reached 715,000, Ohio Republican representative Jim Jordan tweeted that Ohio should end all vaccine mandates. That would include vaccines against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella, among other diseases.

    Texas governor Greg Abbott went further. He signed an executive order prohibiting “any entity” from enforcing a vaccine mandate in Texas. This was not just a play to anti-vaxxers, but a declaration that his state is supreme over the federal government. Last month, President Joe Biden announced vaccine requirements for all federal workers and contractors, and today, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the Department of Labor announced a vaccine or testing requirement for any company with 100 or more employees.”

    Since the 14rh Amendment, passed in 1868, gives the Federal government increased power over the states to protect civil rights, the draconian voting law that Texas just passed is illegal - which is why Merrick Garland just sued the state.

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    Your last line shows exactly where the problem lies. Things like that should not be "sued" but "forbidden" by the Central Government with huge "penalties" if not followed. Just "suing" only makes "lawyers" rich and takes way too long to get things "right" or not at all if GOP elected "judges" get involved. Sorry to say it is here always presenting "mustard" after the "meal", as the Dutch say. It is time that stringent laws are made to better define what the "limits" should be of any State in the Union. An old outdated document of the 18th Century and 1868 (and never "updated!) which a zillion lawyers tinker with is not the solution. Abbott shows that the "Fed's are powerless and pure "bureaucratic" and are working as "slow" as possible to rake in the "dough" via the zillion lawyers here. The Supreme Court is another "waste" land; especially if "partisan" GOP elected judges run the "show".

    This country is running like hell to throw themselves of the "cliff", because of an total "incompetence and "bullying" by an GOP who lost all their "marbles". Nothing works "normal" anymore here as in other "civil" countries. This "copied" antique structure of the Brits of "governing" is bound to fail, since the GOP has no clue what "dictatorship" will mean here, since no one here ever "experienced" such, so they have no clue how it affects your life in this country. Forget the word " freedom" because it has no "limits" here, then instead you get the opposite, which is "dictatorship" as is proven already here by the GOP. (ask Abbott an DeSantis)

    It is time Biden "acts" like an "real" President and "corrects" these things.