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    Existence here has a lot undesirable of 3rd world Christians and churches haven't been solutions. They have their own brand of nasty underworld activities that promote cult unreality and exclusion/division.

    I could maneuver the environment when younger but other social issues are ugly intolrable. Many businesses have closed since the 60's. Mcdonalds is here, 1 grocery store, gas stations, a general store and a couple small banks. Lots of decay. Looking to leave before winter hits.

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    Tucson was home to one of the 51 Boarding Schools in Arizona. Tucson Indian Training School was founded in 1888, and closed its doors in 1960.

    By 1940, 18 tribes were represented on the campus, with a high population of Tohono O'odham students.

    It had been located at 802 W Ajo Way, but was demolished in 1964 to make room for a shopping center.

    The shopping center that it replaced houses the Chuz health club that I belong to today. Less than a mile from the location of the old boarding school is Pueblo High School, which was built in 1956.

    5.9% of the student population of Pueblo is American Indian, but the Hispanic population is the major ethnic group, representing 88.9% of the population.

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    Out of curiosity, I tried to look about "best managed reservations" this morning, and could not find a list, probably because "best managed reservations" is a bit of an oxymoron.

    The link below will take you to a list of all the reservations in the country:

    The article DOES contain a reference to the kinds of problems that you have seen personally:

    Today, life on many reservations has been compared to the developing world. Common health issues include malnutrition, diabetes, high infant mortality, and alcoholism. All of these are driven by the rampant poverty and lack of economic opportunities available on tribal lands. These are indicators of a much more complicated problem rooted in structural violence. The US Bureau of Indian Affairs, set with the responsibility of managing tribal affairs to their benefit, has been criticized with having done everything but that. Often times, the mismanagement of assets and land ownership issues, and complicated environmental and economic regulations, have worked to discourage new development and investments.

    The Bureau of Indian Affairs is in Sells, Arizona, 46 miles from my front door.

    Now the Deb Haaland is the Secretary of the Interior, you'll gradually see some improvement, but it won't happen overnight.

    Secretary Deb Haaland made history when she became the first Native American to serve as a cabinet secretary. She is a member of the Pueblo of Laguna and a 35th generation New Mexican.

    Secretary Haaland grew up in a military family; her father was a 30-year combat Marine who was awarded the Silver Star Medal for saving six lives in Vietnam, and her mother is a Navy veteran who served as a federal employee for 25 years at the Bureau of Indian Affairs. As a military child, she attended 13 public schools before graduating from Highland High School in Albuquerque.

    To say that she is an improvement over the last Interior Secretary (an oil and energy lobbyist and natural resources attorney, would be an ENORMOUS understatement. Her deputy, Tommy Beaudreau, served in the department for seven years during the Obama administration.

    Trump's picks were "less than stellar".

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    The Genocide was successful. Acculturation, assimilation, brainwashing, colonization...successful and continuous. Congratulations Americans. All that is left is for you is to continue on and destroy yourselves...Ya'all are on target and on of schedule.

    Does this sound familiar?

    "We are poor and weak. You want to place your foot upon our neck, and grind our face in the dust. Chief Charlo about 1890

    More from Charlo whose name was "forged" on a treaty by future president Garfield that eventually forced them from the Missoula area "To Be Replaced" by Euro-Americans. Sound familiar?

    Yes, my people, the white man wants us to pay him. He comes in his intent, and says we must pay him--pay him for our own--for the things we have from our God and our forefathers; for the things he never owned and never gave us. What law or right is that? What shame or what charity? The Indian says that a woman is more shameless than a man: but the white man has less shame than our women. Since our forefathers first beheld him more than seven times ten winters have snowed and melted. Most of them, like those snows, have dissolved away. Their spirits went whither they came; his, they say, go there too. Do they meet and see us here? Can he blush before his Maker, or is he forever dead. Is his prayer like his promise--a trust of the wind? Is it a sound without sense? Is it a thing whose life is a foul thing? And is he not foul? He has filled graves with our bones. His horses, his cattle, his sheep, his men, his women have a rot. Does not his breath, his gums stink? His jaws lose their teeth and he stamps them with false ones; yet he is not ashamed. No, no; his course is destruction; he spoils what the spirit who gave us this country made beautiful and clean. But that is not enough; he wants us to pay him besides his enslaving our country. Yes, and our people, besides, that degradation of a tribe who never were his enemies. What is he? Who sent him here? We were happy when he first came. We first thought he came from the light: but he comes like the dusk of the evening now; not like the dawn of the morning. He comes like a day that has passed, and night enters our future with him.

    To take and to lie should be burned on his forehead, as he burns the sides of my stolen horses with his own name. Had Heaven's Chief burnt him with some mark to refuse him, we might have refused him. No; we did not refuse him in his weakness. In his poverty we fed, we cherished him--yes, befriended him, and showed him the fords and defiles of our lands. Yet we did not think his face was concealed with hair, and that he often smiled like a rabbit in his own beard. A long-tailed, skulking thing, fond of flat lands, and soft grass and woods. Chief Charlo 1876 Salish

    Charlo was the great Grandfather of a woman I "admired" in my youth.

    The hype about Great Americans has rarely been true. They have almost always been corrupt. Elon Musk will never get you off the planet in time. Nero is said to have played the fiddle as Rome burned. The fiddle players and locations have changed but still, the "Neros" continue with their insanity. Whimper or a Bang or both? That's the option fate has given mankind. Fiddling continues...

    I once wrote Obama a letter. I was very surprised to receive a letter back from the white house. The issues I brought forth were dismissed/glossed over. Most of the content was "self praise" for his presidency.

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    The government is FINALLY taking action about the Indian boarding school practice that was used from the 1880's until the 1960's.

    A number of Catholic groups and Protestant denominations are calling for the United States to establish a Truth and Healing Commission to reckon with the country’s history of boarding schools that separated thousands of Indigenous children from their families and cultures during the 19 and 20 centuries.

    On September 30, Senator Elizabeth Warren and two other people reintroduced the Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding Policies in the United States.

    Warren initially introduced the idea with then Representative Deb Haaland. Now that Haaland is the Secretary of the Interior, she had introduced a Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative.

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    All of this is a bit "late"; the damage has been done; the "land" grabbers and "miners" are waiting around the corner to get their chance. As long as this country has no "respect" for anything as well the "original "people" here, except "money" then forget this place. Everything what is done here is about "money", not the "mental" health of the people here and "basic" living standards for the "poor". More and more people are living on the "streets" since the pandemic. But only the"corruption" expands like crazy, ask our representatives in the "government" as well the "police" what they "get"even after "murdering someone.

    Mc Connell is now the "richest" man in Kentucky, by just being an GOP bully. I guess this country has no "shame" at all.

    The Indians here are totally forgotten and only good for "movies" or "land grabbing" or "exploration" for resources. Forget "culture" here; there is none, and if so, then in no time it is gone with the GOP mentality, if you can't make "money" of it.

    They have not even been able to see an Rembrandt type "quality" here, since the 17th Century, unless you like the guy who painted "soup cans"