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vigilante justice

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    A you know, Merrick Garland has sued the state of Texas because of its recently passed "heartbeat" bill.

    The bill managed to get passed because it did not involve the legislature making the decision - it was private citizens aka bounty hunters aka "vigilante justice".

    To explain to you why vigilante justice" is wrong, let me take you back to 1943, when the movie "The Ox-bow incident" was released. The full story can be found at the link below, but here's a few key paragraphs:

    The story itself is set in the late 1880’s, but vigilante justice existed long before that. More significantly, it continued well into the 20th century. From 1900 to 1931, there were 1595 lynchings of African Americans in the United States. Georgia had the most (302) but Mississippi wasn’t far behind (285).

    Things quieted down for a while, but in 2005, the state of Florida (with the assistance of the American Legislative Exchange Council) passed the first of the modern “stand your ground” laws. Since then, at least 21 other states have passed similar laws, again with the assistance of wording provided by the American Legislative Exchange Council.

    One of the first, and certainly the best known, victims of the new “stand your ground” laws was a 17 year old Florida teenager named Trayvon Martin. Even though the man who killed him (George Zimmerman) was not convicted of any crime, at least 2 of the jurors in the case have stated that they felt that he got away with murder, but were unable to press charges due to the way the law was written.

    George Zimmerman is a prime example of a modern day vigilante. Even though he had been advised by a crisis center operator to NOT pursue Martin, he still got out of his car, and pursued him on foot. When the unarmed teenager tried to defend himself, he pushed Zimmerman backwards, causing him to fall and hit his head, which resulted in the injuries shown below:

    Vigilante justice was wrong in 1885 - and it’s still wrong today. Where we’ve deviated as a society is that we seem to have lost our sense of conscience. Certain elements of our society are more concerned about “their 2nd amendment rights” than the safety of society as a whole, and they have no concern at all for the victims of gun violence.

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    Again it shows that our "laws" are useless and only protect the "well to do". Vigilantes only exist if the laws of the land are "skewed" all the way into a certain direction. Take the "gun" laws here ; they certainly don't "protect" the society, but only the "industry". But yeah a zillion "partisan" lawyers, will make sure that the "money" flows in a certain direction as dictated by the lobbyists and the "powerful". Nothing "new" in this "corrupt society"
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    So, this 17 year old kid buys a semi auto rifle (AR15) through a straw purchase. He with his rifle go to a town called Kenosha during the civil unrest after Jacob Blake was shot by a Keno cop. He walks the streets of Kenosha proudly brandishing his rifle looking to exact justice on someone, or anyone. He's supposedly a law and order type, a cop wannabe.

    After his arrest for shooting people, he is seen in a local tavern rubbing elbows with some of those "proud boys", and the prosecution is not allowed to mention that during his trial, a judge has ruled. His (the defendant's) defense will claim self defense for shooting and killing.

    To my knowledge, Wisconsin does not have a SYG law. RW gun advocates have rushed to his aid providing bond and legal defense.

    Local police could have, and should have stopped him in the street and carded him to find out if he was legally carrying the straw purchased rifle, or not, but they too failed.

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    He's the poster boy for white power and privilege. I'm unclear if he'll be charged as an adult?

    I expect he'll get off or a minimal penalty. In addition, he'll have a lifelong high visibility position at the table of white supremacy with the best of proper brainwashing and mentoring regardless if it takes place in prison or militia camps.

    Personally, the disparity in the administration of justice in this country is overwhelmingly depressing. People of color get murdered by the police then demonized for zero to minimal crimes or suspicions of criminal activity while this kid openly murders others and is celebrated and funded nationwide by a significant number of the citizenry.

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    One former rittenhouse lawyer wants their $2M back from him for the bail they paid out to spring him. Rittenhouse is supposedly prohibited from selling any merchandise related to "FREE KYLE" sales to raise money for this little felon.

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    One of the people putting up the money for the bail is NYPD actor Rick Shroder.

    Schroder has two sons and two daughters with Andrea Bernard, who filed for divorce in 2016.

    He said he faced a similar situation when he was arrested twice last year on suspicion of domestic violence. No charges were filed after his girlfriend was uncooperative, reportedly telling prosecutors that the first arrest was “a big misunderstanding” and blaming the second incident on herself for startling Schroder as he slept.

    The actor is a supporter of gun ownership and a 30-year National Rifle Assn. member, according to the Post. TMZ reported Tuesday that Schroder reached out to police after seeing threatening messages on social media in reaction to his support for Rittenhouse.

    College Republicans at Arizona State University also vowed to donate to his defense.