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ANOTHER Cyber Ninjas?

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    I've written extensively about the Arizona "audit" and the firm that is conducting. Cyber Ninjas had ZERO previous experience in conducting audits, and had only been in business since 2013. It is based in Sarasota, Florida.

    We recently learned that another Florida company, Global Resources Systems, had been granted access to a huge swath of Pentagon IP addresses. The company was established in September of 2020, and it briefly had control of 175 million IP addresses. The IP addresses had been under Pentagon control for decades but left unused, despite being potentially worth billions of dollars on the open market. Like Cyber Ninjas, it had no formal office space (Cyber Ninjas operates out of a P.O. Box).

    On Tuesday, the Pentagon made a technical announcement — visible mainly to network administrators around the world — saying it was resuming control of the 175 million IP addresses and directing the traffic to its own servers.

    Control of the IP addresses by Global Resources officially began at 11:57 on Inauguration Day, 3 minutes before Joe Biden was sworn in.

    In April, Doug Madory, a former Air Force officer, had come to believe the program was intended to collect intelligence. By announcing control of such a large section of the Internet — especially one the Pentagon had left mothballed for years — it likely was possible to reroute information flowing across the Internet to military networks for examination and analysis.

    Since Trump made some last minute changes at the Pentagon shortly before he left office, I have the feeling that his administration is somehow involved in this mess For now, at least, the problem has been corrected.

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    Since these "outfits" are located in FL, then I just about bet that the same entities also helped DeSantis and Scott into the "saddle" . The FL elections always had an "bad" smell and are "manipulated" all the way, but the Dem's don't seem to know how they do it. It must be the rich property owners and the abundance of lots of churches here and the "sugar cane" industry who do so.