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who in the word watches FOX "news"

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    The point is that you can't run an country with no limits on anything. That's why you should have solid laws where also our "zillion" lawyers can't tinker with. Here it is the "cowboy" style of governing originating in England, which is also an arrogant "island" related to world law. All of this has grown out of proportion, especially with only "two" parties which have grown miles apart. The "media" always should have "limits" on how far they can go in such huge mixture of people which we have here. The anomalies here are obvious that this is an "not" controlled well thought of structure of governing. Britain copes with the same thing and is also an mess. The Constitution is totally outdated and should be updated on an daily basis; not even the "Amendment's" are up to date, like the outdated "gun" laws. The license of FOX News should be revoked and proper laws been drafted for the media as a whole. This system here "corrupts" everything because our lawyers get rich from it and of course loves "mountains" of paperwork and stick their dumb ass heads into molded old paper of different times. Ask Canada on how to do it.
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    It looks like Hell has frozen over.

    Laura Ingraham, who is one of the wackier FOX talking heads, recently turned on Trump.

    Conservative media commentator Ann Coulter, once a fan of former Republican president Donald Trump and now a harsh critic, took another swipe at him this week.

    In a podcast, she said, “You don’t need to suck up to Trump any more, conservative talk radio hosts, talk TV hosts, Republicans running for office. He’s done. He’s over.”

    In a tweet linking to the podcast, she also told followers, “Conservative media is lying to you about Trump’s popularity.”

    Coulter made similar points in a January column in which she declared, “No one wants Trump. He’s fading faster than Sarah Palin did — and she was second place on a losing presidential ticket.”

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    Fox as well CNN ( slowly but surely with the "shares" games) are in the hands of our sweetheart (Murdock) in Australia; thus even CNN had to fire one of their best reporters because of it.

    Sorry but the media here is in the wrong hands; also due to the "free speech" stupidity here. In other countries they have "boundaries" about how far you can go in the news , otherwise you get types as Hitler and Stalin did with their "propaganda".

    Here it has become an "tool" to indoctrinate and spew "falsehoods". All of this continuous "hammering" and spewing their garbage sways the people in their direction, especially on an "island" like this. No wonder we get the Trump/DeSantis types as "leaders". Wake up America and curtail "free speech" where needed.