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who in the word watches FOX "news"

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    Most of us (including me) would assume that FOX was the dominant network throughout the Bible Belt - but that is not necessarily the case. It's popular, but not dominant, is many states in the country, but dominant in only a few.

    If you click on "Forbe's Media Map" that is included in the link below, you can see where various news sources dominant.

    Not surprisingly, FOX is the dominant news source in Montana, Texas, and Mississippi.

    However, MSNBC is the dominant news source in Idaho, North Dakota, and Iowa, all of which are "red" states.

    CNN dominates in South Dakota, which is also a "red" state.

    The New York Times is popular in many states, but is strongest in New York State.

    The Wall Street Journal is also poplar in many states, but is strongest in Washington State and Arizona.

    The Onion is also popular throughout the country, but is the strongest in North Dakota.

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    Actually, there are more than one fox noise (news) channels.

    One in cable which gives opinion right slant trash.

    The other is over the air reception from a tv antenna, which delivers local news and national news without the right wing trash slant.

    I do not watch either because PBS and other MSM is much better.

    Lately, watching channel 4.1 KOB4 Albuquerque has a woman anchor/co-anchor delivering Duke City's events of the day. I personally have given her the nick name of Nancy Grace II because when she speaks about the bad news, like cops getting shot, homicides involving citizens and etc., she has that whiney voice just like Nancy Grace used to do on court tv, and I almost can't stand her. I sometimes feel the need to hurl when listening to her whiney voice delivering the daily news, I need to switch channels very quickly.

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    Since its founding in 1985 , the FOX network has earned exactly one Emmy.

    It happened in 2019, after Chris Wallace interviewed Vladimir Putin in 2018 in Finland.

    Wallace is without the doubt the most competent employee of FOX, and his interview with Donald Trump last summer was further proof.

    This morning, Wallace announced that he is leaving FOX (after 18 years) to try a new adventure. A permanent replacement for him has not been announced.

    Wallace, 74, has been one of the network’s highest profile hosts, known for his hard-hitting interviews on both sides of the aisle. But he also has been a target of President Donald Trump, including after Wallace moderated the first presidential debate last year. That event turned into a chaotic event, as Trump repeatedly interrupted Joe Biden. Wallace later acknowledged that it went a bit off the rails.

    But his interviews with newsmakers often drew praise for their preparation and for his follow-ups, including when Wallace interviewed Trump in July, 2020. The then-president at times took to Twitter to blast Wallace.

    Since Trump’s defeat last year, Fox News has tried to consolidate the audience on the right, bumping newscasts from the nighttime hours in favor of more talking head opinion hosts. Tucker Carlson, more than any other figure, has triggered ongoing controversies, most recently over a Fox Nation documentary that advanced the theory that the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was a false flag operation. More recently, Jewish groups called for an apology after Lara Logan, a Fox Nation host, guested on Fox News Primetime and compared Anthony Fauci to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.

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    Chris Wallace has now gotten an Job at CNN; Wow. I don't hope he is an "infiltrator" from the "right".

    Weird things are happening lately; I just wonder if Canada stays the only "normal" place on this Continent?

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    Yes, Fox News is becoming more "Tuckered", and there wasn't room for a moderate on the news channel. He and Shepard Smith were the only recent names you could halfway trust. Now there are none -- just Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingrahm, Sean Hannity and the Fox and Friends group. Rupert Murdoch is promoting fascism -- back to the 1930s.

    Wallace will be a part of CNN's new streaming service CNN+ starting in 2022.

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    But yeah other "news media " are also "loosing" it. They (Time magazine?) declared Musk (of all people) to be "man" of the year. How nuts can you get. He only raked in the "dough" for himself and is "buddy's" with Abbott and Trump. Moved his factory to Texas for tax reasons and makes idiotic statements about "child birth" and "abortion". But made sure the Tesla "stocks" kept flying high.

    I don't think the "poor" and "disabled" will benefit from this guy. He's not mother Theresa; neither saves the world. But I'm afraid he may eventually put his nose into politics as his buddy Abbott does; he will "train" him (the Hitler way) I presume and even may run for the highest office in the land. Since he does not know what to do with all his "money" he will certainly do "crazy" things. I guarantee it. Please bring the barf bucket.

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    It's also true that TIME named Hitler the Man of the Year in 1938 - but it was not an expression of commendation. In fact, it was actually the opposite.

    The magazine's criteria for the selection is “the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or ill," Time wrote in 2014. "Arguably you could do a bad guy every year and be justified."

    I'm not sure if I would say that Musk most affected the news or our lives, but I'll read the magazine's reasons when that particular issue comes in the mail.

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    E.J. Montini of the Arizona Republic raised a good point this morning. If CNN can fire Chris Cuomo, why can't FOX fire Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham?

    At the House hearings into the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney read text messages sent from Fox News hosts Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity to then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on the day the Capitol was attacked. Also a text from Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade.

    None were typical journalistic inquiries (I’d guess not many actual journalists had a direct line to Meadows). They were more pleas for action for Meadows to pass on to Donald Trump.

    The texts include:

    From Ingraham: "Hey Mark, the president needs to tell people in the Capitol to go home...this is hurting all of us...he is destroying his legacy."

    From Hannity: "Can he make a statement?...Ask people to leave the Capitol."

    Ingraham then went on TV and tried to spin things, saying, "Earlier today, the Capitol was under siege by people who can only be described as antithetical to the MAGA movement…”

    Hannity spread the same false story about “bad actors” in the mob. As did other Fox hosts. They were operating not only as advisers but as presidential disinformation officers.

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    After Chris Wallace left FOX, I thought that there likely were not any rational people left at FOX.

    Fortunately, that is not true.

    Among the many times in which punditry can go very wrong, few rank as high as wartime. And nothing demonstrates that better than some corners of Fox News right now. Tucker Carlson has spent years suggesting maybe Vladimir Putin isn’t a bad guy. Several of its hosts wagered that the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine was manufactured to distract from the Biden administration’s domestic political issues — right before Russia actually invaded. A number of its pundits and hosts have seen their statements on issues like sanctions contradicted by the network’s actual reporting on the situation.

    Fox’s Jennifer Griffin seems to have almost completely lost patience with all of it.

    The Washington Post’s Jeremy Barr reported Friday on how the network’s respected longtime national security correspondent has repeatedly found herself in the position of fact-checking her network’s hosts and pundits. And it continued this weekend, with Griffin apparently becoming even more exasperated. She even went so far as to seemingly question the platform her employer has afforded some fringe figures.

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    The heading was "Who watches FOX News". Certainly not me. We have a local FOX 4 news, who mostly stick to local accidents, and traffic blocks or the weather. Very little "politics"on it. I watch the Dutch and Spanish news and MSNBC or CNN and CNBC for the stock market as well Bloomberg. Often they are faster with the news in Europe than here; sometimes the "stories" are quite different about the same subject. So it is an good "screening" method to see how they in Europe think about certain subjects. Since we have now the war in the Ukraine, sometimes we get other views on it than here. It is an"human" tragedy which ever way you look at it; how low can you sink Putin.
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    My wife and I watch FOX, but ONLY for NASCAR races.

    Other than that, the only television that I watch is Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

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    Too bad you don't have the the Dutch "Telegraaf" news papers on-line; also we have the Spanish ones via our friends there.

    And often the German on-line info. Or otherwise our families or friends there inform us.

    If I check our Direct TV listing, indeed I see quite a few Trump stations which I don't open; as a matter of fact I think there are more than the "left" orientated broadcasts. Why does n't Biden curtail what they can"spew " all the time. There should be an "curb" on"free speech"; it is absolutely needed here.

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    In addition to FOX "news", Murdoch's company (News Corporation) also owns the New York Post, which I also read every day.

    The New York Post (NY Post) is a conservative daily tabloid newspaper published in New York City. The Post also operates, the celebrity gossip site, and the entertainment site

    Since 1993, the Post has been owned by Murdoch's News Corp. Its distribution ranked 4th in the US in 2019.

    The word that came to mind today as I read the Post was the word "lowbrow", which is defined as "of, relating to, or suitable for a person with little taste or intellectual interest" by the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

    Every issue of the Post has at least two pictures of some starlet in a bikini, and the articles that they publish would not be considered intellectually stimulating.

    The face that Tucker Carlson has the highest rated show on cable news, and the Post is one of the widely read papers in the country, tells us that a lot of our fellow citizens are dumber than a fence post.

    16 months after the 2020 election, 60% of the Republican voters still think that Trump won.

    If you went back in time a bit, you'd discover these facts:

    Nearly one-in-five Americans (18%) now say Obama is a Muslim, up from 11% in March 2009. Only about one-third of adults (34%) say Obama is a Christian, down sharply from 48% in 2009. Fully 43% say they do not know what Obama’s religion is. The survey was completed in early August, before Obama’s recent comments about the proposed construction of a mosque near the site of the former World Trade Center.

    The view that Obama is a Muslim is more widespread among his political opponents than among his backers. Roughly a third of conservative Republicans (34%) say Obama is a Muslim, as do 30% of those who disapprove of Obama’s job performance. But even among many of his supporters and allies, less than half now say Obama is a Christian. Among Democrats, for instance, 46% say Obama is a Christian, down from 55% in March 2009.

    The belief that Obama is a Muslim has increased most sharply among Republicans (up 14 points since 2009), especially conservative Republicans (up 16 points). But the number of independents who say Obama is a Muslim has also increased significantly (up eight points). There has been little change in the number of Democrats who say Obama is a Muslim, but fewer Democrats today say he is a Christian (down nine points since 2009).

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    Nonsense, an "leader" of this country should not be "religious at all. Biden makes the mistake to "publish" his religion way too much by visiting the Pope and sticking to "bible" issues and going bravely to "church while the Catholic church always has been the most "murderous" church in the world. Since this country consists of all kind of religions on this globe, then "governing can only be done with this in mind. Who cares if Obama is may be an Muslim? The fact is that he governed with the "people" in mind, not religion. All his decisions were made on an "worldly" bases with some politics thrown into it but he refrained from boasting his religion if any. However our media and idiots like Trump (while he's not religious at all) used this as an "tool" to get "votes" from the "religious" side of the public in this country.

    An Abbott or DeSantis people have no clue about on how to govern and become therefore extremely dangerous. It shows the "quality" of the people here who voted for these total idiots. If this country continuous this way it will become another Russia due to the lack of real education here. It is the "right wing" indoctrination which is the culprit.

    Actions and an solid "platform" on "worldly" common sense bases with both feet solid on the ground without any interference from outer space "ghosts" sounds so much better to me. Playing in an "ghost" run "La la land"does not help anyone. As soon as "religion" is injected into "governing" forget any "normalcy" and sound "worldly" decisions.

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    Who watches FOX news?


    As Western leaders introduced sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host, said seizing personal property from Russian oligarchs went too far.

    “No American government had ever done anything like that before,” he said.

    (fact check - this is absolutely false .. we have seized property of Iran, Iraq, and a few others)

    While the segment was aimed at Fox News’s conservative audience, it found another audience in Russia. The argument was parroted beat by beat by RIA Novosti, a Russian state news agency, which wrote that “the average U.S. citizen is simply horrified by what is happening.”

    Mr. Carlson was a frequent reference for Russian media, but other Fox News personalities — and the occasional news update from the network — were also included.

    Mentions of Fox News in Russian-language media grew 217 percent during the first quarter of this year compared with the final quarter of last year, as news coverage of Ukraine increased, according to an analysis by Zignal Labs, a media tracking company that reviewed social media posts, broadcast media and online websites. CNN, which has about three times the global viewership of Fox News, according to the tracking company Similarweb, was mentioned more often but grew less, by 71 percent.

    I'm pretty sure that aiding and abetting an enemy is still a crime.

    What should Biden to about FOX?