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The Afghanistan debacle

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    Yes, here come the Afghan refugees to New Mexico, specifically to it's air force bases. Some people in the state are not happy about it. But some here claim they'll be welcomed with open arms, they're already taking up collections of clothing and household goods for them.

    But my take on this might surprise some of you. I think they might be in the right place, there are many square miles of desolate desert areas (BLM land) in the state with plenty of sand and rocks, and a climate which is probably close to the one they're coming from, they'll fit right in, I think. They might have trouble assimilating with red neck whites here, but they won't be punished by taliban assholes.

    I just hope our government vets them better than they vetted trump.

    @Jason, I met a medicine woman from Wisconsin yesterday, her name is Maggie Reed, she is a Ojibwe native.

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    The taliban is pissed off at the USA because our troops sabotaged the equipment they left behind. And MSM reported that the pentagon is now negotiating with the taliban,

    What? The

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    Aaniin to Maggie. Lol at your post. Might make a good movie. Cowboys VS I mean Afghans. Ha!

    Hopefully, no tragedies ensue. Good Luck!

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    No that is not the case; they only made sure all "armament" was removed; and an whole bunch of helicopters and lots of running Humvee's were left behind and some planes needing "maintenance". Looking at this it shows the pure stupidity as usual of this country. They could have moved all of this already months or years ago. Way before they left. This equipment only has cost our taxpayers millions, without any return on investment, but who cares. The army here always has been sloppy and wasteful. Look what is parked in the dessert here. For the Pentagon there is no accountability.
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    Afghanistan - Now talibanistan.

    Great job Bush.

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    In the Dutch news there was an story about the total "waste" which the US did in Afghanistan; even brand new planes were sold as scrap; the waste of all kinds of materials and armor was enormous. The "numbers" of cost of this war are unbelievable and even Biden thinks the cost is very under-estimated. Thousands of even " uniforms" were left behind as well the whole infrastructure, like tents and kitchen equipment, medical equipment, military expensive aircraft /helicopter maintenance "tools" gathered over 20 years etc etc. Basically only the "soldiers/personel" themselves returned, but barely nothing else related to "equipment". In Europe they look at the total" waste" in amazement. But yeah, no wonder we hit the "debt" level. Because of the "attitude" here, I fear that if the "infrastructure" bill is "engineered" in a similar way, with lots of waste and incompetence/corruption and "back pocket money", that it also will have huge cost "overruns" if they use the same "military accounting" system as in Afghanistan. This country is an total joke, ask Europe and Putin.

    May be Arizona can open this and print it here, it shows the whole list of what the Taliban now got for nothing.

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    I was able to open it up and read it. The numbers are staggering.

    Since I'm an old underwriter, my first rule is always, check the source.

    In this case, it's the Foundation of Economic Education, a conservative libertarian think tank that was established in 1946.

    FEE states that its mission is to promote principles of "individual liberty, free-market economics, entrepreneurship, private property, high moral character, and limited government"

    FEE, founded in 1946, is considered the oldest free-market think tank in the United States.[9] An early aim was to roll back policies of the New Deal.[10] FEE opposed the Marshall Plan, Social Security and minimum wages, among other American social and economic policies.

    FOX "news" claims the dollar amount was $15.5 billion.

    Paul Gosar said the number is $80 billion.

    One of the MOST reliable sources you can find is NPR, and this is what they had to say:

    In the weeks before the Taliban seized Kabul, retreating Afghan forces ditched billions of dollars' worth of U.S.-supplied military hardware — from assault rifles to Black Hawk helicopters.

    The U.S. military removed planes, heavy weapons and sophisticated military equipment as it began winding down its operations in Afghanistan in the spring. But it couldn't take home 20 years of accumulated hardware and instead left much of it to the Afghan military.

    A report last month by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) indicates that the U.S.-backed Afghan military possessed more than 150 aircraft.

    There's a big difference between having a Black Hawk helicopter and learning to use it effectively.

    "Someone could get in there, maybe find some operating manuals and figure out how to get the engine started, the rotors turning and get it up in the air," he tells NPR. "But they'd probably be more of a danger to themselves than to anyone else at that point."

    Then there's the question of maintenance and spare parts. U.S. contractors maintained the Afghan military's Black Hawks. In the hands of the Taliban, they "would break and they would not be able to fix them," Schroden says. Same goes for the C-130s, he says, which, like the Black Hawks, have "fairly sophisticated maintenance requirements."

    Asked what weapon he thinks is the most lethal in the Taliban's new arsenal, Schroden doesn't name an American system, but a Russian one — the D-30 howitzer, a 122-mm towed artillery piece.

    He says the weapons are lethal and "it's clear the Taliban know how to use them."

    Sure, we left billions of dollars in equipment behind, but it pales in comparison to the overall cost of the war.

    Estimated amount of direct Afghanistan and Iraq war costs that the United States has debt-financed as of 2020: $2 trillion.

    Estimated interest payments on that $2 trillion so far (based on a higher-end estimate of interest rates): $925 billion.

    Estimated interest costs by 2030: $2 trillion.

    To finance the Korean War, Truman raised the top tax rate to 92%.

    To finance the Vietnam War, LBJ raised the top tax rate to 77%

    To finance the war in Afghanistan, George W. CUT the top tax rate by 8%, and financed the cost of the war.

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    Arizona, thanks! An excellent reply. I guess the "news media" here are "afraid" to publish this, so the GOP can "blame" Biden for this "huge loss ". Sorry to say that the "book keeping" here is still in the "stone age" related to the "peoples" money which the "government wastes" . I started my job int the aviation industry, by researching" maintenance cost and "logistics" on aircraft and got "rewards" for it because in "reality" it proved I was dead on. Thus looking at the Afghanistan picture, then a few trillions could have been saved and used to fix the "potholes" here. I guess this country has no shame whatsoever.

    Thus the message is: Don't start "wars" if you don't know what it will cost in "lives" and equipment and to "maintain " such war and don't appoint Presidents who don't know what an loaf of of "bread" cost or army boots..