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Once upon a Time in Florida Masks for a Pocket Full of Money

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    I was starting to write about this time I got ran out of Florida back in the '70s, back when "I was a rube seeking my fortune' (a term I picked up from reading comic books back in the day). I hitchhiked into Florida, Damn it was blazing hot there. A plain-clothed cop, wearing sunglasses and sporting a Levi jacket stopped me, questioned me, took me to his station, and gave me the once over including fingerprints. I was guilty of not having "a pocketful of money". A while later the cop dropped me off on the highway out of town and told me not to come back until I had a pocketful of money. "Yes sir! No problem sir!" I said to him and he drove off. So damn there went my big romantic Florida adventure. That's all I know about Florida, don't go there unless you have a pocketful of money.

    Anyway, I see and hear about this guy "Gov. Ron DeSantis". He seems to be a noble and strong defender of the idiocy of rightwing Bullsh*t. But now finally, he's bringing out the big controversial guns. he will go all in on gambling with human lives! DeSantis is going to submit the ultimate to the gods of rightwing politics. He is willing to sacrifice human children for the greater cause of rightwing ignorance and empowerment! He's backing up rightwing nut jobs by putting young lives on the line. Wow, It's incredible if not diabolical in its ignorance. I read the letter from the Drs who urge him to protect the children. I lost count at around 120 MD signators.

    Asking local schools and jurisdictions to look the other way while COVID-19 tears through our communities, or lose funding if they implement safeguards, won’t protect kids. Waving the flag of personal choice, as Gov. DeSantis does, even as those choices endanger the lives of others, only robs millions of Floridians of the freedom to eat out, be with their loved ones and, yes, learn in schools safely.

    Enough is enough. Florida needs to mask up, get vaccinated and have a governor willing to lead.

    Signed: Full Letter Here

    The dire situation hasn’t stopped DeSantis, perhaps the country’s leading opponent of COVID-19-restrictions, from doing all he can to ensure anti-mask Floridians can send their children sans face coverings into public school classrooms.

    On Friday, the same day Florida tallied 23,903 new coronavirus cases, the highest single-day total since the pandemic began, the state Department of Health and state Board of Education approved new rules limiting schools’ ability to enforce mask use. And on Monday, the governor’s office released a statement that superintendents and school board members who defy DeSantis could see their pay withheld. Story Here

    I wonder if Diablo Desantis would relent if someone gave him a Pocketful of he would...Its possible he's holding the kids' lives hostage, threatening to make them his personal candidates for Human Sacrifice until someone offers him a Pocketful of Money.

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    Definitely sounds like racial profiling to me. That's why the Green Book (The Negro Motorist Green Book) was published from 1936 to 1964.

    it's too bad that Little Freddie King was not around when you needed him:

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    Later I will read the above post. I said a quick prayer for the innocent students I saw waiting for the bus earlier. Politics #@%\!$€
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    Little Freddie probably knows better than most what you get from people that only want a pocket full of money. ha
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    Authoritarian bullies like Desantis and Trump will never admit they were wrong. Very young children will get sick and some die under his policies. However, he will continue to promote the false "tyranny of mask mandates" citing individual freedom. And when a little 6 year old first grader gets sick and dies, they'll put on his tombstone that he was a hero fighting for his freedom to not wear a mask. The parents will say how proud they were of him. Yeah, sure...
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    Rachel had a woman on her show last nightwho was suing DeSantis because her six year old son had multiple health issues.

    She is not the only one who is suing the governor, but Rachel did not mention the numbers involved.

    The Daily Star this morning mentioned that the Flagstaff school district just became the 9th district to defy Ducey's make ban.

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    DeSantis and Abbott are pure criminals; Cuomo was not. It shows how the "standards" in this country are wrong all the way.

    These two idiots should be immediately be removed from from their job. They are actually committing "murder".

    But yeah our brave leader just sits in church and counts his "beads". What does he care about "oversight" while the "voting" restrictions just continue in the GOP run States. It is time to make strict rules what States can do and define the "limits" in which they should operate . Also elections of idiots like these two should not be possible if the "laws" would be properly defined related to the limits of their power. It is time that the base law is re-written and becomes an"living" up to date document.

    But yeah, that will never happen, because the "zillion" lawyers here would loose their jobs and fortunes and the "rich" would not be able to "buy" people to get it their way.