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The Biden Admin. $1T Infrastructure Package

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    Guy, yes you've got the picture; and there are more of those types in the government. Like I've said so many times that this government structure and its "selection" process is outdated, because none of our laws are up to date. Since our Constitution still is the same as 1n 1800. Only an "living" base law works, not the "model" used here.

    You can't run an big country as this without "discipline" and "unified" oversight. Especially with an two party system.

    I worked and lived all over, but I've never been in any country were the "system" is so "messed" up as with as here.

    In Europe or even Canada you don't have continuous fights in the government about for instance on how to vote and who can vote. Its laughable for sure. By "electing" Trump, it showed exactly how dumb this nation is. The priorities are all wrong as well the "mindset". Priority "one" here is how can you become "billionaire"; not how you can make this an better run country. Money and incompetence run the show, not "uniformity" let alone 50 unruly States with their own made laws and sometimes "bully's to suit them. The zillion "ego tripping" lawyers here make the mess only bigger but not better.

    Since this country never had an "dictator" (except Trump) then it is time to get an President who drastically changes all this ridiculous undefined "Freedom" into an more disciplined "unified" structure. Amen