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drinking the Kool-Aid

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    Mike Lindell says that August 13 if the day on which Trump will be reinstated.

    August 13 also happens to be National Kool-Aid day.

    This year, August 13 falls on a Friday, and there ARE people who have a fear of Friday the 13th (paraskavetriskaidekaphobia)

    In case you have forgotten, there IS a strong connection between Donald Trump and Jim Jones.

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    Lindell also predicts that the Supreme Court will agree with Donald Trump and rule that the entire US Constitution is unconstitutional. They will then ask Donald Trump to join the Supreme court as King Supreme Court Justice to write a new, and improved US Constitution that only requires 3rd-grade reading level.
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    The country of "lunatics" for sure; how crazy can you get that an "pillow salesman" without any education, dictates on how an country should be run. I guess trump made sure that all these "nutheads" would rise out of the swamp. As "swamp creatures they lack any education.

    But yeah let's count some more votes 6 month after the elections were done.; that is productive.

    If I was Biden, then I would make sure that all these idiots are banned from the news and certainly would never be able to get any job in the government. I still question the election of several GOP members from certain States. It actually means that the voters in those States are living in the "stone age" or are smoking "weed".

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    These are exact reasons why there needs to be term limits for SCOTUS and other government bodies.
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    And now, introducing conservative justices with lumps of coal up their asses, along with polluted waterways.
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    Yes Dock; Manchin gets his way (and "money") again due to "dumb ass" Supreme Court" idiots who have no clue about "global warming" and let the power plants spew all their coal smoke up in the air which we breathe.

    Wake up Biden "global warming" is not an joke, but reality if it hits 120 degrees somewhere. Throw Manchin out, he's an"real" Republican.

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    Indeed the "lunatics" in the GOP continue their slander campaign via FOX News and others. The whole revelations of the January 6th committee did not make any "dent" in the their "stupidity" . According to the MSNBC news Trump would still win against Biden in 2024. Sorry to say Biden is still an staunch Catholic and has little guts to go against these "church" fanatics in the Supreme Court planted there by Trump and Biden added another "catholic" woman; digging his own grave. As long as "religion" takes part in "governing" forget any "normalcy" in this country. I've said so many times, but here they seem to like an Taliban like structure. Such will be their demise and standing in the world. Here in Naples they are building "new" cathedrals; DeSantis will love it. However inEurope they transfer the existing one's in apartments. The DeSantis is an very dangerous "redneck" who totally follows the Trump doctrine with the help of the "church"; so either the US does wake up before it is too late otherwise this country becomes an "dead" duck on the world stage.

    The whole Russia happening is an example of an"horrible dictatorship"; do we want such as well? It is now already an "dictatorship" in certain States related to "abortion" and other things to come. Where is the "separation" of Church and State as our forefathers wanted?