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The space billionaires

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    Branson and Bezos are both spending fortunes to blast of in an space rocket thing. They did spent millions on it. The strange thing is that Branson's endeavor is listed on the stock market and these stocks were up today because of an possible launching. First of all I don't see how you can make money of it, except if you can launch a bunch of other millionaires who pay millions to have this "ride". All of this shows how low you can sink as an country.

    All these billions spent could be better used to help "medical" as well preventing pandemics progress as well help the "poor" in this country. Especially since the "billionaires" hardly pay any taxes, let alone Branson who does not live here, but plays with his "toys" here. Bezos only increased his fortunes during the pandemic, so he only got richer from it.

    Indeed la la land.

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    In 1973, the Steve Miller band released a song titled, "Some People Call Me a Space Cowboy".

    If you want to hear it again, just click on the link below:

    Yesterday, ANOTHER space cowboy went into space, when the world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, took a flight on his Blue Origin spacecraft.

    Pairing his spacesuit with a cowboy hat, an exuberant Bezos climbed out of the capsule to embrace his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, with the buzzing crowd popping champagne bottles in celebration.

    He was followed out of the aircraft by his younger brother, 53-year-old Mark Bezos, whom he invited on the trip.

    The Bezos brothers were joined on the out-of-this-world trip by Oliver Daemen, an 18-year-old recent high school graduate from the Netherlands, and 82-year-old space pioneer Wally Funk — who made history becoming the youngest and oldest to ever soar into space.

    Bezos was the second billionaire to take a private flight into space. Richard Branson did the same thing last week.

    On 11 July 2021, Branson travelled as a passenger onboard Virgin Galactic Unity 22 at the edge of space, a suborbital test flight for his spaceflight company Virgin Galactic. The mission lasted approximately one hour, reaching a peak altitude of 53.5 miles (86.1 km). At 71, Branson is the third oldest person to fly to space. He trails John Glenn who flew on STS-95 at the age of 77, and Wally Funk, who flew on Blue Origin NS-16 at the age of 82

    Not coincidentally, it was 52 years ago today that Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon.

    Roughly 6% of the American public thinks the moon landing was faked.,believe%20the%20moon%20landing%20was%20faked%2C%20Launius%20said.

    At this point, the trips into space are strictly ego trips, but the New York Post pointed out this morning that they can actually be PROFITABLE in the near future.

    As Glenn Reynolds wrote in his recent book, “America’s New Destiny in Space,” we’re now in the third phase of human spaceflight. In the first “visionary” phase, people wrote, planned and dreamed, but only small rockets, a la Robert Goddard’s, got off the ground. In the second, “command economy” phase, governments got involved and built spaceships, space stations and moon rockets.

    The command economy phase proved the visionaries right about what could be done, but it was very expensive. (The moon program cost $100 bill in today's dollars) .When the political reasons for going into space shrank, so did the budgets.

    But now Bezos, along with fellow billionaires Elon Musk of SpaceX and Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic, and other companies like RocketLab and Sierra Nevada, are moving us into the third phase: the sustainable phase. That’s when spaceflight generates enough revenue to pay for itself.

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    Nonsense!!!!! Where does the money come from, out of their own pocket by raking in the dough? How much taxes do they pay? What is the benefit for the "normal" people here? You may as well take an trip to an Disney land park. I believe that like what NASA and others did to use such, to produce better medicines and products an benefits, plus an study of the earth and climate. As well of course satellites to get more info about the earth and communication benefits. Etc

    These trips jus are for the fun and make these guys ridiculous.

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    But they made history.. No female black persons onboard, no black males, it's an exclusive club, the rich peoples club, we're all exempt from it. White and filthy rich. Money could have been better spent.
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    Absolutely correct "toys" for the big "boys". They hardly pay any taxes so they can buy toys galore like super yachts, planes, and now rockets to space. In the meantime they also peddle their influence on the stock market as well the government, like the Koch brothers do for ages. Sorry people this has nothing to do with Democracy, but only "greed". In the meantime more than 600,000 people here got killed by the Covid, and what help did the "rich" give? The "tax scale" since Trump has been only in their favor, not the normal working man. Compared to western Europe the rich are taxed up to 70% while here they pay mostly nothing at all. We are no better than the Russian "oligards" who play the same game.

    If Biden wants to raise taxes on them to use for infrastructure, then they scream as hell and put the GOP before their cart.

    Sorry people that is not how an democracy ought to work. This country has no plan or destiny and is just an floating mess, without any control but with plenty of guns, that helps..