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critical race theory

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    What about woke?

    What about Bush 43 indoctrinating kids reading my pet goat on 9/11? in Florida.

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    All of this is an total "joke". DeSantis himself should go back to "school"; At least in Europe and Canada where I had my education, then all the kids get the same treatment and learn the same thing. DeSantis himself lacks any education; it shows.
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    DeSantis has degrees from both Harvard and Yale - but he is still a dumb shit.

    He was one of the founding members of the Freedom Caucus.

    He got elected governor in 2018 because of his strong support for Trump, but his margin of victory was a fraction of 1%.

    The difference was 33,000 votes, out of 8,000,000 cast.

    Unlike Trump, he actually served in the military.

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    Sorry, I met plenty of people with Harvard or Yale and negotiated with them contractualy, but that does not mean that they understand what is going on in the world around this "island". "Mental" education about "living" in any place in this world is not taught there either. Neither "cultural" differences. Yes , thus "education" does not matter if you can't apply it properly, or know how to use it or mis-use it. "Harvard" has produced plenty of idiots; it is not an "brain" doctor school either or teaches the facts of life on earth.
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    Up until January, Arizona had a Democratic school superintendent, but she lost to Republican Tom Horne. who just started a hotline so people can report if teachers are teaching CRT.

    People who want to report lessons that allegedly use critical race theory or emotional support curriculum rejected by Arizona’s new superintendent can now do so through a hotline launched this week.

    The Arizona Department of Education’s “Empower Hotline” will take calls during weekday business hours. It’s a key campaign promise of newly elected superintendent Tom Horne, who ran on a platform that promised to focus on math and reading instruction and “declare war” on conversations about emotions and identity.

    Arizona residents should report “inappropriate lessons that detract from teaching academic standards,” the department said on its website. That includes topics like social and emotional learning or that could be considered critical race theory.

    This is absolute bullshit.

    Critics say that effort is a waste of limited educational resources — and only will heighten the political tensions that have pushed teachers out of the classroom.

    This effort “continues to politicize and disrespect educators and their profession and the relationships that they have with their families,” said Arizona Education Association president Marisol Garcia.

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    Sorry to say "only in America" I went to school all over the place but never experienced what they are doing here. Everyone in the classroom was treated the same way. Neither any "religion" discussions or "race" discussions; everyone was treated as equal and do the same "tests" etc. In this country with so many "imports from all over" then everyone should adhere to the same education of "worldly subjects. Here they elevate every issue to "hamper" proper education about worldly things.

    Hyping up just about everything what someone can think of, which as a matter of fact hampers proper education.

    Certainly "politics"nor "race" should not be part of the curriculum. "Brains" have all the same "color" ask your doctor; some "brains" are however "programmed" (by humans) the wrong way.

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    Fortunately, we have a Democratic governor, who just announced that she will veto any bill that bans the teaching of critical race theory.