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    Florida just became the 5th state to ban the teaching of critical race theory, In large part, the opposition to critical race theory has been inspired by FOX news, which has led to some animated school board meetings in various states.

    Trump has also fought against the spread of CRT. Last September, Trump ordered the suspension of taxpayer dollars to fund “un-American propaganda diversity training sessions” that include subjective concepts like racial stereotyping and “White privilege.”

    The Arizona House passed a bill (SB1532) that made it illegal to teach critical race theory - but it did not become law.

    Columnist Greg Moore explains why it should still be taught:

    A member of a right-wing Arizona group that has protested COVID-19 closures and school equity programs was arrested Wednesday outside the Chandler school board meeting after a disturbance.

    Steve Daniels, chair of the Patriot Party of Arizona, was arrested on suspicion of criminal trespassing after a school representative and police officers asked Daniels to leave the district office and he refused.

    A video of the exchange, which Daniels recorded and was later posted to YouTube, shows Daniels and dozens of community members outside the district office on Frye Road protesting the use of critical race theory in the classroom.

    Critical race theory seeks to highlight how historical inequities and racism continue to shape public policy and social conditions, but critics often conflate it with culturally responsive teaching or any diversity and inclusion efforts in K-12 schools.

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    Arizona, sorry I've never been faced with such over in Europe; since this country is an melting pot of every type of "humans" on the globe, then Europe right now is not far behind in that respect, due to the wars instigated by this country which created lots of migrants. The curriculum is the same for every student over there. We've got Grand children who go to school there and they were never faced with "color" issues or discrimination.

    My guess is that the "politics" here are the guilty ones, by not accepting or promoting any "uniformity" in anything, let alone in certain States, who make their own rules and laws. As long as also the "media" is not "uniform" and there are no "limits" on it, then you get an "mental" pollution which is hard to stop, ask experts like Hitler and Trump. The results are known by now and will continue into the future, but this country remains clueless.

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    Fortunately, teachers are fighting back.

    On Saturday, thousands of educators and others gathered virtually and in person at historic locations in more than 20 cities to make clear that they would resist efforts in at least 15 Republican-led states to restrict what teachers can say in class about racism, sexism and oppression in America.

    Organized by local educators across the country in association with several social justice organizations, the National Day of Action is meant to raise public awareness about the legislation and to send a message that they will not lie to students about the country’s racist past and present.

    Several thousand teachers have signed a pledge that says: “We, the undersigned educators, refuse to lie to young people about U.S. history and current events — regardless of the law.”

    Becky Pringle, president of the National Education Association, the largest labor union in the country, said the restrictions on teaching racism are dangerous.

    “No matter our color, background, or Zip code, we want our kids to have an education that imparts honesty about who we are, integrity in how we treat others, and courage to do what’s right,” she said in a statement. “But some lawmakers want to play politics with the truth and do more than that. The most feared phrase in education is, ‘I’m a politician and I am here to tell you how and what to teach.’ ”

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    Arizona, do you really think "demonstrations" make any difference in this country. We've had "demonstrations" day and night for just about everything. How about "abortion", "guns", against "vaccines", against LGBT, Floyd, etc etc etc.

    Or demonstrations against "demonstrations" ; this country is an total "joke". The main reason is that this country is not making any progress is because our laws and system of governing and even "voting" is not "NORMAL" let alone up to date and useless.

    A zillion lawyers will make sure that the "chaos" only will get bigger over time. The governments "paperwork" has grown to astronomical proportions, so what do you expect from this "banana republic"?

    As long as the antique "base" law is not daily revised and "case law" takes it place, then the "chaos" continues or gets worse.

    All of this is showing up in the daily news, showing clearly that this country is completely rudderless.

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    They (Republicans who are White) believe they are the only important people in a country where they have gotten the straight and easy path full of advantages and privileges. The others keep coming in and White Republicans realize their space is rolling into the minority category. They can't handle the concept of a level playing field because they know their own deficiency.
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    The GOP has no moral compass, they don't want anything to do with race, police reforms, etc, etc they'd like to keep things swept under the rug, they don't want anyone to remember America's seedy past. In fact, some gop voters took matters into their own hands when Obama became president, presenting likenesses of empty chairs, hangmen's nooses and other outspoken denigrating speech and actions about race, their leader was and still is Mitch McConnell. Mr. White Is Right himself.