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Manipulation trend

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    Just looking at the "stock market", of course it was always already manipulated, but lately it is getting out of hand as with so many other things right now. We've got now the "meme" stocks as well Reddit who manipulated certain stocks, as well "combinations' of hedge funds, who play the same game or "groups" of investors with "members" who then decide which stock to "short sell" . Sorry to say, nothing is as it should be. Since Trump came into power, many more "crooks" entered the stock market thanks to him. For instance today they "nailed" all the vaccine stocks, without any reason.

    But yeah Biden is too busy with other things, while also via the stock market this country will loose its standing in the world.

    Nothing here is "honest" ; let alone in this Government, ask Manchin and the new "bitch.

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    Talking about "manipulation", then surely at present the Trump Party is "obstructing' and "manipulating" just about everything. The are stopping HR 1 as well the "for the peoples act"; the "infrastructure plan" as well everything else the Dem's want done. Due to the very slim majority as well "filibuster" issues, it looks like nothing will get done, because of on how the Trump Party operates at present. Biden is an lame duck right now. In the meantime the "undermining" of our electoral "system" is continuing in Arizona, as well other GOP run States show interest to do the same idiotic recounts. The visit of our V.P. to Guatamala and Mexico are just "words" and "speeches" right now and hopefully have some results.

    Looking at "the whole picture" as well things happening in the world around us, then the future will be filled with roadblocks and potholes. Even the virus may stick up its ugly head again, because of the ignorance of the people here, as well new variants popping up, by dropping their masks and forgetting holding distance. Don't forget that only just about 50% of the population has had their "complete" vaccine doses.

    The way things look right now, then I'm convinced that the coming years will be an huge struggle to keep Democracy intact.