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January 6 insurrection

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    Heather published another fact-filled letter last night.

    Here are some key paragraphs:

    In last night’s filed motion was part of the testimony to the committee from Cassidy Hutchinson, a former special assistant to the president and the chief of staff. When asked which members of Congress were involved in calls about overturning the election—including calls saying such efforts were illegal—Hutchinson named Representatives Greene, Jordan, Boebert, Scott Perry (R-PA), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Mo Brooks (R-AL), Jody Hice (R-GA), Paul Gosar (R-AZ), and Debbie Lesko (R-AZ).

    The heart of this group was the “Freedom Caucus,” which was organized in 2015 to move the Republican Party farther to the right. Its first chair was Jim Jordan; its second was Mark Meadows. Its third was Andy Biggs. Mick Mulvaney, who would go on to Trump’s White House, and Ron DeSantis, who is now governor of Florida, were key organizers.

    Somehow, I got on Gosar's mailing list.

    His most recent letter is a clear indicator that he lives in different universe than the rest of us


    As most of you know, I have been following the election issues in Arizona since …well at least November 2020. We all saw the fake data swings, the breaking of Arizona election laws and abuse of mail-in voting. I was among the first to call for an audit. I knew an audit would either confirm or rebut allegations of fraud. I was fine either way. If the election was “perfect” as the Maricopa supervisors screamed, then I would be the first to rest easy and simply move ahead. If there was in fact fraud, then I knew we needed to do something to fix the election process and correct any fraudulent outcomes in the 2020 election. Simply shrugging our shoulders and saying, “oh well, maybe next time” doesn’t cut it when there is fraud. Fraud requires a remedy. A fix.

    The Arizona Senate, to its credit, conducted an audit and confirmed numerous fraudulent irregularities. We could say “I told you so.” Prior the audit being undertaken, I took to the floor of the House of Representatives on January 6th, 2021. I officially objected to the Arizona electors and asked the Vice President to remand, or send back, the slate to Arizona pending an audit. That request was made under federal law and the U.S. Constitution. There is nothing untoward about it, and democrats used the same law to challenge George Bush in 2001 and Donald Trump in 2017.

    Unknown to me and most people, a rally in front of the Capitol turned into a riot.

    (Really, Paul? You helped to plan the damn thing)

    At about the time I was speaking. My motion was interrupted, as was the whole day, and securing the Capitol from angry rioters became the imperative. We never regained our momentum or fair debate on the issues because of that, and my official business in Congress was interfered with.

    Today, we know that the FBI had infiltrators, informants and agents provocateur egging people on;

    (Absolute bullshit)

    We know that House leadership was warned of potential violence but they did not warn the rest of us; we know there were weird groups of semi militarized people “marching” around; we know radical leftists, like John Sullivan, were present and urged people to “burn” and destroy the Capitol. We also know many people got carried away by events. Over 500 arrests have been made and many of the January 6 defendants, most charged with non-violent crimes, remain languishing in fetid cells, denied bail, and denied basic human rights as political prisoners of the regime.

    Because I spoke up about the injustice I witnessed; because I sought the truth about the election; because I stood up on the floor of the House and spoke on behalf of real Americans in their concern for fair elections, a far leftist group, funded in part by George Soros and other leftist degenerates, sued me, Congressman Andy Biggs and state Representative Mark Finchem. Their goal is to keep us off the ballots this fall.

    (Why does George Soros keep coming up?)

    The leftists know they can’t beat me at the ballot box fair and square. So, they are using lawfare to attack us.

    Gosar now lives in the most conservative district in the state, and typically gets 60% of the vote, even though his own siblings think that he's crazy

    Fortunately, we drew a good judge who understands the law and the rules. Judge Coury dismissed the abusive claims against us on Friday. But true to their allegiance to Soros, the leftists have decided to appeal the dismissal. I will keep you posted.

    (An Arizona judge dismissed a lawsuit Friday that sought to bar three Republicans from appearing on the November ballot because they took part in the rally at the White House Ellipse on Jan. 6, 2021, before the Capitol riot.)

    Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Christopher Coury determined the plaintiffs did not have the grounds to sue in the case as they requested but refrained from ruling on the merits of their allegations.

    That's not exactly an exoneration, Paul.

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    All of this proves that any "idiot" here can formulate B.S. into the hemisphere forever and all is well. As long as this country accept 50 individual States with their own "idiots" in power who refuse to be coherent with the Federal oversight (which is missing) then nothing here is UNITED. The States should act as "provinces" or "departments" as they do in Europe and elsewhere. Sorry to say by not doing this as other counties do, then you get the"chaos" as it is here.

    Just like Texas just did : A woman killed her kid by "accident" but will now be "murdered" herself by that idiot State. The "death" penalty should be scrapped in all the States; no exceptions. Uniformity should be the name of the game not "barbaric" brainless idiots in an wheelchair should have an say in anything in such State. That is what you get if you allow as the Federal government to refuse to control and imply "uniformity" in all these States. The"system" here is at fault ; make this an "coherent" country with "provinces", but not individual States who are little countries on their own. Crazy indeed.

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    Texas is still a foreign country. I wrote about the death penalty more than a decade ago.

    Here's a few key points:

    Governor Perry’s home state has executed more people, by far, than any other state in America. Since the death penalty was reinstated in America in 1976, the folks in the Lone Star state have executed 477 people. Although it would be nearly impossible to examine all of those executions, the chances are fairly good that not all of those 477 people were actually guilty of a crime, which should give Governor Perry (the longest serving governor in Texas history) something to reflect about, even though his denial of global warming (in the midst of the worst drought in Texas since 1948) tells us that he’s not exactly a deep thinker. As he recently demonstrated at a Republican candidate debate, though, he doesn’t seem to be very worried about the “justice” that his state is carrying out.

    If he actually DID take the time to review more of the death penalty cases in Texas, he would learn that innocent people HAVE been executed in Texas. Sam Millsap, a former Texas prosecutor, now crusades AGAINST the death penalty because a man who he caused to be executed was later proved to be innocent. In addition, a Texas prosecutor named Ken Anderson is going to be held accountable for alleged prosecutorial misconduct for a case that he prosecuted. After spending 25 years for a crime that he didn't commit, the man that he prosecuted (Michael Morton) was released from prison in October of 2011.

    The majority of the states still have the death penalty, and roughly 60% of the population still favor the death penalty, but there are some important economic issues that really should be addressed, in addition to the fact that the death penalty isn't always a just sentence.

    California (which has over 700 people on death row) could save $200,000,000 a year by eliminating the death penalty, and changing the sentence to life in prison without parole. I'm afraid to do the math, but if all 3250 people that are still on death row in this country had their sentences changed to life in prison without parole, my guess is that all of our states (most of which are fairly broke) would save a lot of money.

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    Heather wrote another long letter last night.

    Here's a few key points:

    The rejection by European voters of far-right authoritarianism is a backdrop to news in the U.S. today, where CNN dropped information about 2,319 text messages from the files Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows turned over to the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol before he changed his mind and stopped cooperating.

    Shockingly, these are the messages Meadows thought were okay to share. He held back more than 1,000, including all of them from December 9 to December 20, on the grounds that they should be protected for one reason or another. You have to wonder what was in them, considering what was in the ones he surrendered.

    The first thing that jumps out from today’s messages is how thoroughly Fox News Channel personality Sean Hannity was working for Trump, rather than acting the part of an impartial news reporter. On Election Day, November 3, 2020, Meadows told Hannity to stress to voters they needed to get out and support Trump. “Yes sir,” Hannity answered. “On it. Any place in particular we need a push?” Meadows answered: “Pennsylvania. NC AZ… Nevada.” “Got it,” Hannity answered. “Everywhere.” There is now some muttering that the Trump campaign should have listed the free advertising from the Fox News Channel as a campaign contribution, since it was clear that Hannity’s shows were advertisements, and that “in-kind” donations are subject to federal regulation.

    The second thing that jumps out is how determined Trump Republicans were to believe that Trump could not possibly have lost the election.

    Last night in Georgia, where Republicans Brian Kemp and Trump-endorsed David Perdue are struggling over the Republican nomination, the Big Lie was center stage. According to Patricia Murphy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Purdue began the debate by endorsing the Big Lie—“First off, let me be very clear, the election in 2020 was rigged and stolen—”and he managed to keep the debate locked on the 2020 election for the first 24 minutes.

    This week, the European Union set out to bring some kind of order to social media, reaching a deal that would require Facebook, YouTube, and other internet services to combat misinformation, disclose their algorithms, and stop targeting users with divisive advertising. And yet, the U.S. today appeared to move in the opposite direction.

    18 House Republicans led by Jim Jordan wrote to the Twitter board that had previously opposed the sale to Musk, browbeating them to consider the sale, which they interpret as a win for right-wing voices that have been banned from current Twitter for spreading lies.

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    Arizona, all I can say looking at all your publishing, that this country is moving in the wrong direction. Biden made the huge mistake to not to get rid of all the "Trumper's" at important positions. He even left DeJoy in place who paid Trump a million dollars to get the job. Sorry but this country is beyond "repair" the fenders are rusted through and also the wheels are falling off. The Twitter thing will be certainly be an other nail in the coffin of this country. It has become the same as in Russia, just "buy" your way into the "politics" of this country. 2024 won't be "kind" to this country, especially if the Trump Party also wins in 2022. Things don't look good at all; the "stock market" is tanking; that says enough.
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    Unfortunately, Biden cannot remove Dejoy. The post office is not set up that way. He should be able to do so but, as I understand it, the board of governors of the post office must do this. Apparently there are, iirc, two openings on the board that the senate will not act to confirm appointees to those positions and so here we sit.

    As for any other Trump holdovers if they haven’t been kicked out by now they should be.

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    Lonely, I'm very happy you are writing again. missed you for sure.

    Anyway looking at the total picture right now of the world we live in, then I'm not very optimistic.

    1) The Ukraine "thing"; as long as they and us, only play the defense "game" then that whole country will be wiped from the map and only smoldering ruins will be left; it is time that the launching sites of the Russian rockets get bombed out. Satellite info will tell where they are. So if "they" (us and theUkraine) would use their brains that should be the primary target goal, but is not.

    2) The "stock market" is plunging day after day; it will affect our economy in an big way.

    3) We did spent "billions" on the Ukraine, which "money" we will never see back. The "deficit" is only growing.

    4) Musk got total control over Twitter, it will influence the elections for sure.

    5) The Trump Party is "blocking" votes everywhere; while the Biden approval rates are sinking.

    6) The "border issue" is getting worse.

    7) The French election showed that the "right" is getting more and more "power".

    8) The "Powell" actions have huge consequences on the housing market and investments in the industry. I guess he still "works" for Trump.

    9) The "Covid" is not gone; ask China which is now in turmoil and lockdown, plenty of "ships" can't be loaded which has effect on everything on the supply chain.

    10) The GOP politics here will "ruin" this country; because all the "red" States have become ungovernable; no oversight at all from the Feds.

    11) The "dollar" is getting hammered; is just about equal to the Euro.

    I could go on and on, but the world situation as well here points to the 1930's just before WWII when an Hitler showed up and now an Putin. As well an "depression" in the economy. Yes, l'Histoire ce repette.

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    Yes the January 6th "committee" is starting their "public hearings" this week; The GOP is already protesting this "hearing". because they know they are "guilty" as hell. Of course they will try to obstruct as much as possible. It has become the party of greedy incompetent "white rich" idiots who want sole power over the people as well want to create the same structure as in Russia. We've got already the "oligarc's here, ask Musk and Bezos. Indeed it has become dangerous here because they are neither negative about what Putin does. All they want is "wealth" which ever way you can "steal" it from the poor and the sick.

    I guess they love this "horrible" structure with only "two" parties who think miles apart; there is absolute no unity in this country; neither an middle of the road compromise as they have in other democratic countries.

    Hardly any "news" is there lately about what is going on in the Ukraine; which shows the "real" island mentality and "far from my bed"show attitude, while it certainly will affect this country and the world.

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    I did look at the "committee" show last night; it was well "formulated", but since this was only session number "one", I guess 3 more sessions are coming this month. If it "sways" any GOP members, I doubt it because it is all stuck like concrete in their little brains, because this country is and remains super corrupt and the GOP tries to indoctrinate as the Russians do. "Facts" don't matter to them. In the meantime the "murdering" Russians have the luck that they are out of the "news" here. But yeah, the consequences of this war will have huge effects on the world and certainly on this "island" . The only one benefitting from it is Tesla, since oil has become the "new" gold and the Russians make fortunes with it, regardless of any "sanctions".
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    1/3 of the voters in Arizona are registered as Independents. Since the Democrats already know Trump needs to be locked up, and the majority of the GOP still thinks that election was stolen, the real purpose of the meetings was to convince the Independents and the members of the GOP who aren't completely crazy.

    I'm hoping the Merrick Garland indicts Trump at least 30 days prior to the midterms.

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    Looking at the stock market today (over 800 points down early in the morning) if this is an reflection by the "rich" GOP members then if there are another 4 sessions of this "public" disclosure, then I fear after each session that the stock market "tanks". Of course the argument is that the "inflation" numbers are getting higher, but guess who is the cause of this? Of course Russia and its "land grabbing" Thus there are several "things" which affects the stock market right now, but I believe a lot of the "rich" here play an dirty "role" in it. The GOP is leaning very much towards wanting an Russian style "government"; their "hero" Trump stays in their "indoctrinated" heads, because they "stick" like glue to a certain "media" and stay therefore "indoctrinated". Just look at the "gun" law issue; nothing serious about it will be done. I bet on it.
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    I hope the people here followed todays "session; it clearly showed the "manipulation" by the Trump clan. Nothing was "stolen" except Trump stole everything he could find and even collected lots of money by promoting how he was "shortchanged" . In any case even Barr told the truth about him. How come the "dumb ass people" here ever elected him; we are still licking our wounds of his tenure, but the GOP still falls for all his lies and grandstanding.

    I've not seen any comments yet on this site; how come? Wakie, wakie America; yes the truth hurts.