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January 6 insurrection

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    Sorry Arizona, I guess that all writing whatsoever, does not help this country anymore. All of this, looking at the WHOLE picture, means that the "system" is "manipulated and "broken". Sorry there is no "coherence" or anything at all to "fix" it.

    I blame the "paperwork" and "corruption" on all fronts for the "chaos" here.

    As I've mentioned so many times before that by not having "up to date " base law" and 50 unruly States with their own created history and an horse and buggy Constitution which is barely "updated" even the "amendments are "outdated", then on top of that have a "zillion" lawyers tinker with "case laws" then no wonder it creates an horrible mess.

    Then we have "elections" which look like an "circus" with all the "money" and "manipulations in it.

    Thus you can't "lift out" certain things which you have an opinion on, but that is only an small part of the total picture, because the whole "system" is screwed up and manipulated because the "base laws" are never up to date, neither is the "oversight" of the "central" government working, because every State has its own ways and "means" (and partisan lawyers) to corrupt the Federal "system". Reading "books" does not help; indeed I understand that your wife got upset if an "book" tells the "truth" about this country. Sorry to say, the "arrogance" in this country and sticking to the "old shoes" and muddle with it won't help this country; so I fear things will not improve if we refuse to adapt "uniform" up to date laws and an "total" control over all the 50 States by the Federal Government. Amen

    Sorry Arizona keep writing, but it does not help this country unless the "leaders" wake up; but it never will until it is too late.

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    The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol plans on Monday to vote on issuing criminal referrals against former President Donald J. Trump for insurrection and at least two other charges, according to a person familiar with the matter who was not authorized to discuss it.

    It had been widely expected the panel would recommend charges against Mr. Trump for obstructing an official proceeding of Congress and conspiracy to defraud the United States. The panel’s members had already argued in federal court that they believed it was likely that he committed those two felonies. But the addition of an accusation of insurrection was a new development.

    The House impeached Mr. Trump last year for incitement of insurrection, and the members of the panel have long argued Mr. Trump was the central figure who fomented an insurrection against the United States as he sought to cling to power. Politico earlier reported that a charge of insurrection would be considered.

    With a little luck, Trump will FINALLY be going to prison.

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    Arizona, keep on dreaming; this guy will never see jail. Don't forget that his "supporters" will not accept such and will likely demonstrate and burn the place down. So I think he will get only an "note" (and may be one day jail?) telling him that he's an "bad kid" and that he should never do these things again. Knowing the "people" here , don't touch their "hero" because they are "puppets dancing to his tune, but have no idea about reality of "life" on this tiny planet.

    Looking at the "future" then I think the "mess" is here to stay, because there is no uniformity in this country; neither any discipline or proper laws to keep things running the way it should. Since this country in its present form is barely 300 years old and is an basket of all kind of mixtures of people in the world and is therefore not (yet) "stabilized" in how to deal with all these anomalies as Europe and Asia did already for thousands of years, then I consider all what is happening here as "growing pains".

    Throw in "money" and "religion" then let the fun start. In other words, it will take years and years before this country stabilizes and be disciplined related to governing. It may take forever looking at S.America which also stays in turmoil and "corruption" with "dictators". Due to the Ukraine happening things may not return to "half ass" normal for a long time or may get even worse as dictator Putin stays in the saddle. Everything right now is "connected" economically worldwide, so that is quite different now than before WWII. Which implies that everyone one on this globe will suffer because of others.

    WWIII will likely start the same way due to having greedy "ego tripping" leaders who rose to the top in the "chicken coup" due to the "media" and the lack of "real world" education and reality of life on this speck of dirt in outer space.

    Never before we had an dictator who had "nukes" and therefore could not be attacked because of it. Thus an "new" reality is changing the world forever.

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    Yes as predicted the "committee" presented their report as well recommendations. However I don't want to sound "negative" but per January 1st, when the GOP takes over the House, I bet all of this ends up in "no-where land" or the garbage "bin".

    Pence was of course on FOX and said that Trump should not be charged for "anything". I guess he's the worst "hypocrite" there is, remember the "insurrection crowd" wanted to "hang" him.

    Like I've said before all the work of the "committee" will be wasted and "negated" after January 1st.

    If DeSantis gets his way then forget this country, it will become an political waste land.

    In the meantime Musk visited Quatar together with Kussner during the soccer "world cup". This show the "relationship" clearly. These "types" are extremely dangerous for the future of this country.

    Trump will never see jail nor any of his family; the whole thing of January 6th will have an slow "it never happened" ending.