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January 6 insurrection

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    Sorry Arizona, I guess that all writing whatsoever, does not help this country anymore. All of this, looking at the WHOLE picture, means that the "system" is "manipulated and "broken". Sorry there is no "coherence" or anything at all to "fix" it.

    I blame the "paperwork" and "corruption" on all fronts for the "chaos" here.

    As I've mentioned so many times before that by not having "up to date " base law" and 50 unruly States with their own created history and an horse and buggy Constitution which is barely "updated" even the "amendments are "outdated", then on top of that have a "zillion" lawyers tinker with "case laws" then no wonder it creates an horrible mess.

    Then we have "elections" which look like an "circus" with all the "money" and "manipulations in it.

    Thus you can't "lift out" certain things which you have an opinion on, but that is only an small part of the total picture, because the whole "system" is screwed up and manipulated because the "base laws" are never up to date, neither is the "oversight" of the "central" government working, because every State has its own ways and "means" (and partisan lawyers) to corrupt the Federal "system". Reading "books" does not help; indeed I understand that your wife got upset if an "book" tells the "truth" about this country. Sorry to say, the "arrogance" in this country and sticking to the "old shoes" and muddle with it won't help this country; so I fear things will not improve if we refuse to adapt "uniform" up to date laws and an "total" control over all the 50 States by the Federal Government. Amen

    Sorry Arizona keep writing, but it does not help this country unless the "leaders" wake up; but it never will until it is too late.