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the Arizona comedy show

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    Sorry this country is crazy. Since every 4 years there is an election which determines who will go to Washington and also every two years an "mid term" election, then my thinking is that the Federal government should have the oversight and determine on how these elections should be run. Also once things are "certified", that should be the end of it. So actually what they do in these States is undermining the Federal Government. Things should be "uniform" if this country wants the have the name of "UNITED States". I've never seen any other country which is so terribly "un-united" as this one.

    Is there no shame at all? Is there no one who can set these things straight?

    Washington should dictate what the States can do, as well should determine on how these elections should be run as well who is "qualified" to have a seat in the Congress or Senate. Right now as it is proven , any idiot can be appointed without any Federal screening if they are "uberhaupt" qualified for the job. Sorry the way this country is run is just about worse than any dictatorship. At least in an dictatorship things are centrally controlled and not by an rowdy bunch of unqualified idiots.

    It is time that this country gets "solid" laws, as well have "solid oversight" of what States can do or not.

    Right now it is like an party at the "kindergarten" and the teacher is absent or drunk.

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    Schmidt has always said, "follow the money". In a nutshell, that explains the Arizona "audit".

    Through April, the state Republican party took in $897,000 for its federal activities, according to its latest report with the Federal Election Commission. The party took in another $335,000 for state activities through March, according to its most recent report with the Arizona Secretary of State.

    By comparison, at the same point in 2019, when the chair, Kelli Ward, was in her first months in office, the state GOP had collected $137,000 in federal funds, and $175,000 in state funds.

    The state Republican party's urgent pleas for donations surrounding the audit implore supporters to "battle for Election Integrity, Law and Order, and Secure Borders."

    Another screamed that for a time, contributions to the state party would be "TRIPLED MATCHED by an anonymous benefactor in the name of stopping the failed policies of Biden and the Left, and boosting Election Integrity efforts like our FULL FORENSIC AUDIT!"

    Eyes on Jesus Always estimated the ballot review could cost at least $2 million.

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    And none of the few writers on this site proclaim this country "un-salvageable" . What is happening right now is an undermining of the "system" here and not as the forefathers intended. I also believe that all States had their election outcome "certified" , so what is going on? It looks like an "coup" as was predicted by "Flynn". So Biden wake up and do something "drastic" to get things back to "normal" as it should. He may be already too late because other States are already visited by the "coup" arrangers to do the same as in Arizona.

    Sorry, but this country is going to hell.

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    A contractor hired by the Arizona Senate is reviewing Maricopa County's 2020 election data from an undisclosed location in Montana, with no oversight from state or county officials.

    Ben Cotton, founder of tech firm CyFIR, a Senate subcontractor, made copies of the county's election server and other election data and then drove the copies to a "secure lab" in Montana, according to Senate liaison Ken Bennett. The Senate was given county voters' private information, but Bennett said he doesn't know if Cotton has copies of that in Montana.

    It appears that the "secure lab" might be a home owned by Cotton in the northern Montana wilderness. Bennett said he didn't know, and Cotton and Cyber Ninjas, the Senate's main contractors, refuse to answer questions.

    Cotton is not just the founder of CyFIR, which is based in Virginia, but also CEO of CyTech Services, the original company from which CyFIR emerged in 2018. CyTech Services lists a Montana address on its website.

    That address belongs to a log cabin in a remote area of northwest Montana, about 20 miles south of Bigfork, a tiny tourist village, and 40 miles south of Kalispell. Property records show the cabin is owned by Cotton.

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    All of this shows that this country is "lawless" and run by whoever can manipulate our outdated laws and rules. Nothing is "solid" in this country, Arizona proved this with the "fake recount" by unofficial people. How low can an country sink? How is it possible that anyone can just over-rule the "certified" outcome of any "election"? Only in the "banana republic" of America.

    The world around us is seeing for the first time that the US is not what it proclaimed to be, but just another screwed up "colony" of the Brits. Nigeria would be proud of us for sure!!!

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    Trump was on newsMax pointing to at least a dozen different conspiracies' that all say he won the 2020 election by a landslided. And he pointed out that there is not a single conspiracy that doesn't claim he didn't win. He asks "If Joe Biden really did win, then where are the democratic conspiracies that claim he did win?"
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    wwjd, it is the "system" and the inherited British non working "structure" of this country, as well appointing the wrong partisan people to do an "government job". An "two" party system is always bound to fail, especially if they are "miles" apart as is obviously the case right now. Furthermore an "island" mentality does not help much, closing your eyes for the rest of the world, because "we know it all ourselves" and are indoctrinated by being "number one" in the world. Ridiculous for sure.

    If we don't even "screen" Presidents properly while knowing their awful history and still appoint them, nor the Senators or check their "backgrounds" and only rely on, if they can deliver "speeches" and "buddy up with the rich, who have different goals than the common working people, then forget an "solid" leadership. The "what is in it for me" mentality has the priority, as well "who do you "know". Butt crawling is the national sport here. How do you otherwise climb up on the ladder of having "power" over other people?

    Due to being an "capitalistic" country, then money drives the whole picture; thus not "brains" or "common sense"

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    Election experts — including the founder of a national auditing company and a prominent Pima County Republican — have a proposal to dispel conspiracy theories about fraud in the 2020 election in Maricopa County.

    They also have a message for Cyber Ninjas, the company running the Arizona recount effort: "Put up or shut up."

    The experts made a formal offer to Senate President Karen Fann on Tuesday to prove the election was sound. The proposal is getting attention from those working at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

    Here's the offer: The experts say that if the Senate selects a box of unopened ballots (any box), the team could within minutes provide an accurate count of each race on all 1,000 or so ballots inside — without ever opening it.

    About three weeks ago, the men received election data from Maricopa County through a public records request. Key to that was compiling more than 10,000 data files into a "cast vote record," which essentially is a large spreadsheet that lists every ballot, the candidates selected on that ballot and when and where the ballot was counted.

    "That is why the Ninjas haven't gotten this done yet," Moore said Tuesday from the East Coast. "They don't know how to do it."

    Moore said it would take about five minutes for the team to produce a report detailing the vote tallies for the 800 to 1,000 ballots inside any unopened box of ballots. The Cyber Ninjas could then conduct a hand count of the ballots in the box — as they have done with ballots at the coliseum — and the two numbers could be compared and any discrepancies identified.

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    This morning's Arizona Republic published an article that listed the states sending representatives to Arizona to view the "fraudit":

    In every case, their motives for the visit are suspect.

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    An attempted recall of House Speaker Rusty Bowers appears to have fallen flat, the Arizona Secretary of State's Office says.

    Recall backers turned in what they estimated as 24,500 signatures, which on its face would be more than enough to trigger a recall election for Bowers, R-Mesa.

    But elections officials noticed a technical flaw: Each of the signature sheets they reviewed early Thursday evening did not have the recall application attached to them, as required by state law.

    The Patriot Party of Arizona launched the recall drive in February, citing a litany of complaints that included not supporting an audit of the 2020 presidential election. They needed to collect the valid signatures of 22,331 registered voters in Bowers' Mesa district to trigger a recall election.

    A call to Steve Daniels, Patriot Party chairman, was not immediately returned.

    Bowers said he was convinced he would have a recall fight on his hands.

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    Arizona, just one question; how long can this total "circus" go on? Sorry this is an total "nuthouse" over in your State. Texas is just about as bad; this idiot of Abbott should be in jail.