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No more masks?

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    Yes the CDC declared such, as well Biden did. Nuts indeed!!! I guess they are forgetting that 45 % of the Republicans refuse to get injections, as well all the crazy evangelicals. So if everyone stops wearing "masks", then no one knows who is still a threat to spread the virus. Very smart indeed . Don't forget that still millions here did not have had their shots. I bet that the figures for the infections will spike like crazy; other countries did the same; the results are known. Why not an"gradual" return to "normal" and an therefore have a much higher vaccinated percentage to get real "immunity".

    Again more or less an "political" stunt, nothing else. Thus "stupid"

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    I call bs on those new suggestions, I'm still going to wear masks.
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    Only 36% of the whole population had their "shot" so why act so ignorant Biden? I'm fearing that an backlash will be underway soon.
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    This morning's Arizona Republic listed the % vaccinated by state. Not surprisingly, Mississippi has the lowest percentage of any state. Mississippi is the third-least educated state in the U.S. with a high school diploma holder rate of 83.90%. Additionally, only 21.80% of Mississippi adults have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, the second-lowest rate in the country behind West Virginia. Mississippi also ranks second-to-last for its average university quality.

    Mississippi, incidentally, is the most obese state in the country - as well as the most religious.

    To quote College Dean Vernon Wormer (in National Lampoon's "Animal House", "fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life".

    For the record, Mississippi is on the low end of "the drunkest" states, but the state has other problem areas:

    Adults drinking excessively: 13.6% (US share: 19.0%)
    >Pct. driving deaths that are alcohol related: 20.0% -- 2nd lowest (US share: 27.8%)
    > Adults in poor of fair health: 24.1% -- the highest (US share: 17.2%)
    > Poverty rate: 19.6% -- the highest (US rate: 12.3%)

    > Drunkest metro area in Mississippi: Hattiesburg
    > Adults drinking excessively in Hattiesburg: 16.3% (300th highest among all 384 metro areas)
    > Drunkest county in Mississippi: Lafayette
    > Adults drinking excessively in Lafayette: 18.2% (1,347th highest among all 3,142 counties)

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    Anyway these people there don't need an "shot", but "shot glasses" instead. At least once they get the Covid" then they will have an happy death surrounded by the clouds of booze fumes. Yes, don't take away their fun.

    But yeah, this is still the number one country in the world I guess. Where are all my barf buckets? Too bad they are already filled to the brim.