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No more masks?

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    Yes the CDC declared such, as well Biden did. Nuts indeed!!! I guess they are forgetting that 45 % of the Republicans refuse to get injections, as well all the crazy evangelicals. So if everyone stops wearing "masks", then no one knows who is still a threat to spread the virus. Very smart indeed . Don't forget that still millions here did not have had their shots. I bet that the figures for the infections will spike like crazy; other countries did the same; the results are known. Why not an"gradual" return to "normal" and an therefore have a much higher vaccinated percentage to get real "immunity".

    Again more or less an "political" stunt, nothing else. Thus "stupid"

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    I call bs on those new suggestions, I'm still going to wear masks.
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    Only 36% of the whole population had their "shot" so why act so ignorant Biden? I'm fearing that an backlash will be underway soon.
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    This morning's Arizona Republic listed the % vaccinated by state. Not surprisingly, Mississippi has the lowest percentage of any state. Mississippi is the third-least educated state in the U.S. with a high school diploma holder rate of 83.90%. Additionally, only 21.80% of Mississippi adults have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, the second-lowest rate in the country behind West Virginia. Mississippi also ranks second-to-last for its average university quality.

    Mississippi, incidentally, is the most obese state in the country - as well as the most religious.

    To quote College Dean Vernon Wormer (in National Lampoon's "Animal House", "fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life".

    For the record, Mississippi is on the low end of "the drunkest" states, but the state has other problem areas:

    Adults drinking excessively: 13.6% (US share: 19.0%)
    >Pct. driving deaths that are alcohol related: 20.0% -- 2nd lowest (US share: 27.8%)
    > Adults in poor of fair health: 24.1% -- the highest (US share: 17.2%)
    > Poverty rate: 19.6% -- the highest (US rate: 12.3%)

    > Drunkest metro area in Mississippi: Hattiesburg
    > Adults drinking excessively in Hattiesburg: 16.3% (300th highest among all 384 metro areas)
    > Drunkest county in Mississippi: Lafayette
    > Adults drinking excessively in Lafayette: 18.2% (1,347th highest among all 3,142 counties)

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    Anyway these people there don't need an "shot", but "shot glasses" instead. At least once they get the Covid" then they will have an happy death surrounded by the clouds of booze fumes. Yes, don't take away their fun.

    But yeah, this is still the number one country in the world I guess. Where are all my barf buckets? Too bad they are already filled to the brim.

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    In the closing dates of this year's legislative session, the Republicans in the legislature passed a law that made it illegal to mandate the wearing of masks. However, since any new law passed by the legislature cannot take effect until 90 day s after the close of the session (which was June 30 this year), the new law did not take effect until September 29.

    Like other school districts in Arizona, the Tucson school district mandated the wearing of masks in school.

    As of this morning, one of the local principals told me that TUSD is planning to keep the mask mandate in place - and is suing the legislature about the law.

    According to the New York Times, schools in Arizona are not the only ones defying the ban on masks.

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    In this morning's Sunday paper, the Editorial Board of the Arizona Republic blaster Governor Ducey for his ban on masks.

    At the top of the first page, in bold print" was this headline:

    "Ducey, it's time to protect schools and our children"

    When the story migrates to the online version, I'll post a link to the article.

    Here's the closing paragraph:

    Stop handcuffing those who want to act.

    That's not political speak.

    It's just being realistic.

    If we want to keep more people out of the hospital, we've got to get more people vaccinated.

    And if we want to keep schools open and kids feeling safe, we've got to stop handcuffing those who would rather follow the direction that public health is giving us.

    It's our obligation and our duty as Arizonians.

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    When I came into school today, I found the letter below in my school email.

    Since the letter went out to a lot of people in the district, I don't think I would be violating any rules if I shared it with you. Essentially, it mimics the article that appeared in the Arizona Republic yesterday, and it shows the proper way to give governors like Doug Ducey the middle finger:

    Greetings Tucson Unified community,

    I hope this Friday finds you well as we approach the end of what has been an amazing and safe start to this school year and another beautiful southern Arizona weekend. In the spirit of ensuring that Tucson Unified continues to exhibit some of the lowest COVID 19 transmission rates in the state for a district its size for both students and staff, and to honor our commitment of ensuring equal access to the least restrictive environment possible for our students with disabilities and students with active 504 plans, the TUSD Governing Board voted unanimously to retain and continue its current Mask requirement on all TUSD properties at the September 23rd Governing Board meeting. Thus, all adults and children are required to wear a face-covering/ mask when they come onto a TUSD School campus or facility. Additionally, please note:

    • At this time all district level and site level staff and departmental meetings should occur virtually, or online. This includes large-scale staff gatherings like potlucks, employee breakfasts, etc.
    • All visitors to school sites, district buildings, and facilities are expected to wear a mask. This includes vendors, visitors from the community, and parents. Parents are welcome to walk their students to class but must wear a mask to do so.
    • Campus and district volunteers are cleared to work on our campuses at this time with the expectation that they comply with all required COVID 19 mitigation protocols, primarily mask-wearing. These expectations apply to volunteers carrying out duties and assignments on campus, indoors, during instructional time as well as volunteers serving in support of athletic or performance arts programs.
    • School-community events such as Open House, Meet the Teacher Night, and Parent-Teacher Conferences are still authorized with the expectation that all guests from the community and parents wear a mask while on our campuses.

    In the coming days, our administration will be requesting the assistance of the United States Department of Justice and the United States Department of Education with its effort to protect and educate all students, including those who are considered medically fragile or have disabilities that place them at a significantly higher risk of serious COVID-related illness. Our district proudly serves just shy of 7,000 Exceptional Education students, many of whom meet the definition of medically fragile or have 504 plans necessary to address significant health issues. Our mandatory mask policy shall continue indefinitely until our Governing Board determines it is no longer necessary, a determination they have committed to making according to the recommendations and guidance of the Pima County Health Department, the Arizona Department of Health Services, and the Center for Disease Control. Throughout this pandemic, your patience, flexibility, support, and resilience have been our most valuable weapons in this continuing fight against COVID 19. Together, we can strive for a COVID 19 free TUSD for everyone, especially for those most at risk.

    Stay safe and stay healthy.


    Gabriel Trujillo, Ed.D.


    Tucson Unified School District

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    Arizona is on my list of places not to go. I have a counselor with who I have discussed relocating. His suggestions were mostly all red states. I declined AZ. Years ago I was there before Arpaio. It sucked then, it sucks now. No doubt much better for the white privileged classes in suburbia.

    My Aunt in Idaho passed last week. Funeral homes are so backed up her services aren't until the first week of Oct. I was going to go but changed my mind. It is a White Christian Nationalist stronghold at this time. A beautiful scenic state with some very ugly people. Being around people unknown and known at a funeral and not being sure of their health practices, No, I don't want to do that. I'll send flowers.

    My remembrances of AZ had this strong element of White Christian influence. like mega churches where people flip out in bizarre religious demonstrations...really weird. I wound up having to attend a service since I was given room and board to distribute religious materials on the street. Later I was caught drinking a few beers. The preacher said I was possessed. He grabbed me by the head and started praying and speaking in tounges while he shook my skull. "sham bam ball booity boo" or something like that, went on for 5 minutes. Then I was kicked out of the largely homeless group. I was going to leave anyway. Nah...I don't want to be around any collar-wearing lunatics like that again. Not to mention Naziesque law enforcement and paranoid white people on armed neighborhood watches.

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    California of Oklahoma might be options if you do not want to live in Arizona, since they have large native populations.

    If you don't mind snow, you may want to consider Minnesota, since there IS bit of truth to "Minnesota".

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    From the Daily Kos today:

    A man is in the Wichita County Jail facing a third degree felony charge after police say he attacked a security guard at Kell West over the hospital’s COVID-19 mask policy. It happened around 11: 45 a.m. Wichita Falls Police went to Kell West about a disturbance between 37-year-old Chad Staelens and the security guard. Police were shown security footage of Staelens trying to enter the hospital without a mask.

    They say he was told multiple times by the security guard, ‘it’s hospital policy to wear a mask inside’ before Staelens continued inside where he was confronted by the security guard again.

    Staelens bit through the security guard's thumb down to the bone.

    Does he look like a Trump supporter?

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    Today, a Maricopa County judge ruled that the ban on mask mandates in Arizona was unconstitutional.
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    that guy in AZ Wrote: Today, a Maricopa County judge ruled that the ban on mask mandates in Arizona was unconstitutional.

    The reason that the judge said that the mask ban was unconstitutional is that the wording had been slipped into the budget bill, as was the ban on teaching critical race theory. The Arizona constitution said that bills can only cover ONE topic. In this case, the topic was the budget.

    Nothing else.

    Steve Benson summed up the judge's ruling with a picture: