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The Biden speech

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    Yes Biden did do his best to present things the way they are, as well has an "plan". However, I expect not much support from the GOP ; it is still the Trump party with the same idiots. Especially Biden's "capital gains tax" on the super rich, will be fought all the way. Of course for "infrastructure" the GOP wants "their" selected projects, in order so they can fill their back pockets from the "kickbacks" of course. Hardly any of the corrupt bunch of the Trump party applauded during this session.

    I'm afraid that they will keep undermining Biden all the way with Trump stoking on the background.

    By the way, where are all the "lawsuits" towards Trump?; none of them have taken place even after more than 4 month time. I guess he has gathered (read "stolen") so much money lately that no one dares to touch him. Typical the American way; money always covers your ass.

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    To no one's surprise, Ted Cruz did not like the speech:

    See the source image

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    At the national level of political of politics is it all out war for power, right vs left. Doesn't matter what side a person picks, the #1 objective it to make sure the other side is not successful. This has been the case even before Trump, but Trump drastically escalated the war. Trump was pitting both sides against each other so that he could profit by it. Top republicans saw what he was doing, and the top assholes-losers such as Graham, Cruze, etc, jumped on the Trump Train to hell believing it will lead them to the presidency faster and easier. None of them will ever become president or VP.

    Graham will whine his way all to Gay hell. According to him, everything Biden does is "Worst thing that country has every seen". This is coming from a guy who loved the smell of Trump farts and was more than willing to give Trump a BJ anytime, anywhere.

    Cruz hated Trump during the 2016 election, especially when Trump implied Cruz wife was ugly in a tweet (Trump's fans loved it). But after the Trump won the election, Cruz instantly was open for anything: "Heidi is available for whatever you'd like her do. I have two young daughters, if you are into underage girls. Anything you want, they will do"..... Like Trump, there is no person Cruz is not willing to sacrifice to get to the top, including his own family.