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    Although there is a crying need for better gun laws, there is also a need to enforce existing gun laws - and they should be uniform throughout the entire country.

    As of January, 2020, 19 states had red flag laws. Unfortunately, they are not always enforced.

    As of April, there have been 126 mass shootings in America, resulting in 142 deaths, and 485 people wounded. The shooter in the FedEx shooting on April 15 had had a red flag order issued against him, and had already had a rifle taken from him by the police. In spite of that, he was able to purchase the two AR-15 rifles used in the shooting because the police had not referred to him to a court, which would have prevented him from buying any weapons.

    The reason that the regulations need to be uniform from state to state is that states with loose laws can sell firearms to individuals in states with tighter gun laws - and Indiana is exhibit #1.

    The majority of the guns used in shootings in Chicago are purchase in Indiana. One gun dealer, in particular, has been the worst offender in selling guns to people who should not have them - so Chicago just sued the dealer (Westforth Sports) that has been in business for more than 50 years.

    The lawsuit against Westforth Sports is the first civil action by the city since 1998, when then-Mayor Richard Daley announced it was suing 22 manufacturers and four distributors alleging they sold weapons “knowing that persons will illegally bring them into Chicago.”

    A year later, criminal charges targeting straw purchasing were filed against the owners and employees of five area gun shops under an unusual federal investigation called Project Surefire.

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    Sorry to say all these guns are now on the streets. Thus none of any gun laws or rules here have any good results. There are here more guns than people and more guns than "brains". Forget good gun laws; they never will be made here; they should dig up the idiots who wrote the "second amendment" and shoot them. Ha ha. But yeah that is what you get if even the corrupt lawyers here never learned to actually read that "Amendment". Sorry to say the laws/rules in this country need an total overhaul to reflect 2021 and beyond. Dump the old British clotted cream please. It is still the old wild west regardless of planes/ automobiles/computers etc.
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    A federal judge in Maryland this week followed through on a previous warning to sanction a lawyer best known for representing Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) in a series of failed defamation lawsuits against media companies, saying the lawyer’s latest case against CNN was “frivolous” in nature.

    U.S. District Judge Richard Bennet, an appointee of George W. Bush, ruled that attorney Steve Biss had “unreasonably and vexatiously” attempted to continue litigating a lawsuit against the news network after the case had already been dismissed with prejudice for failing to state a claim in March. Despite that ruling, Biss filed an amended complaint that the court went on to describe as “nothing more than a repetition of the original complaint with no new material factual allegations.”

    “This Court determined Harvey and his counsel engaged in bad faith conduct in filing the last-minute Amended Complaint in this case, joining a ‘chorus’ of courts sanctioning one of the Plaintiff’s attorneys, Steven Biss,” the ruling stated.

    Judge Bennet concluded that CNN’s request for $21,437 in attorney’s fees was reasonable under the circumstances.