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End of war in Afghanistan

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    Biden proclaimed that per 11th September all the troops will be removed from Afghanistan; also the NATO troops will be leaving. The only thing I hope is that Biden does not allow that these "soldiers" then end up in our police forces. The whole Chauvin court case shows that military training is about the worst you can get "to protect and serve" which is the police task, thus not killing and bullying civilians as they learned in Afghanistan. An drastic reform of the police here is needed and all the ex-military should never be hired in the first place here. I wrote about that before a long time ago.

    In no other country as far as I know they don't allow military bullies into the police force, unless it is an dictatorship or an S. American style of government or S.Korea etc.

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    The problem that we had in both Vietnam and Afghanistan can be summed up in one sentence:

    "We are creating enemies faster than we can kill them".

    There ARE better ways of dealing with "the enemy" than are more traditional methods, and Greg Mortenson has written two books about how to do it> Simply put, education is the answer:

    During the Vietnam war, the Viet Cong studied American literature.

    The U.S. Army taught G.I.s how to peel potatoes.

    Maureen Dowd's column this morning explains what went wrong in Afghanistan:

    Awash in grief and anger, we invaded Afghanistan after 9/11 to hunt down Osama bin Laden and punish the Taliban for letting him turn a maze of caves into a launching pad to attack America.

    But, despite the lessons the Soviets learned in 10 hard years there fighting ghostly warriors who disappeared into the mountains, American officials and generals never absorbed this simple fact: Even the battles we won, we lost in a way. As we grasped for our own revenge, what kind of revenge quest did we inspire in those who watched daisy cutter bombs rain hellfire or a wedding party disintegrate in a flash from an American airstrike? How many enemies have we spawned trying to help Afghanistan?

    Taliban leaders say Americans have all the clocks, but they have all the time.

    As with Vietnam, many of those in charge knew for a long time that the war was unwinnable, but they hid the evidence, giving rosy forecasts while burning through $2.2 trillion and hundreds of thousands of lives.

    Joe Biden has carried a card for the last 12 years with the exact number of American troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. He spoke of his late son, Beau, his “North Star,” who was deployed to Iraq.

    “I’m the first president in 40 years who knows what it means to have a child serving in a war zone,” he said.

    Hopefully, our experience in Afghanistan will be the graveyard of America’s propensity to believe it can do whatever it wants with its military, without thinking through the consequences.

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    It seems that this country, which can't even run their own show, and loves to tell others on how to govern. This decease lingers already since WWII. The US loves to poke their nose into other countries affairs and "dictate" what is good for them. Even Russia or China has not got all kinds of "bases" plastered around the world, only the US does. It is time that the US fixes their own miserable state of affairs at "home" . Regardless if we withdraw from Afghanistan, it still is costing fortunes having all kind of "bases" all over the world. Like in Germany since WWII and Korea since the 1950's. In the meantime the world does whatever it wants and no longer likes to be dictated by the US. Since the Trump period, this country has lost its status in the world in an big way. In the meantime we have to feed and maintain our troops all over without an actual purpose, except bullying and maintaining our meddling in everything which does not suit us.

    Looking from the outside towards this country, it can be compared to the kid at school who bullies the other kids.

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    Arizona -- Yes I read Maureen Dowd's column. Politically it is very difficult to withdraw militarily from a country as it seems to go against our moral compass somehow. That applies to both Democrats and Republicans, but I believe that Republicans are more about "god and country" than morality. What happens to the Afghan women is something that Dems worry about but Republicans are more about face saving and power...the "big stick".

    While one can make a legitimate argument that we could do more good with humanitarian aid than with military might, the problem is that many of these countries are so corrupt it is hard to funnel humanitarian aid to the people without it being syphoned off by the corrupt government officials. Could we have done nation building in Afghanistan while the Taliban was in power? A hard sell at home.

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    As you said "that many countries are so corrupt, it is hard to funnel humanitarian aid........, do you mean this country as well?

    Yes, this is one of the most corrupt countries I've ever been except may be Nigeria. Let's get things done here without corruption before meddling in other countries, which we think would benefit our own corruption program world wide.

    It is always: "What's in it for me"