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Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

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    Trump has been involved with more than 4000 lawsuits during his career.

    Sometimes he wins.

    Sometime he loses.

    So far, none of those lawsuits has caused him to go to jail.

    That status may be ending soon.

    Although the Democrat impeachment team put together a masterful description of Trump's guilt in the January 6 insurrection, the former guy escaper punishment for his role. Even if the Democrats had succeeded, the worst punishment would have been removal from office (which had already happened) or prevention or ever holding office again.

    There are currently two lawsuits against Trump that have more teeth, and will have more severe consequences, including possible jail time.

    The lawsuit that is the most likely to success is the one brought by two Capitol policemen, who were injured on January 6.

    "The lawsuits filed by Representatives Eric Swalwell and Bennie Thompson, pleading claims under a Civil War-era statute enacted to counter the rise of the then-nascent KKK, provide one promising pathway to holding the former president accountable. Yet it is a no-frills lawsuit filed March 30 by two Capitol Police officers who stood their ground against the insurrectionists, and paid a heavy physical and psychological toll for doing so, that holds perhaps the greatest promise of making Trump pay for directing the violent mob that stormed the Capitol on his command."

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    I bet he will never see jail; where are all the "lawsuits"? It is just about May, but no one filed even one "officially" yet or "collected" or got justice done. Where is the Southern District of NY who would "nail" him for all his tax scams?

    After a while everyone has forgotten what he did and the "lawyers" found plenty of easier candidates to make money from.

    La la land for sure ; lots of "words" but seldom solid action.