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The "Matt Gaetz" problem

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    David A. Graham, The Atlantic, April 2, 2021: Only Congress Could Give Us a Matt Gaetz

    The title of the Atlantic article caught my attention. The corporate world has ways of dealing with the "Matt Gatez's" of society, but Congress seems to have to tolerate all his shady dealings until it becomes too public. And then they only talk about stripping him of his committee assignments.

    I lived in the corporate world for 35 years and Matt Gaetz would not be employed now if he worked for a reputable company. Quoting from Graham's article:

    "If these scandals seem to demand an explanation for how a member of Congress, entrusted to hold power in Washington, could behave in such a way, the reality may be the opposite: Only a member of Congress could behave like this and get away with it. Whether Gaetz’s alleged behavior rose to the criminal is yet to be seen, but if true, it would have gotten him fired long ago in any conventional gig. Congress is no normal gig, though. It is, almost by design, a hostile workplace."

    "Congress has none of the measures in place that other workplaces do to deal with bad behavior. There’s no HR department, so when members misbehave, there’s no one to handle it. In theory, the House and Senate ethics committees can investigate and punish members, but in practice they are reluctant to punish their colleagues, and anyway, there are few real punishments short of expulsion. Nor are there bosses. The Ryan staff meeting may seem like a weak response, but the speaker has little real control, either. (Just ask Ryan’s predecessor, John Boehner.)"

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    As I've said so many times the whole "system inherited from the Brits is doomed to fail. As long as the base law is not updated since 1800, with the exception of a few worthless amendments, then things are bound to fail. Furthermore as long as the "election process" can be corrupted State by State and there is no proper screening of any candidate, then things will stay in turmoil. The stupid rule of if the candidate can raise plenty of money and is then"qualified" is an total joke. The "buddy" type of qualities leads to an dictatorial system without any integrity.

    I notice that the "corruption" and "fraud" is reaching higher levels than even under Trump; just look at the stock market manipulations. Under Trump the "crooks" learned that "it" did become easy and are exploiting it now as the "new norm"

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    An expert on the news said he should shut up and hire a lawyer. The buddy who set everything up is said to be about 99% ready to roll over and provide answers to everything. He's in deep and rolling over on Gaetz is his only logical step.