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money talks

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    After Arizona passed SB 1070, the state was heavily criticized, and suffered several boycotts as a result.

    In 2014, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer had to decide to either veto, sign or let become law a bill that would allow businesses in her state to deny service to lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered people based on the religious beliefs of the business owner.

    Super Bowl XLIX was scheduled for next February 1 (2015) at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. The NFL has stopped short of saying the game could be moved elsewhere if the legislation becomes law, but the league has moved a Super Bowl out of Arizona before, and the implicit threat floats invisibly but menacingly in the desert sky.

    Arizona lost the Super Bowl in the early 90's because the state did not have a Martin Luther King Day.

    In 2017, numerous events were cancelled in Indiana due to Mike Pence's "religious freedom" bill.

    President Biden said on Wednesday that he would “strongly support” Major League Baseball moving its All-Star Game from Atlanta after the executive director of the players’ union said he was open to discussing such a move after Georgia Republicans passed a law last week to restrict voting access in the state.

    “The very people who are victimized the most are the people who are the leaders in these various sports,” Mr. Biden said in an interview on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” the night before Opening Day. “And it’s just not right.”

    The All-Star Game is scheduled for July 13 in Atlanta.§ion=Politics

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    For anyone living in FL, indeed money talks. The "economy" is here based on the "snowbirds" who come from the uneducated States in the north. They ruin our roads throw out the their garbage along our highways polute everything they get their hands on and are rowdy unmannered assholes. Sure they attend all the baseball/football games and party all day long; so the teams can "cash in".

    The Covid does not exist for them; just pollute our beaches and spread it like wild fire and then disappear for half a year.

    On top of that having an Trump type as Governor helps a lot. No tourist tax as they do in Europe; so we as FL taxpayers have to cleanup the mess, so certain people can fill their pockets and we have to fix our roads and environment from our tax money. Nothing seems to be"normal" in this country or regulated as it should.

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    Republicans are outraged that corporations have the gall to protest unjust voting laws, and have vowed to boycott the companies involved. The companies involved could care less.

    When Nike made Colin Kaepernick their spokesman, conservatives burned their own Nike shoes - and Nike's stock soared.

    When a Goodyear plant forbade the wearing of a MAGA hat on company property (Democrat hats were not allowed either) a few crazy conservative slashed their own Goodyear tires..

    According to an April 2, 2021 poll by Gallup, most Americans are opposed to restrictive voting laws, even though they support some of the ideas they contain, such as voter ID requirements.

    Over 40 states in the country have passed restrictive voting laws is state legislatures since the election (the total number of bills is well over 200, but very few have actually been signed into law).

    Two lawsuits have already been filed in Georgia. If successful, they will have a strong effect on the other bills currently under consideration.

    Financially, corporations are not going to be hurt for their courageous positions. For every customer who decides not to buy Coke, there will be just as many people who buy the product in order to show support.

    One personal example that I can give you involved my decision to re-join AARP after a lady criticized AARP's support of the Affordable Care Act:

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    Sorry it is just an "island" where little children play. I lived in different countries but never was faced with voter restrictions.

    Only in America they manage to make an mess out of just about anything. Sorry to say this is the biggest "rip off" country in the world ; you basically can't trust anything; certainly not the car dealers, dentists, doctors, let alone "lawyers". May be we need an "voter passport" with at least lots of stamps and signatures and of course "fees". That will help the deficit.

    May be I should take my personal lawyer with me, to the voting booth and of course lots of cash; maybe also an certificate showing that I made an written appointment to do so. Furthermore I can't bring food or an drink and should have taken an bath before coming out; jeans are not allowed.

    Once in the voting booth then at least 4 camera's record exactly what I'm doing as well once the form has been filled out, an GOP member will correct what I filled in.

    Yes that is America in an Nuts-shell.