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Love those "guns" America

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    Again a shooting; that seems "normal" nowadays. 10 people dead including a "cop". Congratulations America you deserve a medal for stupidity. The GOP lawyers made a mess of it and made Trump an "top" NRA member as his Dad was also. The only country in the world with more "guns" than people. But less brains than chickens. Invite for a change the lawyers who can't read and give them reading lessons about what the "second amendment" actually says. Yes this country must be the dumbest in the world, because actually they allow fools to run this country, ask Trump and his cronies. Right now the Trump party sticks up its ugly head all over the place, so lets have an huge party at Miami Beach and "infect" the dumb asses. That is so much fun!! I hope De Santis gets what he deserves.

    Shaking my old head in disbelief, on how far this country has sunk, regardless if Biden "tries" to plug the holes in the sinking ship..

    When are the Dem's finally get an backbone and explain what the "second amendment" actually says. It says nowhere that civilians can own an AR 15 or an AK 47 with lots of "rounds". Is that so difficult to explain? Militia is mentioned , "not civilians" Rewrite the "amendment" so it fits 2021. Working with our outdated laws is the noose around this countries neck.

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    Dutch -- According to Pew Research, only "three-in-ten American adults (30%) say they personally own a gun, and an additional 11% say they live with someone who does."

    "86% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say gun laws should be stricter, while 31% of Republicans and GOP leaners say the same."

    "Around nine-in-ten Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (92%) and Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents (91%) say they favor preventing people with mental illnesses from buying guns. And large majorities of both Democrats (93%) and Republicans (82%) favor background checks for private gun sales and sales at gun shows."

    Yet Congress is powerless to enact laws because the Republican Party blocks all gun safety legislation using the filibuster (60 vote threshold). The Republican Party elected officials in Congress are subsidized by blood money from the NRA and gun manufacturers. People like Ted Cruz lead the list of benefactors.

    These lawmakers receive the most campaign money from gun-rights backers like the NRA

    Republicans like Cruz and his ilk have a lack of empathy for victims of gun violence. They only care about their donors. Follow the money...blood money.

    Blood Money II

    We've discussed this before in this website.

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    Yes Schmidt you've got the picture. I guess this is the only country in the world which maintains this stupidity. Where are the brains?

    Yes again" follow the money" ; that's all what this country cares about. Brains are not needed here only "study" how to rip off people. That's all folks.

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    Sorry Schmidt , the reality is different "figures" like you mentioned don't count; the number of death by capita does. Sorry the number of death here by gun violence is the highest in the world. Let alone the other mischiefs caused by the gun use or trade. Pointing a gun at someone and then robbing him/her is likely not reported in any of your figures. A gun can always be used to intimidate. Thus living in an society with lots of guns in the hands of anyone, makes this an third world country. Amen
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    Trouble is no new proposed GUN Laws won't save a single life. The only thing to save lives is to remove all guns. That won't happen only feel good legislation to appease anti gun groups will pass.
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    • rime & Law Enforcement


    Gun ownership in the U.S. 1972-2020

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    Chet, none of this is correct; no one knows how many guns people have in their homes or hidden. Lots of ex-army stuff is around or obtained from battlefields etc. But the sales of guns here is the highest in the world that can't be denied. A neighbor in our community died and "they" found out that he had rooms full of guns and ammunition.

    Only in brainless societies is such allowed; more people are being killed because of this type of culture, without any doubt.

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    Dutch, I'll tell you this about graphs tracking volatile sensitive issues. They are worthless because they are opinions and not relative data.