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why did Rush Limbaugh succeed ?

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    The article below provides an excellent analysis or Rush Limbaugh - and why he was so successful.

    Here's a few key paragraphs:

    Why was Limbaugh successful where Coughlin and McCarthy had failed? In part, because his rise in shock jock radio coincided largely with the rise of the religious right in politics. In this great free country of ours, people can believe and worship as they wish. But bringing millions of voters who think dinosaurs walked the earth a few thousand years ago (until they failed to get a ticket on Noah's Ark and were wiped out by the great flood) into the political mainstream introduced a capacity for credulity without which it is hard to imagine Trump getting away with his lies about building a border wall and making Mexico pay for it. Or Sen. Mitch McConnell's backflip on confirming Supreme Court justices in an election year. Or the Texas Republican lies about the loss of power in their state being the result of windmills freezing.

    Newt Gingrich, who led the Republican takeover of the House in 1994, acknowledged the party's debt to Limbaugh, naming him an honorary member of the caucus and inviting him to address the new GOP majority. As historian Heather Cox Richardson explained in one of her Letters from an American:

    Limbaugh told them that, under House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the Republicans must "begin an emergency dismantling of the welfare system, which is shredding the social fabric," bankrupting the country, and "gutting the work ethic, educational performance, and moral discipline of the poor." Next, Congress should cut capital gains taxes, which would drive economic growth, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and generate billions in federal revenue.

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    Just let the "idiots" rise to the top; instead of the ones who are "educated" the right way and have international experience. Since the "base" laws here are flawed all the way, then indeed if "corruption" has penetrated the system, then there is only an very difficult way out. The whole world is still amazed on how an Trump type got into the W.H.. Since the "media" here plays a big role then strict rules/laws should apply to the media; which is of course not the case here. Freedom of speech is not properly defined here because in 1800 (when the Constitution was still working) the news was spread per stagecoach. So it is time to revamp our laws and governing systems to reflect 2021. Also the "system" should get an full overhaul. But yeah, the zillion lawyers here will prevent all of this, otherwise they can't make their fortunes here. Thus we will muddle on for a while yet, until may be because of "bitcoin" the bottom falls out of the old leaky ship built in 1800.
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    He was the king of hate radio. He dominated the airwaves in the Southern states and cleared the way for Donald Trump to become elected. He and Donald Trump could have gotten their followers to turn their backs on Jesus Christ and Christianity. They didn't need to go that far, but they have been successful to get them to turn their backs on the Democracy.
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    BTW, the latest conspiracy is that RL was injected with cancer by an agent sent by the evil masterminds Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

    The other conspiracy, (a bit old, it's been around for 10 days), is that RL did not really die, he went deep underground to help create Donald Trump's Patriot Plan to take back America and co-author Donald Trump's New US Constitution. Its the same deep underground bunker where Elvis has been since August 16th, 1977.

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    For you recovering Catholics out there, there is actually a connection between Rush and Bishop Fulton J Sheen: