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52 years In the Ghetto

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    A newer trend on You Tube is reaction videos where a person or persons listens to a song they have never heard and they give their reaction. Hundreds of individuals have channels and they review many songs. I enjoy watching someone discover and appreciate The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and dozens of other groups.

    Recently I watched several reactions to Elvis Presley singing In the Ghetto. The reactions are widely varied and it made me wonder if the persistent poverty that has existed for generations will ever be more successfully addressed. Racism is rampant in the US and many have no chance at a job they want to apply for as soon as they walk through the door. There's no easy answer to how to address an ugly problem.

    Many of the individuals who gave reactions asked when was this written ? Could have been yesterday because it's poignant and accurate. It was 1969 when the song was done. 52 years later we have made so little progress.

    Many have said that Elvis grew up struggling with poverty. He put out a good message 52 years ago. That and 2 dollars will get you an inexpensive cup of coffee.