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President Biden. Whew, That Feels Good

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    Our long national nightmare is over. Finally.

    President Biden!!! is now in charge of our nuclear codes, nominating Federal judges, and bringing our country out of some of the darkest days we have ever been through.

    These past four years have been difficult. We had a President who openly sought to divide instead of unite; a President who cared more about himself and his family than the people he swore an oath to protect and defend; a President who catered to domestic terrorists and right-wing radicals. But that is now over. It's OVER!!!

    President Biden has a heck of a lot on his plate, but I have faith he will do everything in his power to turn the page on this dark chapter in our nations short history.

    Today is a good day.

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    It really is a crazy good feeling. I didn't realize just how much anxiety I was getting from everything that's been going on these past four years. I know today has been mostly all just ceremonies and whatnot, but it already feels like an enormous difference than any point during the past 4 years.

    Knowing that there is an adult running the White House is a super comforting thought.

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    To borrow a line from Ronald Reagan, it's morning in America.

    Most of the country, and most of the world, breathed a huge sigh of relief yesterday, as we once again went through a peaceful transfer of power.

    It's hard to pick the best part of the day, but the Washington Globe provided one of the best summaries:

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    Yes I certainly hope that the "blah blah"of Fox News, Qanon, News Max etc. is being dealt with. Most of the "riot" at the Capitol was caused by them with their continuous mis-information as well their "indoctrination". Even on "Facebook" Trumps fanatic followers did find that Trump should come back and he was an God's sent person who did so much good for this country. So people don't cheer yet; about 40% or more will not accept Biden as their leader. Also it is still not clear what role McConnell will play over time related to obstruction etc. The only thing I hope is that Biden's team can curtail the virus, as well can correct all most of the wrongdoings of Trump. The other hope is that the southern district of N.Y. drags Trump before the court to have him pay back Deutsche Bank and others.

    The great stupidity here is that Trump and his family will still get secret service protection (for how long?) and an fat pension (for the whole family?) costing taxpayers fortunes. Sorry Pelosi and the Dem's screwed up again, unless they finish the "impeachment" process and curtail these fantastic "presents". I guess this country will never learn. I also bet nothing will be done about our incomplete outdated antique laws as well; it will be forgotten over time, until the next disaster hits us again.