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The Oath Keepers role in Capitol riot

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    New York Times: Oath Keeper Suspects Charged With Conspiracy

    Court documents unsealed on Tuesday reveal the prominent leadership role that the Oath Keepers played in storming the Capitol building on January 6th.

    "The Oath Keepers, is a far-right militia-style organization founded by military and law enforcement veterans that professes to believe that a shadowy globalist cabal is plotting to take away Americans’ rights."

    "Charging documents against the trio noted that amid the generally chaotic scene as the mob started to push its way into the Capitol, a group dressed in paramilitary gear and Oath Keepers paraphernalia stood out for its coordination. In one video, about 10 Oath Keepers in helmets “move in an organized and practiced fashion and force their way to the front of the crowd gathered around a door to the U.S. Capitol.”"

    This December 9th article gives more insight into the Oath Keepers.

    Who Are The Oath Keepers? This Pro-Trump Militia Claims To Be “Protecting” America

    "The Oath Keepers, who believe themselves to be “the last line of defense against tyranny,” are more aptly described as a conspiracy group, or extremist militia, who have set aside their anti-government stance to support President Donald Trump — convinced that a violent civil war is inevitable."

    Of course, the Oath Keepers were not alone. They had aligned with other pro-Trump groups like the Proud Boys in their insurrection attempt.

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    I just wonder what all these odd groups will do or think now. At least the Proud Boys are roaring mad that the "coup" on the Capital was an"disaster for them.
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    A large number of the people who stormed the capitol were not exactly what you would call smart people.

    A case in point is a Florida guy who stormed the capitol, went home, and then returned to D.C. for the inauguration - even though he had been questioned by the FBI the day after the riots.

    Samuel Camargo was arrested in Washington DC for breaching the Capitol building during the riots.

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    I propose a name change for the "oath keepers", how about gang of dumbshits?
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    It seems that there were plenty of dumb shits in D.C. On January 6. Here is another example:

    Standing on the Capitol steps on Jan. 6, Richard Michetti allegedly took a break from the rioting to argue with his ex-girlfriend over text message. After sending photos and videos of the mob and boasting how he had avoided tear gas, Michetti parroted Donald Trump’s false claims of election fraud.

    “If you can’t see the election was stolen you’re a moron,” Michetti wrote in a text to the woman, according to court documents.

    The next day, the woman he had insulted promptly told the FBI that her ex was at the Capitol, handing over to law enforcement the string of texts, photos and videos he had sent to her.

    Michetti, who lives in Ridley Park, Pa., has now been charged with knowingly entering a restricted building, violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and obstruction of Congress. If convicted, Michetti, who was arraigned Tuesday in federal court in Philadelphia, faces up to 20 years in prison, reported the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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    The top operations and maintenance official of the United States Capitol told lawmakers on Wednesday that the costs of the Jan. 6 attack will exceed $30 million, as his office works to provide mental health services, increase security and repair historical statues and other art damaged in the riot.

    They should send the repair bill to Trump, since he was the root cause of the riot.

    As staff members huddled inside, the inauguration platform they had been diligently assembling was wrecked: sound systems and photo equipment irreparably damaged or stolen, two lanterns designed and built by the eminent landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted in the late 19th century ripped from the ground, and blue paint tracked all over the stone balustrades and into the hallways. Inside, busts of former speakers of the House and a Chippewa statesman, a statue of Thomas Jefferson and paintings of James Madison and John Quincy Adams were coated in fire extinguisher and other chemicals, including yellow dye that could stain.

    Since the siege, congressional aides have reported trouble sleeping and feeling anxious, claustrophobic, angry and depressed. Lawmakers have requested additional resources to support the mental health needs of employees in response to surging demand.

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    The acting chief of the Capitol Police warned lawmakers Thursday that extremist groups that carried out the Jan. 6 riot want to blow up the Capitol and kill lawmakers around President Joe Biden’s first formal address to Congress, calling for security measures deployed after the deadly attack to remain for several more weeks.

    Pittman said the extremist groups still want to send a “symbolic message to the nation.” She added that the crowd of Trump supporters grew to more than 10,000 that day, and about 800 entered the Capitol building.

    The increased security procedures put in place after the mob attack to protect lawmakers and staff members are costing taxpayers about $2 million a week, said Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington, the top Republican on the subcommittee.

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    And they still think this is an "normal" country? Is n't time to revise the "laws" here and curtail "freedom of speech"?

    Yes "cause" and "effect" never was taught here, I guess. How about what do they "teach" here; do the "schools" do that or does the "media" do that? Sorry the whole "structure" is failing because of "laws" which were never updated or made "lawyer proof" Neither do teachers here prepare the kids for life after school; at least I get that impression.

    Furthermore there are way to few "institutions" who help the "mentally" sick here. So they don't get the help they need.

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    Earlier this week, a founding member of the Oath Keepers arrested in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol pleaded guilty Friday and agreed to cooperate against others in the case — the first defendant to publicly flip in the sprawling domestic terrorism investigation that has led to charges against more than 410 people.

    The plea comes exactly 100 days after Jon Ryan Schaffer and hundreds of other supporters of former president Donald Trump stormed the Capitol, allegedly in an effort to prevent Joe Biden from being confirmed as the next president. Prosecutors hope Schaffer’s plea spurs others to provide additional evidence in hopes of avoiding long prison sentences.

    He was initially charged with six crimes, including engaging in an act of physical violence and targeting police with bear spray.

    Schaffer pleaded guilty to only two charges, but both are felony offenses carrying serious penalties that federal prosecutors are relying on heavily in the wider probe. One, obstruction of an official proceeding of Congress, is punishable by up to 20 years in prison; the other, trespassing on restricted grounds of the Capitol while armed with a deadly or dangerous weapon, carries up to a 10 year prison term.

    Under terms of the plea deal signed by Schaffer and his attorney, Marc Victor, he faces a recommended prison term of 41 to 51 months under nonbinding federal guidelines, though his sentence will ultimately be decided by a judge.

    The two charges Schaffer pleaded guilty to have been brought against roughly one-fourth of individuals charged to date — about 100 of more than 410 defendants — including those accused of the most serious offenses in the riot.

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    NBC News "found hundreds of posts about plans to attack the Capitol and ask why aren't we seeing this evidence in court?"

    "A new report by a private research group, and a separate review by NBC News, uncovered hundreds of social media posts discussing plans to move on the Capitol, including a map of the facility and talk of how to create a stampede that would overwhelm Capitol Police." Some samples of the posts follow:

    "You know there will be riot police preventing us from getting in the capitol building," one anonymous poster wrote in December. "What if we created a stampede/crush situation? Start pushing from the back. Surely they will have to get out of the way or get crushed. They're not going to start shooting people."

    "If we occupy the Capitol building, there will be no vote." The top response to that post reads: "GOTTA OVERWHELM THE BARRICADES AND COPS."

    "Don't forget, there are three subways leading to and from the Capital that Congress uses to escape. Hypothetically speaking, if those were occupied or sabotaged, they'd have to come out and face us in order to leave," a user named "Free Speech Master" responded.

    A map was posted showing entrances and exits to the Capitol and the tunnels that connect it to nearby House and Senate office buildings. "Black X's are for those ready for action if Congress tries to certify the steal. There's 535 politicians and ~3500 guards," a poster under the username "The Mutualist" wrote on Dec. 28.

    "Bring handcuffs and zipties to DC," reads another post from a user named CommunismSucks. "No more tolerating 'elected' officials who hate our country. January 6th is the chance to restore this country. Barging into the Capitol through multiple entryways is the surest way to have our bases covered and apprehend these traitors."

    Hours before the riots, users began posting lists of government officials they hoped to "track down." "When all of the s--t starts, I want to be in the group that tracks down this guy," the user BlooperBoy wrote above a picture of Anthony Fauci on Jan. 5.

    "Congress has a choice to make tomorrow," reads a post by the user Doejohnblowjoe, followed by a meme that reads "Certify Trump" or "Get Lynched by Patriots."

    "You can go to Washington on Jan 6 and help storm the Capitol," one anonymous user wrote on Jan. 5. "As many patriots as can be. We will storm the government buildings, kill cops, kill security guards, kill federal employees and agents, and demand a recount."


    These posts are very disturbing. We need a 9/11 type of commission to investigate, but Republicans want to make it about Black Lives Matter and AntiFa actions in Portland and elsewhere.