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    Paul Gosar was my congressman when I moved to Flagstaff in 2011. A year later, he moved to Prescott because it is in the most conservative district in the state. A Democrat, Ann Kirkpatrick, replaced him in the district that Flagstaff is in.

    When he ran for re-election in 2016, his siblings asked voters to NOT vote for him, since he has many extreme views. He got re-elected anyway.

    He's a member of the nutty Freedom Caucus. Another congressman from Arizona, Andy Biggs, is the chairman of the group. Jim Jordan is the co-chair. Jordan, by the way, just got the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Trump. It's difficult to tell which one of them is crazier.

    It appears that Gosar helped plan last week's assault on the nation's capital. On top of that, it appears that he may have been giving guided tours (reconnaissance tours?) on January 5.

    I've got a feeling he'll be having discussions with the FBI in the near future. I also suspect that he is going to get expelled from the House of Representatives in the near future.

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    Do you really think "justice" will be done? Yes Jordan has gotten an even bigger mouth as shown yesterday on TV. Who is going to "shred" his medal ?

    Also if Biden does not remove all these "inciters" and total idiots, including Lindsey Graham then we still stay an "banana republic" . It is also time to remove all the idiots Trump placed throughout the government as well in the FBI/CIA and "justice department" . Sorry but the whole government is "polluted" with these "loyalists. This present government has become totally laughable.

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    Dutch -- Biden has zero power to remove Lindsey Graham or any other Senator or Representative. Furthermore, he cannot just remove any career government official. He does not have the power. He can remove cabinet heads and other purely political appointees, but civil servants are protected by regulations. It takes time to remove them. Trump has been trying to undo those protections in his last months in office:

    Trump order strips workplace protections from civil servants

    Our president is not a king. We have three co-equal branches of government. Most workers are protected.

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    Arizona -- Yes Paul Gosar along with Reps Andy Gibbs and Mo Brooks need to be held accountable for their actions, at least censured if not outright removed or recalled by their states. I don't see recalls (new elections) happening in either Arizona or Alabama so it may be that McConnell will have to lead the effort to censure them.
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    Schmidt, All of this shows that this government, if nothing is done, because of ridiculous 1800's laws, you can't remove these "clowns". Therefore it will stay an "banana republic" forever, if nothing is done to change our laws. The banana "circus" will stay in place until the next phase of disasters.

    How can you "govern" as an British "circus" ; there is proof enough right now that you can't even throw an "mafia" trained "mob" out of the government, let alone an "lying corrupt" leader. We are lucky the "voters" got it done, but not our convoluted laws and "systems".