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Why is this country so awful naive?

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    Trump is traveling to the "border" today, Kussner is traveling to the middle east, Saudia Arabia as well; does no one wake up, why not right now? Kind of strange in the last weeks of being in office, or do we find that "normal"?. Sorry people here, use your brains for a change. These Trump's make sure that their "deals" for " money" are still "intact" or get paid out before they leave office. All they want to "cash-in" before they leave Where are the brains here? Trump/Kussner is going to get lots of kickbacks out of the weapons deal and Trump himself from the "wall" contractors. Shaking my old head in disbelief.

    Is anyone "surprised"?; DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT, Dummies.

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    Trump is full of vile purpose. He used his cowardice to cover up his short comings. He told his troops he was marching with them to the Capital. Then when the coward chickened out of leading his troops he blamed it on the secret service. Said they told him not to go. So here is a guy that is bold enough to attack our Democracy yet he is afraid to march with his troops who have pledged to die for him. Then he throws them under the bus. He is not done.
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    Chet, the worst part is that he "steals" all the time and is now cashing in, using the huge plane on our cost to do so; the same counts for Kussner. I consider that an HUGE crime, but the dumb asses in the government are too busy with other things so they let him get away with it. Dumb country for sure!