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Cause and Effect

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    No one even on TV, tried to even dig into the "cause and effect" which they likely don't teach here.

    In this case there are plenty of "causes", which I've mentioned many times; however here they stick to "talk, talk and ''talk" only.

    The "causes" are as follows:

    1) Not having "uniform" laws or rules for the whole country as well the same laws for "leaders"

    2) Not having uniform "elections" without hoards of money and without influence peddling of the "rich" and "powerful"

    3) Electing "idiots" without having an "full" serious background checks and elect people who did not provide tax returns because it was not mandatory.

    4) Sticking to outdated laws of 1800, which don't get frequently "updated" even the few "amendments" are not updated.

    5) "freedom of the press" and "freedom of speech" without "limits, creates exactly the situation in which we are now, and should be limited and penalized if they incite to turmoil or revolt or provide obvious "lies"

    6) In all our laws "limits" should be reviewed and if needed to be added.

    7) Presidents should not get "unlimited" power; the same laws as for citizens should also apply for them.

    8) The "impeachment" process should be rewritten so that it should be possible at certain "acts" of an President he "immediately" can be removed without causing more damage. The same applies to the 25th Amendment.

    9) There should be an review on the "media" if they create "propaganda" which are solely used to mis-inform the public creating "chaos" all over. Especially if they are steered from the "outside" of the country in order to get more influence on this country. How is it possible that Murdoch an Australian peddles his "dirt" here.

    10) Make it "mandatory" at the schools here to "learn" about "cause and effect"

    11) Change our "system" to a more Canadian "style" and drop the antique British "system" of 1700. ( Get rid of the word President/ Czar/King/Ceasar etc). Make it an Prime Minister with very "limited" powers; the people (Congress) should decide things , not give the same "unlimited" powers of an King of 1500.

    I can add lots of other things, but if nothing is done about these 12 items, then in no time we are back in the same situation as right now. Amen

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    On a related note, about what (or who) caused the riot, all you have to do is read the speech that Trump gave on January 6. It was published in the New York Times this morning: