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Twitter permanently bans Trump

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    Serious, its no joke. He is cut off for life. For Trump this is on par with being forced into bankruptcy or having a bank foreclose on his company.

    A large part of Twitter's bottomline is that they don't want Trump to tweet something that leads to something far far worse in the future. Imagine that Trump tweets "Timothy McVeigh was a true American hero. America need more heroes like him that take matters into their own hands"

    Sure, Twitter can take it down within minutes, but that is after 70 million people have received the tweet and more than a handful decide the time has come for them to become the next Timothy McVeigh. Maybe next time one of those DC rioters has backpack full explosives.

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    It should be noted that Twitter has very sophisticated analytics so they can see the ripple\wave effect tweets have. When Trump tweets, they are able to see what type of discussion it triggers, and what they were seeing was a strong indication that more riots were being discussed among Trump followers. More-or-less, the same pattern that led to the 1/6. Bottomline, Twitter was Trump's #1 weapon, and he had no intention of stopping his attacks and encouraging far far far radical to take matters into their own hands.
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    We have to wonder if twitter made the decision to ban him alone, or, did twitter receive an outside request from U.S. Government officials? Like maybe the NSA, FBI, or the CIA. If I were any or all of the agencies I mentioned, I'd be taking a close hard look at Trump's followers, to see what if anything they might have planned or be planning. As I understand things right now, there are ongoing threats against our government from far right groups.