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Why remove Trump NOW

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    As long as Trump stays for another 2 weeks he can even create worse things than yesterday.

    Does he still have access to the nuclear codes? Can he still start an war? Can he still "cash in" and ask for "donations" Can he still call " foreign" leaders or make "deals" with them. Also who keeps track of his "money" scams of the past and future?

    He owes lots of "money" but also stole lots of money; who keeps track of for instance "wall" money of which he got huge "kickbacks" as well the Saudi deals for weapons; can he still receive "money" from that, when out of office? As well other deals which have not seen the daylight yet. Should he still get an "full" government "pension" and "protection" after all what he did? Wake up America this guy can't be trusted, don't we have proof enough by now? Is n't time to put the "screws" on this guy and get an "backbone" instead of playing the "wishy washy" game all the time.

    Right now Trump still wants to "pardon" himself; hopefully such will become impossible if he is forced to resign this week.

    The whole "pardon" thing should be terminated and never been used again, unless there was an "misstep" in the justice system.

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    Dutch Wrote:

    As long as Trump stays for another 2 weeks he can create worse things than yesterday.

    And he will continue until to destroy until he is forced out of office or his time as president runs out on Jan 20th.

    I think yesterday most likely was his "big play", and he won't be able to top that in terms of staying in power indefinitely. Symbolically, he is Hitler in his bunker during the final few days surround by only a few hardcore supporters, the rest have abandoned him to save themselves. Allied Troops are about to take control, and there is nothing more he can do to stop it, but he can continue to destroy as much as he can using presidential powers, and he will continue.

    Although his efforts to stay in power have come to an end, he still is president and still can make very destructive decisions to harm the country or harm specific people.

    Unlikely that he could launch nuclear weapons because far far to many people would refuse to carry out those orders, and he would be immediately be removed from office.

    He will walk out of the WH with a pardon. Ether he will do it himself, or resign and have Pence pardon him. It extremely likely a deal in the works this very day for him to resign immediately in exchange of a pardon by Mike Pence. That would be my prediction based on the current state of affairs. He wants to walk away with all past crimes becoming untouchable at the federal level.

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    One further comment, there are violent criminals in prison today that never ever should be allowed out because they can not ever be reformed. If released, the will immediately start seriously harming people and because they lack the ability and self-awareness to control their behavior; they thrive and the harm they causes others.... Donald Trump is one of those people, but he is not in prison. He may not directly murder people with his own hands, but no matter where he goes, destructions follows. Going forward, he will prey on people and destroy as many lives. He thrives on it.
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    All I can say; read Mary Trump's book; this guy will never give up to screw the world. If this stupid government gives him his super pension and protection by the secret service, even then he will seek revenge. Wake up stupid government, this is not the last you will see or hear of this criminal. So do something about that. He will team up with his fanatic supporters and make life miserable for Biden. Thus the only solution is to lock him up.

    He will continue to be the same person and screw the government and will make sure his "money kickbacks" stay in place or he creates new sources of "bribery".

    Impeachment does not work as was shown the last time and takes too much ridiculous "hoopla" and Trump will inject "bribery" into it again. As well as proven last time that McConnell "invented" how to do such (his way of course), because the outdated Constitution never described on how to run the process. This must be the most stupid brainless government in the world. Fix the old British laws for a change or dump them.

    I guess stupidity is the national sport here. They don't even now know what Trump is all about, as well don't put any effort in it to "prevent" to have the same disasters in the future. Yes, la la land as well an number one "banana republic" ; be proud of that.

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    House Democrats plan to introduce articles of impeachment against President Trump on Monday, according to two Democratic aides, as lawmakers intensified calls to remove the president from office after he encouraged a mob that later stormed the Capitol.

    More than 150 House Democrats, well over half of the caucus, have signed on to articles of impeachment written by Reps. David Cicilline of Rhode Island, Ted Lieu of California and Jamie Raskin of Maryland that focus on the breach of the Capitol complex and accuse the president of inciting an insurrection.

    Democratic leadership hasn’t scheduled a vote on the matter, and the House is on recess until after the inauguration.

    In order to proceed, the House would have to end its recess and reconvene and then vote on articles. It would need to pass them with a simple majority vote, and then the articles would be sent to the Senate, triggering a trial to start at the next day the Senate is in session. It would require a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate to remove Mr. Trump from office. The Senate is next slated to convene on Jan. 19.

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    There is very high probability that Democrats in the House will impeach Trump before Jan 20th, but the Senate won't take any serious action, so he won't be convicted.

    The problem that Republicans now have is that Trump has made them the big tent party of all far right extremist groups, conspiracy groups, racists, and crazy people in general. What mix of people who are seriously dysfunctional.

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    Sorry people as well Arizona; like they say in Dutch " mustard presented after the meal" As always here, it was proven last night that none of the proposed actions work, also McConnell does not cooperate and does not want to look at it before January 19th. The 25th Amendment does not work either because Pence does not want assist in doing such. None of the options work, which means the old British system failed us again. Since according to some lawyers, Trump is not "above" the law, then why not just fire the guy as applicable for any normal citizen. Trying to apply totally outdated silly British systems, does not get you anywhere. Thus just muddle on and don't change the few outdated laws. Success assured also in the future.

    Indeed this must be the most stupid country in the world. Sorry people it is no longer 1800.