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The world looks on and has an opinion

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    Yes the world gets to see the "real" America. It can no longer dictate the rest of the world on how to run anyone's country. THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING

    Europe has been kind to America and accepted their leadership; such is no longer the case. Biden will have an very hard time to convince other countries on how they should run theirs from now onwards.

    Also don't forget that the US stepped out of all the international cooperation agreements, so our status in the world is totally down the drain.

    Sorry people and Democrats, you accepted to make Trump president, by not demanding ( by law"?) tax returns before being able to run for the job. Such "small" mistake got you 4 years of turmoil and now even more as well plenty of deaths from the virus. All I suggest is to read Mary Trumps book. Trump is only there for the money and "self" glory. Putin and Deutsche Bank want their money back. Yes this is an awful "stupid" country without "solid laws" and un-enforceable "rules" Amen

    The "mob" at the Capitol showed the total mental state of this country; you can't get any sicker than that, it shows there is no "education" here at all; it is still 1800 in their brains. Cowboys and Indians; nothing else.

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    Well Scotland sure in the hell doesn't want him

    Donald Trump wanted to flee to Scotland on inauguration day to avoid arrest warrants waiting for him by several states. Plus, the last thing Scotland wants is a hijacked Air Force One being chased throughout their airspace by the US Air Force as Donald Trump moon's them through one of plane's windows.

    Trump is now looking at other countries where he can relocate and then destroy. One option under consideration is Mexico where he can become a drug lord running a cartell; the opportunity appeals to his sensibilities of corruption. The US is just too stuffy and honest for his lifestyle.

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    I don't watch a lot of television, but it was hard NOT to watch the chaos on the screen yesterday.

    The Boston Globe had a good summary of the events this morning:

    " A sorry spectacle we all knew was coming".

    Wednesday was one of the most shameful days in this nation’s history — one that was as inevitable as it was frightening.

    What we saw on Capitol Hill was an attempted coup by a dangerous president and an unscrupulous, deluded, and entirely too-large fragment of his following — incited to violence by his words and example. This ramshackle but real attempt at insurrection was enabled by the president’s soulless and despicable allies in Congress, some of whom believe they can ride the wild monster they’ve unleashed to the Republican nomination in 2024.

    Imagine the response if these invaders had been Black. Actually, one doesn’t have to imagine. Think Lafayette Square and the vast show of force that sent peaceful protesters reeling and bloodied so that President Trump could strike his preposterous pose with the Bible.

    The man who lost the election by 7 million votes told his ride-or-die fans, “We will never give up. We will never concede.” Then he urged them to “fight like hell” to save their country, to go to the Capitol to register their displeasure as, inside, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and other seditionists pretended to believe that the election that tossed Trump from office was rigged and that the electoral votes that gave Joe Biden a clear victory should not be counted.

    The photograph of Capitol police in the House chamber with guns drawn against those on the other side of a barricaded door said it all. The president repeatedly refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, and here was that refusal made flesh. World leaders decried the sorry spectacle, citing this nation’s storied status as an example for the world. That one image made it finally impossible to deny that that light has gone out, the beacon broken.

    How could anyone watch these last five years and be surprised at any of this? Trump and his kind have been encouraging just this kind of violent rioting for years. He could not condemn the murderous white supremacists in Charlottesville. His supporters made Kyle Rittenhouse, accused of murdering two Black Lives Matter protesters in Kenosha, Wis., a hero. The couple who pulled guns on peaceful protesters in St Louis spoke at the party’s national convention. Proud Boys . . . stand by. Remember?

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    The chaos of yesterday has consequences which are not dealt with properly. First of all lots of damage was done the interior of the Capitol; furniture etc. was ruined as well windows : they also stole some expensive items and small antique tables etc. No one has come with the idea to "bill" Trump for all of this or deduct this from his "pension". Also even on the Dutch news they knew the names of people who entered the Capitol, such as the guy with the "horns" on his hat. He happens to be an Trump "cult" member and an "god" freak. The overseas countries keep track of these types via Interpol, much better than their American counterparts. Also in Europe they are amazed that this bunch was not arrested on the spot. The US has lost all its credibility overseas.

    Also they are amazed that obstructionists like Cruze and the other idiots with him are not kicked out of the government. The woman who got killed was an fanatic Trump fan and also an "god" freak.

    I've written for years and years about what will happen if the "laws" are not fixed here. Now we finally see the results.

    Also the "culture" here needs an "religious" review ; skim out all the "weird" ones, which partly caused yesterdays happening.

    Certain churches carry an lot of blame and create these fanatics.

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    Countries, like Russia are laughing at us. I would imagine middle-east countries are doing the same.