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The Presidential Medal of Freedom

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    The Presidential Medal of Freedom *the nation's highest civilian honor) was established by JFK in 1963.

    Every president since 1963 gas awarded the medal to numerous individuals. Barack Obama awarded the most (118) and Donald Trump has issued the least (19, so far).

    Most of Trump's recipients were not controversial, but he raised some eye brows when he bestowed the medal on Rush Limbaugh during the State of the Union address.

    The next person to be given the award is Congressman Devin Nunes, who accused FBI and Justice Department of bias against Trump during Russia probe.

    Nunes has long supported some of Trump’s more outlandish conspiracy theories, including claiming that the intelligence community improperly “unmasked” the identities of several officials working on Trump’s presidential transition.

    Trump — who is using his final days in the White House in part to reward friends and allies with pardons and other decorations — is also expected to give Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), another confidant, the same award next week, although those plans have not yet been finalized.

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    Yes I saw that. And we should maintain and reward all those idiots? I guess this country has lost their mind. These persons belong in the "looney" house or in jail. They have no clue about "freedom". Freedom without "rules" or 'laws" is not "freedom" but "chaos". As long as this country refuses to put "limits" on everything like "freedom of speech", or "freedom" of carrying guns, or "freedom" of the "press", "freedom of "demonstration","freedom of "hoarding" money without paying taxes, "freedom" of not wearing masks, as well hundreds of other things then this will stay an "cowboy" culture.

    Sorry this society is just like an drunken mass without "rules and "laws"

    They just ruined Pelosi's house in San Francisco and spray painted it and put Trump party slogans on it as well ruined the front porch and windows. All of this shows that this has become an country without "norms" and "decency".

    Just keep giving "medals" to big mouth criminals; that works.

    Devin Nunes deserves an"medal" for "treason" and obstruction; he does not even what the word "freedom" means. The "guy" giving it to him is the biggest traitor ever in this country. How is all of this possible? I know why; it is because this is an "freelance" do whatever you want "country", without any restrictions or proper laws for the "powerful" and "wealthy".

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    I guess no one on this site "blinks"; probably this is the "new" normal here. Give medals to two total idiots who gave an "oath" on the "bible" to "ruin" this country and let the "mob" run it.

    Unbelievable that the "people" here let this happen and don't do nothing about this.

    Sorry this country has become even worse than any "banana republic".

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    Just wait until the Medal of Honor is awarded to Michael Flynn

    Donald Trump likely has several self-serving reasons for handing out pardons and awards to undeserving people, and one of motivations is to send an irrevocable FU message to anyone who is not 110% loyal to Donald Trump.

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    New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick said in a statement Monday that he had turned down the opportunity to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Trump because of the “tragic events of last week,” a reference to the rampage at the Capitol.

    In a statement, Belichick said he was flattered to be nominated for the award, the highest civilian honor in the country, because of its past recipients. But he said he has great reverence for “our nation’s values,” represents his family and the Patriots, and has worked with his players to combat social injustice.

    “Continuing those efforts while remaining true to the people, team and country that I love outweigh the benefits of any individual award,” he wrote in a statement.

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    Hitler also handed out "medals"; look what happened to him. Our medals have not made this country any better or improved the "minds" here. At least in "sports" you have to "earn" it. My mother got an similar medal from the Dutch government after the war; she tossed it because the same government ruined my Dad's business. So "government" medals are not always "healing" wounds.