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    Although the FOX network has been reliably supportive of Trump, the network has released some surprisingly negative pools in 2020, including the latest one.

    Some 42 per cent of voters say they will remember Donald Trump as "one of the country's worst presidents".

    That's according to a recent poll by Fox News, Mr Trump's once favored network.

    Pollsters spoke to a random national sample of 1,007 registered voters by phone, in interviews conducted between 6-9 December.

    Nearly a fifth (16 per cent) said he will go down in the history books as "above average".

    Meanwhile, 22 per cent said the defeated incumbent is "one of the greatest" presidents the US has ever seen.

    Those figures highlight how polarizing a character Mr Trump has become in the past four years.

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    Sorry it only shows how uneducated the voters here are; they should read your story published under "still crazy.........." and Mary Trumps book. If they just watch Fox News etc. then that is the result of the "education" here.

    It are the "laws" here which are "incomplete" which allows FOX etc to spew their "lies" and " falsehoods".

    As I've said so many times, put "limits" into the "laws"; here everything is "done open ended". Put limits on Presidential "powers", on "freedom of speech", on "owning guns", on "money" in elections and "governing", limits on "pardoning" , limits in who gets "government assistance" (so it does not end up at the rich) Introduce "press" limits related to"truthful" reporting. Of course there are plenty of "laws" which need fixing because of "loopholes". Trump found plenty of those and used it for his own advantage.

    Also an drastic change in "election laws" should take place; get "money out of it" and get "education in it" , get rid of the "Electoral College" We certainly don't need the wrong education via FOX News and other sites like that. Freedom of the "press" should have therefore also plenty of "limits".

    If the laws are "sound" then you won't need a zillion lawyers as here is the case. It also makes "governing" so much easier. Amen

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    We all know people who watch the FOX network. The link below explains why that's a bad idea.

    The network came up woefully short in awards for journalism excellence in 2020:

    The Peabody Awards

    PBS 119 CBS 16 *** 14 ABC 12 NPR 12 CNN 8 NBC 7

    Fox News 0

    Emmy Awards

    PBS 88 CBS 73 NBC 40 ABC 36 CNN 17 HBO 17 CNBC 11 MSNBC 10

    Fox News 0

    Alfred I. DuPont Award

    PBS has 44 NPR 17 CBS 13 ABC 13 NBC 7 CNN 6 MSNBC 2 Court TV 2 National Geographic 1 CNBC 1 Current TV 1

    Fox News 0

    Gerald Loeb Award

    CBS 4 NBC 4 Bloomberg 4 CNBC 3 ABC 2 CNN 1

    Fox News 0

    Edward R. Murrow Award

    CBS 25 NPR 11 ABC 11 NBC 10 AP 7 ESPN 4 CNN 3

    Fox News 0

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    Ratings mean nothing; if the whole population is stupid and uneducated then ratings are useless. The point is that an FOX and NewsMax etc. can spew whatever they want without any "limits". And lots of people gobble up their filth all day long.

    By allowing such, then an stubborn culture is created, who act as an parasite on the human mind. Since about 45% sticks to this culture it is hard to "govern" in the proper way, especially if the "system" of governing is half ass, due to the British inheritance of their clotted cream" system" and laws. An 1700's Constitution without barely any improvements or re-write does not work in these times; neither do the few Amendments. Case laws as maintained are an "puzzle" to research and waste time and effort. Thanks to this, our streets are filled with guns, idiots, zillions of partisan lawyers etc. Due to this, then "any" government does not have an clue of in what direction an government should work in 2021.

    The media here has way too much influence and manipulation power, because no one " limits free speech"; neither if most States keep electing "indoctrinated" idiots (without any screening) to have an seat in this government. Success assured!